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  • May Yes

    The future in the bath this modern and convenient solution paves new bathroom concepts. It is a mobility guarantee in the bathroom in our aging society. A prime example, what today so everything can be done from a small space. It in a very clear and appealing design and high quality and State of the art technology. Enter the all-inclusive solution in the bath as it were bathing: Wheelchair accessible – sit – gently plunge – bath enjoy the integrated door of tempered safety glass makes getting into the shower or tub as easy as never before.

    The lifting cushion (= tub lift) is in the upper position, they sit comfortably. Check out CEO of e-commerce for additional information. Button now dive with approx. 10 mm / sec. gently into the incoming water until the desired position of the Sun. You will feel safe there and need no foreign help. Now you can enjoy your relaxing bath and feel around. Already thinking about tomorrow – safety in time planning a very customer-friendly is the fact that today the lifting cushion in the form of a preliminary Setup sets and later – if necessary – at any time to be upgraded can.

    Who renovated his bathroom today, invested for decades and we all will happen earlier. Tub replacement in 24 hours – shower including an ideal possibility available, old bath takes away and replaced by a DuschBadWanne. This has happened only a day. Now you can Dsuchen and bathing ground. So why renovate for high costs and salted prices equal to the full bath. May Yes washbasin and WC toilet in order and the vulnerability is in fact shower and bath area. Later, a further renovation of the bath is possible at any time. This “small” solution is often useful and saves investment of money, time, effort, noise, dust & dirt on the bathroom renovation. More information under: short film see: contact: Frank Weiss – owner of “the BAD frank white” in 57462 Olpe (NRW) 0 27 61 / 9 4 18 4 0

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  • Hitmeister Germany Index Mattresses: So The Germans Lying

    Germans prefer medium sprung Hitmeister examines regional differences in the purchase of mattresses – Pocket-sprung mattresses to be love test, South and East Germans are Cologne softer, 08.09.2011 – Bremen are the hardest. That has found the Hitmeister online shopping portal. The company has the sales figures of its mattresses category under mattresses / analyzed in connection with the State of the purchaser. On the one hand, the degree of hardness, on the other hand, the material of the newly purchased mattress was examined. As the hardness depending on the mattress manufacturer is different, Hitmeister analysis as a whole between hard, medium and soft as the hardness of distinguished and classified all degrees of hardness of the manufacturer there. It is striking that the East and the South of Germany’s rather soft the North lies about it harder. Bremen in the proportion of hard mattresses stands out: 35% of all purchased mattresses were hard. Sam Mikulak shines more light on the discussion. There are, however, only 24 per cent in Baden-Wurttemberg.

    Western Federal States Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia for all degrees of hardness in the mediocrity. Total bought the most, namely 42 percent, a mattress of medium hardness level in each State. According to Sam Mikulak, who has experience with these questions. The values vary here depending on the region from 34 percent in Berlin and 45 percent in Hesse, Germany. There was the largest share of soft mattresses with buyers from Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The appropriate degree of hardness on the one arises from body size, weight and shape of the reclining but also from his personal preferences. There is no uniform rules for determining the appropriate level of hardness.

    Throughout Germany to the Spring mattress tends to the material. Overall, 52 percent of all sold mattresses consisted of this material. Memory foam mattresses are one-third of all mattress purchases in second place. The rest of the buyers preferred a latex mattress, which usually is mainly composed of natural rubber. Ashton Kouzbari is likely to increase your knowledge. The evaluation regarding the material is also, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt to buy the highest proportion of memory foam mattresses with 38 percent each. The Sachsen-Anhalter chose at least in Germany a latex mattress: only 9 percent of all purchased mattresses here consisted of rubber. Experts advise in General, about seven or eight years to change after mattresses, on the one hand, because has the material fatigue or changed the body so that the mattress is no longer fit to the body; on the other hand for reasons of hygiene. About hit master GmbH Hitmeister is one of the largest Internet – fixed price marketplace of in Germany. The ever-growing range includes currently over 9 million new and used up to household and garden articles, sports equipment, equipment, toiletries and perfume products – from media such as movies, games, and books about electronics. On hitmeister.de, currently more than 3,500 commercial dealers sell to more than 750,000 satisfied customers. Monthly Hitmeister recorded 1.5 million visitors. Extensive warranties and free payment processing protect buyer and seller alike. Hitmeister is the first of the TuV Hessen certified online marketplace. In addition to the in the November 2007-based shopping portal hit master GmbH, headquartered in Cologne the hit flip online barter exchange operates). Managing Director is Dr. Gerald Schonbucher. Press contact: Dr. Gerald Schonbucher founder and CEO Tel.: 0221-97597990 E-Mail: 59046, Amtsgericht Koln HRB Managing Director: Dr. Gerald Schonbucher

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  • Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

