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  • Fight Powdery Mildew

    Your cucumber powdery mildew damage, a very common fungal za6olevaniem. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dave Tickner. Pathogen infects its plant from the very beginning of growth, especially with frequent dew and high humidity. Fungus overwinters on residues of diseased plants in the garden, some wild and weedy (sow thistle, plantain). In the spring, he infects the young leaves and stems of crops, particularly cucumbers and other cucurbits. Measures to combat powdery mildew dew offer are as follows: After harvest, remove the ridges and destroy crop residues weeds, which can be carriers of the disease. Autumn deeply dug soil. Return cucumbers to its former place in the garden no sooner than 3-4 years. When the first signs of powdery mildew, spray the plants with sulfur colloid (30-80 g per 10 liters of water) at a rate of fluid flow 5 liters per 100 square meters.

    meters square. With a strong infestation treatment should be repeated every 7-8 days. Use spray infusion of mullein (1 kg Mullein pour three gallons of water and leave for 3 days, then strain and dilute liter infusion three liters of water). Good tool for Spraying plants and ground sulfur. Thoroughly rinse the processed fruits of warm water, that they are not left chemicals. In conclusion, the following advice: Choose resistant varieties of cucumber powdery mildew: "Altai early 166", hybrid "start 100", "graceful".

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  • Floral Arrangement

    This creates a sense of depth to the garden space. Trees must be placed so that they formed a group and, at the same time, each would be considered from various angles samostoyatelno.Yaponskie gardens must look attractive throughout the year. Click Simone Biles for additional related pages. Floral Arrangement should be created with the expectation of different seasonal sound shift some focus on others: in spring give way to summer and then fall and winter plot patterns. In the spring garden, envelop white and pink clouds of cherry blossoms and azaleas, small pond dimmed petals. Summer flowers bloom on bushes, delight the eye with bright rhododendrons. Autumn maple blaze of fire foliage. Tam Forsyth has much experience in this field.

    In winter the bare branches of trees intertwining draws its curlicue against the sky and green pine trees are covered, like flowers, caps of white snow. Attention each time the plant attracts the most interesting in this moment. Tsukubay Tsukubay – a traditional element of Japanese garden, which is a stone bowl with water, about 25 cm tall (occasionally 50 cm), which traditionally wash their hands in the tea ceremony. Usually tsukubay have a low small flat area in front of a stone wall, hedge or garden center. In some cases it may be at a level zemli.Tsukubay is actually from a water basin ('stone bowl' with water) and boulders. At one of the boulders is a small scoop of bamboo with a long handle, on the other – is worth the candle. Each guest is required to wash hands, face, mouth rinse, and then, in a special way picking up a ladle of water to wash behind the handle .V tsukubae constantly had to change the water.

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