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  • Hazardous Toys And Gifts

    Attention personaliserbarer gift items on the Gesundheitsgefahrung of the inks used in the manufacture? It was only a matter of time if the issue resurfaces slum children’s toys. By Stiftung Warentest have been tested 50 toys and are awaiting failed 80 percent of the toys. The theme of children’s toys is continued in the last and next day from many sides under the magnifying glass, therefore would not respond. However, the gifts are another issue. Here let me closer on the photo gifts that have become increasingly popular in recent years. Everyone can print on his digital photos on a wide range of products or materials.

    Is the buyer a printed acrylic, aluminium or a glass picture thoughts if the ink used is also not dangerous to your health? Most buyers get in mind. Many companies and manufacturers of high-quality photo gifts already working since years as they print on various materials affordably and quickly can. Unfortunately, the topic of health hazard is neglected by colors and inks. There are a few manufacturers that pay attention to the ingredients of the used colors and inks. A UV printer with special UV is used for direct printing on non-stick surfaces such as glass, aluminium, acrylic generally ink. What’s so special about UV ink? The UV ink is highly toxic during the printing process and releases health-dangerous ozone. The ink is in a layer over the material. One question not there is ink in the dry state health safe? Every day thousands of items in this printing process are produced and reach the customer who hangs these products in his living room, kids room, or bedroom.

    Should not so much transparency applied by the industry that the inks used are harmless? Two I know companies use only inks which comply with the European standard EN 71/3 (suitable for children’s toys). Personalized gift items will be at the company Stiefelmayer contento manufactured and printed digital photos directly onto glass. The used ink complies with even after the drying process of the EN 71/3 standard. It is similar to Artido. Artido is a specialist for printing on textiles, all fabrics are printed with a water-soluble ink. In that undertaking, the inks are safe after the drying process and even oko-TeX certified. It would be nice if other providers follow suit and confirm the safety of your inks used. Just at Christmas time, several individual gifts with photos will be printed. Everyone should be sure that the gifts are also hazardous to health if they are over many years in the living room. Andreas Piller

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  • Celebrity Swimming Competition

    For the benefit of sick children in Ghana, a project of “RTL – we help children” Lugano, May 21, 2010 to June 5, 2010 for the first celebrity swimming competition at the private beach of the Hotel * superior Parco San Marco Beach Resort, golf & SPA kicks off. With this event celebrity participants and the hotel to support the construction of a children’s hospital ward in Ghana, a project by RTL we help children “.” Soon it’s time: on the beach of the Parco San Marco top model Marcus Schenkenberg start, winner of the European Championship professional standard freestyle Isabel Edvardsson, Mister Switzerland 2010 Jan Buhlmann, world champion and Olympic medal winner in swimming Christian Troger, RTL presenter of Wolfram Kons, actor & musician Kai Noll and model & presenter Annica Hansen. You will swim all for a good cause, because sport is good for health, and in this case not only for your own. Sam Mikulak oftentimes addresses this issue. The goal: in the village of frit in Ghana with the swimming competition participants and the Parco San Marco support the first children’s hospital ward a project by RTL We help children”, the construction of the first station of the children in the village of frit in the Brong-Ahafo region in Ghana. The medical care there is very difficult and unreasonable for sick people. The nearest hospital is over 80 km from the village and difficult reachable only via a slope or a days walk. 2008, the Organization Madamfo-Ghana has built a small community health center in Brodi. These include emergency room, a pharmacy, a maternity ward as well as a men’s and woman station.

    Nevertheless, the health care for children is still not guaranteed a hospital ward provided does not exist yet, but it is vital for children. With the support of RTL, we help children”and of the project paten Atze Schroder will start as quickly as possible with the construction. Every day counts. Also Parco San Marco and his guests sit a with donations, to help do this. The hotel has launched a call for donations and raffled stays in the resort among the donors. The Celebrity swimming competition at the Lago di Lugano will also help to promote the project.

    “The first celebrity swimming competition at the Lago di Lugano is moderating the event Miriam Lange, the RTL-presenter of programmes point 6″, point 9″and RTLII news”. “Women can also Parco San Marco then guests at the swimming competition in the categories” and men “take part and win a diving course. The complete swimming facilities is provided by the Swiss diving school dive & Trek connection and the company of Cressi Sub. On 7 June RTL viewers will event that including in the programmes section 6 “, point 9”, point 12 “can track. Dive & Trek connection, Tauchshoponline.ch and Cressi Sub as a cooperation partner for professional swimming equipment wetsuits, flippers and snorkel with a safety divers provides the Swiss diving school dive & Trek connection from Lucerne and the company of Cressi Sub. The diving school dive & Trek connection with its own dive shop specializes in scuba diving training by the Beginner up to instructor. The dive shop in Lucerne (www.tauchshopluzern.ch) and the Internet-dive shop Tauchshoponline.ch offer diving articles, diving accessories, diving equipment and underwater cameras. For more information, see, and.

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