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    Prior to prepare, water must be heated in a boiler, which is placed in a thermos or be left in it for priming. The best container is and remains, there are different sizes and it is filled capacidades.El to no more than two thirds of that capacity, then with his hand covering the mouth of the gourd, bows and sits gently on the grass against a segment of the mouth of the gourd. It should be a hole on the opposite side, where he adds a little cold or warm water (not to burn and lose its taste) without breaking or wet the grass hill or mountain we had left against a segment of the mate.Esto mouth of the latter is for the grass to soak and swell. After the cold or warm water is absorbed by the grass, we introduce the bulb (which may be of noble metals like gold or silver, alpaca or perhaps other metals), burying it down to the bottom and then apply a lever movement backwards. Learn more at: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. After the bulb is located in place and have the water in the heater or boiler, we water on the edge of the dry and wet grass. Recalling as always not to get all the dry grass, because then we take several, on the same sector the grass will go diminishing in flavor. So we will turn the mate (clockwise or counterclockwise depending on the custom primer), removing the bulb and running with it the mountain of grass so that we always face the same Good mates are ideal for optimal digestive After a good dinner based on.

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