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  • The Human Dawn

    Thus or in old Egypt, we could observe like certain figures of goddesses or Gods, were represented with a species of aureole in the part superior of the head, so serious the case of the Sekmek goddess. This quality went maintaining with the passage of time, and in all the known cultures, we will be able to observe as this phenomenon is continued representing in the different engravings and paintings, where certain personages of religious and spiritual type, like Buddha, Mahoma, Moiss and mainly Jesus, to put an example, are represented with a flashing one I pull ahead of light, that surrounds the head to them. But, because it happens that phenomenon? , what is the dawn? The dawn always has been a controversy subject and debates, since the students of the subject have not gotten to never put themselves in agreement in its composition nor in the origin of its origin, which has motivated different opinions, although the existence of the phenomenon is generally accepted, which has been object of exhaustive studies on the part of the scientific community, in order to find the explanation to the visualization of a phenomenon that seemed reserved to individuals with the intuition capacity, or to religious personages in state of mystical critical moment. The power field of force of the human dawn, is produced by the different vibrations and frequencies, that emanated of our body, through the different power points or Chakras (in snscrito it means wheel, and its description would correspond with the emanations of energies, destined to control the volume and configuration that the system body-mind needs, being been this energy composed of a subtle matter, which becomes imperceptible to the not experienced human eye), it is pronounced by means of a range of luminance emanations of a frequency of ultraviolet phantom, reason why generally, no he is perceivable to the human vision, excepting those people who show to own certain faculty of intuition and that it would be possible to be related to a certain type of plasticity of individual sayings in the crystalline of the eye..

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  • Your Ideal Body

    The disadvantage of this type of exercises is that the amounts of calories that are burned are minimal and therefore had been but time to reach the objectives to lose weight. Nevertheless, for people who have taken a life little activates and that they have much overweight is essential that the exercise is slow and easy to allow the body to adapt. Probably, one of the best exercises to lose weight is to walk. Many people with overweight can do it without difficulty reason why serious a good point to begin with. When you exercise yourself to become thin, anyone is the chosen exercise must begin of slow way and gradually to increase to the intensity in the course of the weeks and the months. this aid to improve the physical state and allows the body to exercise at levels majors and to continue burning greasy. The key, nevertheless, and to obtain the best results in your program to lose weight is to combine a good feeding next to a routine of exercises that includes so much the anaerobic exercises as the aerobic exercises.

    This way you would obtain results healthful expresses and. If you need more advice to lose weight and to change the composition of your body through routines of healthful exercises and to your measurement, I recommend to you that you read Your Ideal Body. With Your Ideal Body, an alternative exists heals and safe to use the science of the nutrition to your favor and to begin to obtain the changes that you wish in your body, of permanent way.

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