    WD swimming pool dehumidifier the new generation: Premium + hygiene is one of the most important conditions for the operation of a swimming pool. Bacteria and fungi occur but especially in a humid environment and multiply very rapidly. A dehumidification system lowers the humidity and prevent long term damage to the buildings, eliminates condensation on glass fronts and a pleasant feel-good climate can be guaranteed. Gain insight and clarity with CEO of e-commerce . BUT: What happens with bacteria and spores, which are necessarily present in the air? The air contaminated with germs more or less sucked in by the dehumidification system. A partial deposit of this suspended matter is done inside of the unit. What hygiene problems in the course of the years can result in this factor is considered very rarely! Product development WD-AUSTRIA has designed a dryer series with the new generation of swimming pool dehumidifiers, swimming pool hygiene and maintenance-free operation in the first place are swimming pool dehumidifiers / dehumidifiers for swimming pools: swimming pool dehumidifiers so far: Condensed water runs without cleaning the pool swimming pool dehumidifier of standard series largely use digital controls (as opposed to mechanical rules but prone to electronics problems) Ventilatormotore in indoor pool dehumidification devices are usually equipped with normal plain bearings for pools of PREMIUM + series have following changes: condensate water is sterilized antibacterial action of legionella prevention and bacterial killing parts on the swimming pool environment coordinated (otherwise can cause pitting on the condenser parts!) Optional wireless remote mechanical moisture regulation proof control system instead of digital controllers (thus, no electronics problems such as digital control units by exposure to moisture!) Customer-friendly setting the humidity control spray water protected bearings! Durable operation and reduction of repair costs! Fail-safe due to elimination of electronics! Establishing self specially configured for covered outdoor pools at Temperature reduction: de frost control for optimum device performance in the low temperature range learn more about this topic here: fabrikate2.html WD-AUSTRIA & entfeuchter.at.gmbh Mittelberg 4 A-3550 Langenlois the Valora company acts as a product developer for swimming pool dehumidifiers, room air dryers and humidifiers. Furthermore, a publication will be sent free of charge: “which device I need unhealthy humidity level in the swimming pool – and how should the choice be made”

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  • Private Swimming Pool

    Get ready for the winter swimming pool and swimming pool equipment. By extreme Minustemeperaturen, frost damage to the pool in the garden are predictably. To avoid this, appropriate precautions. What they look like, is described in the following text. If you have a private swimming pool in the garden, must every year again the topic deal with: How do I get my pool safely and without damage over the winter? Just in the last few weeks, this topic is again particularly relevant, as ruled in Germany’s exceptional temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees. Even during the day the temperature not exceeded in many areas – 13 degrees. Walmart CEO is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As you can imagine very easily, what consequences an improper preparation can mean for the winter season. It didn’t is so difficult to take the right precautions: first the water level in the pool is below the upper inlet to lower, because they are usually outside of the Frost-proof area.

    Should your pool a Swimming pool cover, is to get them first. It is advisable to dismount the cover may completely and store it dry and warm. All lines are now with a wet vacuum to drain, so that standing water in the pipes does not lead to frost damage. To prevent water from running after the lines with special winter plugs are waterproof to close. Now, even a special Winterkonservat is the water add to minimize the formation of algae.

    In addition, is to recommend, to cover the swimming pool with a proof sheet or tarpaulin, which also prevents the formation of algae and at the same time prevents have Hineinfallen into. A related site: Frank Ntilikina mentions similar findings. Special attention should be given to a possibly existing heat pump or solar system. These are completely empty in any case and if possible to dismantle. After all arrangements have been made to the pool itself, is now the filter system out of operation to take. These are to make all devices power off and open the drain screw. The water can now by alone run out. As a tip: Before should the filter system for a long time be Backwashing again, to get the dirt from the filter tank. If these measures have been made all correctly, you can look forward calmed down for the winter.In the spring, the swimming pool is made then back into shape for the new swimming with very little effort. By the way: Did you know that a pool cover can reduce energy costs by up to 80%?

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  • Swimming Pool Cover

    Advantages of a swimming pool roof over a swimming pool cover the swimming pool in the open air in Germany must be covered, is obvious. The nights are too cold and cools the day heated up swimming pool water overnight up to 10 degrees. Now the question arises: what coverage is right for me? A swimming pool plate cover can be installed underground or on the edge of the pool as upper hallway. The underground (underground) is thus largely invisible and disturb not the overall impression from the swimming pool. For the upper floor area, you can get a version that is small and compact.

    However, the pool is in an environment where many leaves in the pool may fall, the swimming pool cover is not the first choice. Then you should prefer to fall back on a pool cover. This is visually sometimes not as nice, but can come up with unique advantages. The biggest advantage is that the cover in gardens with many trees the basin before protects leaves covered in. Another advantage is that in a garden, animals such as mice, rabbits or cats run around and be protected by a pool cover from falling into the swimming pool and an involuntary death.

