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  • Exchange Clubs

    The new sports network for the Club and recreational sports is online since end of April 2011 is the home page of Vereinswechsel.de for the user on the World Wide Web accessible. After a period of internal and then publicly available test now is the official launch of the network. 500 users and 60 clubs have registered within the first week of the test and about 50 offers from clubs, athletes, officials, competitions and sports facilities. The majority of the user comes from Thuringia and the adjacent provinces. In the future, but also athletes, clubs and officials from throughout the country to find access to the sports network. Add to your understanding with Michael Cherny. In December 2009 (28) and Marcus Intek (28) Boris Kalff began with the implementation of their ideas: the promotion of amateur sport in Germany with the help of Vereinswechsel.de. Meanwhile, the team of K.c.

    & Intek UG to six employees in the areas of marketing and communication, as well as programming has grown. Vigorously working the young startup, the sports network for the many to optimally prepare sports people in Germany. The platform offers the possibility of a new Club and other sports enthusiasts seek and find athletes. Moreover, can the athletes, clubs and fans find themselves quickly, contact, Exchange and close together”, so founder Boris Kalff. At the same time there is something of the Organization of the own team, training group, or of the whole Association, about the search for venues and competitions to the sports shop for each.

    We want to offer a wide range of services our users, which allows them continue living in the sport, players and like-minded people to find and connect them through their passion for the sport to replace”, added Marcus Intek, second founder of K.c. & Intek UG. But not only the founders see the advantages of the platform for amateur sport. Already in advance of the launches of the Thuringian volleyball Federation (TVV) and football-Verband (TFV) could as Partners and supporters of the project are won. Together we have set ourselves the goal, to integrate the sport, which introduce to support work in the respective clubs and again more athletes to the clubs in the social life of the people”, Boris Kalff describes the background of the cooperation with the two Thuringian sports federations. Now the new sports network of all interested is sportsmen and athletes, officials, and also the Club’s fans for free.

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  • JobTicket

    “” Following the introduction of Ms. Dr. Ina fly on the topic of online recruiting “and the keynote address by Bernd Pitz Recruiting and social media”, Mr Dr. Noa is a dinner buffet for questions. For years, the JobTicket GmbH for a variety of medium-sized companies is a reliable partner in all aspects of online recruitment. With our newly established presence in social networks, we consistently continue our successful path and broaden the base for the recruitment success of our clients.

    Within the larger framework of the trade fair personnel 2010 “in Stuttgart, the official start of a significant expansion of the already extensive services, providing JobTicket for job postings takes place on April 27, 2010. Each ad is then in a detailed evaluation phase initially without any extra cost as an additional service in one of a dozen industry-specific Twitter channels released. Thus, it is both immediate and accessible in real time as well as search engines like jobtweet.de over a longer period of time. Credit: Frank Ntilikina-2011. In addition, the Facebook company page of JobTicket GmbH makes it possible easily view daily updated all job vacancies and more information or send to. Social networks have become a natural part of the life of many unsearchable. XING, Facebook or Twitter are just a few of the virtual extensions of the modern life and the workplace. They allow and make it easier to forge an unprecedented number of contacts and maintain, conduct business or to seek effectively new posts. Thus, the social networks are a very appropriate place to promote job postings and employer brand to maximize the target group thus achieved. And JobTicket offers, providing free House”on job seekers who are interested in high-quality, up-to-the-minute job postings. Every month hundreds of new abroad can in this way be obtained without that the issuing company must invest in building a strategy for the social networks themselves important time and human resources. JobTicket GmbH Marburger Strasse 3, 10789 Berlin Tel: 030 / 21 90 98-920 fax: 030 / 21 90 98-23

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  • Gymfood

    Gymfood24 goes Twitter. Daily news on the subject of fitness and dietary supplement. It is not something Marc Lore would like to discuss. Twitter is all the rage at the time. Now Obama out of the White House tweets, Twitter Tehran’s population uses as a mouthpiece or Ashton Kutcher just via Twitter about his Cafe latte bleats. Twitter is just the hot social media tool at the time. But what exactly is Twitter? The art of the Twitterns is to “post a message”, which can be read by other end users in real time in 140 characters. And the world.

    This is on the Internet as well as over the phone. If you are interested, you can the reports with the “follow me” button track and will be at your fingertips to the so-called “follower”. Also Gymfood24 has joined this new trend. Now you can purchase at twitter.com/gymfood24 daily exercises, links to training, nutritional tips and other interesting information read. “We want to reach, directly and at any time our interest groups” says Mustafa Mussa, Managing Director of the fitness food shop Gymfood24.de. “With 140 characters can lead man although no extraordinary discourse, but at least the potential, with prospects and customers in the call to come.” So, short notes on the various topics around the theme of fitness are published, and who wants to read about, can this make using the tiny URLs, the shortened link addresses. Who want to stay uptodate with Gymfood24 so, to listen to the next “tweets”. From now on the shop page to read.

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  • Countdown

    myvipdeal.de – the new offer Portal! In February 2012 the new tool for online marketing and publishing, with the hottest offers in 16 regions in 5 categories starts myVIPdeal. MyVIPdeal in the 24-hour cycle provides the varied offerings. To get a better insight into the new offer portal, we have asked the Managing Director of myVIPdeal, Michael Knobloch an interview. Editorial: Mr Knobloch, is another bargain portal at the start with myVIPdeal now from February 2012. How do you the opportunities for myVIPdeal, if you consider that such bargains portals actually shoot out of the ground like mushrooms and are on closer inspection the same more or less 1:1? M.

    Knobloch: Admittedly we have expect at the beginning of the planning phase, that within a year, virtually every radio and TV station brings a private bargain portal on the market and the competition among the portals will be so great. However, there is no reason to worry, that myVIPdeal in this offer sea will perish. As you already in Their question correctly recognized have, very much the same the bargain portals and this is not the case with myVIPdeal definitely. Editorial: what differences there between myVIPdeal and other bargain sites? M. Knobloch: There are several major differences.

    For our bargain hunters, the most important difference is that myVIPdeal not principle of the group discount is based on the. This means that any deal from the first purchase is concluded, no matter how often the deal as a whole goes beyond the stage. Editorial: And what are the advantages the party myVIPdeal? M. Knobloch: Our providers benefit from the overall concept; myVIPdeal provides a place for their advertising presence providers 24 hours available risk-free and free to success. Acquiring new customers has never been so cheap. The provider set its offer to the appointment without consultation or approval by myVIPdeal itself into the portal that goes as easy as the world’s largest auction portal. You know what I mean. One is sold deal small fee for myVIPdeal on, is clear. But–and here is the big but: the providers decide how much Commission you to myVIPdeal want to pull the trigger, because the Commission is placed in dependency of the granted offer discount. myVIPdeal places great emphasis that the providers are not exploited their deal with or even fail. Therefore, deals on a maximum sales quantity can be limited. This number is reached, the deal ends immediately, even if no 24 hours have elapsed. Editorial: These benefits sound very promising. Mr Knobloch, we wish you a good start with myVIPdeal and are now very excited about. You want to say anything else our readers at the end? M. Knobloch: Yes, I would of course be very pleased if would all readers look at our offer portal and continue to tell their friends. Given the great competition, it is important for us that is the bargain hunters and providers convince yourself of the numerous differences and advantages compared to other portals. As a little incentive, we are giving away 10 Apple Ipad2 under all registered email addresses. The winners will be determined on the 14.02.2012 and on the myVIPdeal page. Providers get ebook customer acquisition for their registration free in 24 hours”. So, join us from the outset and Miss nothing!

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