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  • Alexander Rosenbaum

    I've always been here will understand and support. At home, I can calmly relax, relax, find peace and understanding. Is it hard to be a wife Athlete? And you ask Irina! – I can not say that being a wife, an athlete is very difficult – says Irina – I quickly got used to the fact that Alex – the famous basketball player and always in the spotlight. But I strongly I miss Alex, when he is on the long training camp. I am pleased to go to all home games, because I know how important it is to Alyosha: it's nice to know that I am in the hall and him sick. About the image of athletes are always on the mind and Of course, image plays a big role.

    When you feel the attention from people, you know, it's very responsible. And of course, dress and manners must meet the high bar that you take, and in any case not fall below. It is necessary to justify the attention that you have. If we talk about clothes at all, then every day I try to wear comfortable clothes – jeans, t-shirts. But the machines prefer a jeep, because with my 2-meter increase in 15 centimeters into another car just does not zalezesh! On the pleasure of my sports life, constant patrols and fees make it impossible to engage in some kind of hobby. I like very much to go home in Krasnodar – where my family and many friends.

    Enormous pleasure for fishing. This is where I take a break from everything! There is a complete relaxation, there are forces for new developments. I love holidays, especially New Year's Eve. This is the holiday that I meet necessarily in the family. Still love to give gifts – see the joy of loved ones and relatives, their happy eyes. For me this is important! I love to travel to Greece: his sister lives there and grows favorite nephew. As for music, that too pleasure. Favorite singer – Alexander Rosenbaum. Still happy in the car listening to our Russian pop music. About values in his life very much appreciate the friends – I have their way, a little. And I'm thankful for the fact that they are close: they do not thrown into a difficult moment, do not betray and always lend a shoulder. I appreciate the dedication in the people. I think, very poor quality – envy. Often, the face, and not just in sports. It is important to be primarily decent person, that would be in life no matter what happens. Many become conceited and lose your face – try not to let that happen. Private affair was born Feb. 28, 1979 in Krasnodar. Height 2 meters 15 cm, weight 118 kg. Plays for the Moscow club cska, Role central. Honors: 2-time Euroleague champion (2005/06 – cska Moscow 1996/97 – Olympiakos), 5-time champion of Russia (2002/03, 2003/04, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07) in cska, 3-time winner of the Cup of Russia (2005, 2006, 2007), cska, the champion of Greece (1995/96, 1996/97), Cup of Greece-2002, player of team Russia. He played for the team: 1995 – 2000 G. – Olympiakos (Greece) 2000 – 2001 – Peristeri (Greece) 2001 – 2002 – Olympiakos (Greece) Since 2002, played in cska Moscow (Russia). The current contract: a 4-year, since July 2006.

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