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  • Mortgages Abroad

    Many of us dream of his estate, but also become the owner of the apartment by force is not for everyone. An order of magnitude worse than the situation with the construction of his house. Costs are substantially higher. Nowadays many people are attracted to real estate abroad. Since it has a relatively low price and the process has become much easier. And besides, more and more firms lends a property abroad. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is full of insight into the issues. In the past, buying real estate property abroad, we assume an apartment in Paris, was very risky. Harold Ford Jr: the source for more info.

    Today, our fellow citizens are willing to partake of all the delights of housing loans in European countries. Foreign real estate markets are taken subdivide our economists into two types. The first segment includes the developing countries: Poland, Hungary, Morocco, Bulgaria. The second type includes the country, real estate, which was acquired the residents of Ukraine and Russia since the end of xx century. This is Italy, France, Spain Housing prices are about ten times lower in comparison with other European countries. At the global real estate market are three types of mortgages: a frusto-open type (French, Italian, Spanish, English), extended an open model (an American), a balanced-autonomous type (German).

    Enviable prevalence, in terms of a mortgage, use the buildings. If I am interested in you real estate abroad, it is divided into two categories: Luxury Real Estate France and conventional housing prices which do not exceed the value of real estate in Russia. In the vast majority of countries in Europe is now virtually no limit for the purchase of immovable property by foreigners, although often bans imposed on the purchase of land. Credit purchase of overseas real estate cost-effective solution, since the rate of inflation in our country significantly exceeds the rate banks on mortgages in Europe. The most costly in terms of cost apartments megacities are Amsterdam, Paris, Monaco, London, Vaduz. These are the leaders. At the sixth position located Moscow. With regard to rental apartments, the leaders are the same cities where the cost of renting an apartment located in the 5,000-10,000 euros per month.

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