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    How meditation can help the average person in his life? For each person the benefit of meditation is personal, because everyone is different and the way all too different. But there are some common things about them, we'll talk. The most widespread belief that meditation helps you relax and rejuvenate. With this statement hard to argue, but it's only just the simplest thing you can get from meditation. You can learn to manage their emotional state. Better manage their consciousness, control and monitor their thoughts.

    Screen out negative thoughts and cultivate positive. Learn how to sleep less and faster to recover their strength Develop their thinking, creativity and intelligence. Become more calm and balanced achieve new heights of spiritual growth 'which the goal is meditation? " – I can not speak for everyone. For me personally, initially to meditation had an opportunity to learn how to work with your mind that is a kind of ability to switch between different modes of consciousness, religion is the contact with God, in the esoteric teachings a fusion of its energy with the energy space represent all their different goals for meditation that's why everyone comes to this for their own reasons. 'What meditation can help regular, ordinary people in vain? " – For me it was a way to learn how to switch state. I know people who long ago that they zanimayutsya and retreats into a serious went for 2 weeks without all the caves, but this is quite a serious level that all is not needed. 'In ordinary life' ability to manage his condition is the first step to meditation. You after a day come home tired, sat down on medetirovat literally for 15 minutes and achieved precisely that state when you are much better than all the negative that you are in for a day received, passed through a reset.

    The brain is clean and you can continue to relax, read a book to work. You can meditate anytime, I know people who medetiruyut strictly in the morning, someone strictly night someone in the morning and evening. List the positive effects that regular meditation can be imposed to continue long enough. I must say that for once you learn that not even two, too, do not learn, but if you persist in their classes, then you will succeed. However, it will not only meditation but also in any other practices, especially in the spiritual. transcription of the seminar:

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