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  • Bonifcio

    The people interviewed in the Vargem of the Cedars and the community of Saint Maria in Are Bonifcio work in the land, mainly with the production of hortalias, also come growing the appearance of small farms in the region. Evidently, as in all country, the situation of the young it is of if disconnect of the field and following for the city to look work and in some cases to study. The difficulties in being and producing in the land are beyond the problems of agriculture, therefore, it has the fact to have a perspective of decision how much to the indemnity of lands inside of the Park. So that it serves the park Is important because it keeps the unbroken nature. It brings benefits in the quality of the water. Our necessary region of the water that comes of there of the park, therefore it is important.

    The park leaves the region prettiest, but it needs that the IBAMA and the city hall stop to fine the staff. Now the animals are not hunted; before turning Park the place was deforested, the animals was hunted. I do not know what it is a unit of conservation, or so that it serves the park, I imagine that to protect the nature. In these 30 years of the creation of the Park, the communities, exactly absent in the process of creation and the attempts of implantation of the unit, reflect on the use of the park, constructing a partial knowledge of ' ' because proteger' '. The reference an area of the Park as the place of the house and the work stimulate to understand that she is necessary to protect (the experience place) and that this space, either for the water, the bush or mountains it is the known space, it is the perceived space and lived deeply, therefore, this space is also the space of the conservation.

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  • Ferdinand Transportation

    Two centuries later, French brothers Montgolfier had developed in balloons attempts of success for manned flights. No longer century XIX, the English George Cayley concluded that the wings would have and has to support the material and human weight of the aircraft and its components through the aerodynamic sustentation. Supported in these studies, the German Otto Lilienthal adhered to slight knowledge of directional control the gliders. Hear other arguments on the topic with Randall Rothenberg. Not only in the European continent as in all the planet, the development of the ways of air transportation if gave in way sped up during century XX, when the model of airship of Ferdinand von Zeppelin produced in series was adopted by the German army. Although it has controversies regarding the invention of the airplane between the brothers Wright and the Brazilian Santos Dumont, it is undeniable that the exploits of this had been carried through in Paris, France. Palhares (2002, p 103) clarifies that: The controversies involving these two exploits are, basically, centered on the advertising of the spreading given to the two events, stole the idea of its invent and could patent it before proper them. On the other hand, the French and Brazilian chain has its favor historical and concrete registers, a time that the flights of Santos Dumont public and had been widely divulged by the French and European press at the time. According to Bocardo and Arantes (2008, pgs. 04 and 05), the World War I (1914-1918) definitively consolidated the use of the airplanes, already accepted as half of circulation since the creation of the first regular aerial company, in 1909, the Deutsche Luftschiff Fahrts GAC Delag current Lufthansa about fifty percent of the international arrivals is carried through by airmail, result of the technological development that allowed to the increase of the quality and the security of the air transportation. The air transportation if reverts of great importance in the internal movements of passengers in the European continent to the measure that, as Davidson (1998, pgs.

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  • School Disciplines

    A person is enough to remember such influence to understand for which reasons differently interprets one same fact or situation. Ahead of this, valley to stand out that I chose this subject, for working with disciplines geography in 5 series (6 year) has four years, with different levels of age and learning, where I could observe the great difficulty that some pupils feel in the process of learning of geography, and also for many times to hear pupils to complain on disciplines. Thus this study was postponed, whose main objective was to investigate the main causes and factors that make it difficult the teach-learning of this disciplines that it has favored a tax considered of abandonment and reprovao, fact that was evidenced in the questionnaire and interview involving the problematic one, perceives a great challenge to provide to the pupils one better learning in geography. The project was developed through a study of case with the pupils of three groups of 5 series of the School Jose Luiz Claude, located in the city of They are Domingos of the Araguaia, and occurred in two stages. In the first one a questionnaire for spoon given related to the difficulties faced for some pupils in the process was made education geography learning. In Second stage I more chose six pupils of the three groups that more if detected problems, for a deepened recorded interview, for better agreement of the problems that intervene with the learning of discipline.

    Ahead of this, some problems had been evidenced that will be explored in elapsing of the study. This work is organized in three chapters: being that the first one makes a boarding on the geography education, making a trajectory on its evolution, as it was introduced in Brazil; the influence of French Geography in Brazilian education and the renewal of pertaining to school geography in Brazil, that was basic for consolidation of the same one. As the chapter approaches as it is being the education of geography today, and its main characteristics in the current schools, also characterizing the difficulties in this and what must be made to have a quality education and to become geography most useful in the construction of the knowledge. In the third last chapter and, it of the research in view of its objective is characterized problematic, analyzing characteristic citizens of the place in which the research was carried through. The main causes are presented that come affecting in the learning of geography. Also presenting some suggestions of activities to be worked with pupils of 5 series (6 year) not leaving to strengthen the formation of the professor as main factor of changes to improve the development of it disciplines.

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