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  • Swing Garden

    swing. Summers on the nature of children can not go to their favorite playgrounds. Many parents equip their children for calamity areas in exactly at their sites. At times this may be the whole children's sports complexes with swings, slides. At times, it is rather a playground with a house, a sandpit. Sam Mikulak has much to offer in this field. Adding to this set of childish and electric pool, there is no doubt exactly bored child in the country will not. Let's try gather swing? Manufacture of garden swing made of metal not only asks the skill to work with the welder and plumbing skills, but also great taste in art. Prior to swing in the garden looks nice but only forged or cast metal parts with different "curls", and ornaments.

    Metal pipes or rectangular profile for these products do not apply. Therefore easier to make such a garden swing made of wood. In difference of metal, wood's always in perfect harmony with the landscape in any form. All the more why the need ordinary planks and beams, Coy sold in abundance at any building materials market. Length the longest parts swing does not exceed 3 meters, and their magnitude is not large.

    And they can be gently brought to the country at least on the trunk of an ordinary passenger avtomobilya.Rassmotrim few simple options for garden swing – sofas. Sofa itself is a really ordinary garden bench, a little but without legs. The length of the swing seat should be about 170-200 cm, as if it could lie down. Width – approximately 50 cm But back in the swing better make higher, 60-75 cm and at a comfortable angle, why would it have been nice to otkinutsya.Lavochka (sofa) is to that extent. From bar 50 x 50 mm rectangular frame is going to 50 x 200 cm swing. Her stuffed smoothly ostrugannye strips (20-25 mm of board thickness). The width of strips depends on the willingness of the master. Who is like the narrow, someone is wide … Just as in so well done and back. Both frames are joined on one edge, metal corners and angle of the backrest is fixed with a help of armrests. Can proceed to the next. Kohl is the existence of thick plywood, then you can cut out of it intact bokovinki shop. And reiki stuff on them. However, it will deprive your ability to adjust the backrest.

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  • Dutch House

    Art Nouveau. Nouveau as a style corresponding to a singularity architecture in the early centuries, differing ease conceived lines and sculptural its volume. Garden interpreted as a "disclosure" room of the house, the strict and quite devoid of any glamorized architecture. Garden image was built on the respect of the house as a "machine for living", because it invariably contains notes of sports: tennis courts (if available) and swimming pool are located on the mind. Fences are simple, strong lines: black grille on the white walls. Garden modernism aspired to the motto – "it is better when lower. American gymnast addresses the importance of the matter here.

    Therefore, some accessories. Strict outlines of buildings are combined with the architectural form of plants. Color fresh and clean. Strictly contrasting parts. Simple fence – lattice of dark tones. Containers to house plants – concrete tanks or terracotta pots – all simple in form. Plate paving, with a geometric pattern, replacing each other's light and dark shades, sometimes inserted pebbles.

    As for furniture, it is also simple, without decoration – modern aluminum and plastic materials. Similarly, the garden is made geometrically correct, but without any intricacy. Dutch garden. As if descended from the old masters' paintings, preserving tradition, throwing a Dutch garden. Usually it is a small, well-groomed lawn and is situated in the center and the perimeter of the planted mixborders flowering flowers and ornamental shrubs and hardwoods. Carefully vows fence running along the entire length of the fence. It is true that's not a lot of trees, but if they have, it is fit, well-formed adults.

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