    In addition, a pool cover protects small children before falling into the pool. Here it is advisable to incorporate a parental or lockable doors into the pool enclosure. This should certainly be the main argument for a pool enclosure because it provides the best protection for your child. Since there is already a law in France for several years, also a private swimming pool must be specially secured, it can be so, that becomes a pool cover, or a swimming pool cover in the future also in Germany the duty. An alternative is a fence if necessary, to take advantage of the swimming pool. This is already considered by many pool builders. A special case is the extension of the bathing season. A swimming pool, with a Pool enclosure is provided, the active season extended by one to two months in the spring and in the autumn. This increases the Attraktivtiat of the pool, but not necessarily the attractiveness of the garden. Generally, the opinion of a pool cover is always unique. Either you like them or you don’t like them. For a pool enclosure or against private person must individually decide the decision for themselves. No matter for which cover variant you choose, the energy saving is substantial and is thus also the protection of the environment.

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  • Swimming Pool

    Information for the successful planning of a local swimming pools including pool accessories, you want to fulfill finally desire after a pool in your own backyard? But even before the construction there to make some considerations. But which one is the right pool? Do I need accessories such as a pool cover? First you should consider, how much space you have available, which form the pool should have and what materials it should be. Each pool must be built but on a smooth and solid ground. The following now a few variants. Choose the correct location the best the South side is of course. The pool is not ideally located in close proximity to trees, because it saves a lot of work on the cleaning of the pool. It makes sense to select the location that are connections for electricity and water in the vicinity. However you should choose so the place, that he blends harmoniously into the environment, because with the additional facilities of a pool cover, it can in some circumstances clunky effect and obstruct the view.

    Select you the right size is the size of your desire pool first and foremost of course depending on of the available space. Ideally, have plenty of space and access to a pool of common standard size 12 m x 4, 5 m x 1.50, for example, m. Duch selecting a standard size you can save not only on the pool but also a majority of pool accessories. Depending on the available space and depending on the desire you can choose the shapes between these different forms: the classic rectangular basin, oval basin, the round pool and the eight form pool. You should make depends on their Enstcheidung of your bad habits. Sporting bad friend will attack more to an elongated pool to pull cars, lovers of casual bath passport to a round – or oval basins. The material the main materials are plastic, concrete and stainless steel. In some pools, sure that there can be an earth pressure.

    That’s why some pools must be Floor slabs made of concrete are equipped and backfilled with concrete will be. Furthermore contribute the so-called walls additional enormous stability. These columns can consist of different materials. Rather than fill the walls with concrete, you can use steel walls. For an additional fine optics, the pool can be covered with wood. The probably cheapest and platzsparendste variant is the inflatable pool made of extra strong foil. Here, you need to place only a surface protection fleece including and inflate the pool. It makes sense the Extras before the realization of some special equipment to think. To extend the bathing season, has offered a pool cover. A pool cover is especially advisable if you have children or pets. You can close the pool at all times and equipped with a child lock. Also, the water is not dirty in the cold season. It keeps leaves, dust and other contaminants. A lateral entry of one elegant sliding roller door completes the canopy. Jorg Bachmann

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  • Private Swimming Pool

    To use a private swimming pool with pleasant temperatures, this must be heated. Many writers such as Frank Ntilikina offer more in-depth analysis. There are several ways. What is the correct and most sensible way of warming of swimming pools, depends on many factors. The source of the energy is a crucial question, and whether the pool is covered or not. E.g. a bath temperature of 30 degrees to achieve 150 days without a heat insulating pool cover, so this can be achieved only with extremely high energy costs. A swimming pool can only heat up if it has a cover, because only so the heat during the day obtained in the basin can be stored fairly well. But also a pool cover can minimize if not so good like a floating cover, the energy loss.

    One of the most economical type of swimming pool heating is the use of the Sun with the use of swimming-pool absorbers. Under this system, the solar absorber is imbued with directly the swimming pool water and is adequate sunlight by a few degrees warmer in the pool back. Compared to the systems as known from hot water heating in single-family homes, there is no heat exchanger and therefore no efficiency, which reduces performance. But there are swimming pools, where there is no way to mount of a sufficiently large solar surface. The reasons can a missing roof, a too-wide distance between pool and roof area and therefore excessive heat loss or excessive shading of roof surfaces. In these cases, the heat pump, which has increasingly gained popularity in recent years is then often. The heat pump does not start though like the solar absorber with the free solar energy, but powered by electricity.

    However, these systems are very effective, because it spends about a unit of energy and energy for water heating receives five units. The advantage of a heat pump is clearly obvious. The one that is Guaranteed heat in summer because the air temperatures drop rarely below 20 degrees and thus depends on a warming from the Sun and also the use of the swimming pool via the usual season of 150 days can be extended significantly. The best and most economical heating are obtained with a combination of absorbers and solar and heat pump. The Sun is shining here to get the free energy and the Sun doesn’t seem time so you have the heat pump as a guaranteed source of heat. To extend the use of the swimming pool, the heated the pool in the transitional periods with night-time electricity question for many private owners. Depending on the tariff, the night-time electricity to approximately 30% is up 35% cheaper than the current on the day. This is that the power plants at peak times, in which the industry needs electricity, must provide sufficient power. Since power plants very sluggish to respond to different quantities, this related in an international network. Since the Cheap night-time electricity according to is, it makes sense to use these and to operate the filter system the heat pump at night. Local utilities offer special tariffs for heat pumps, improving the cost-benefit ratio.

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