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    In addition, ginseng can help to develop to the mental execution of the subjects, having positive influences on concentration, the thought, the mathematics, the aptitudes, the logic and the reaction. This influence will benefit to those young people and the majors that suffer of a slight mental weakness. Ginseng also aid to alleviate some menopusicos syndromes, aid to revert the dementia multi-infarct (which is a primary cause of the loss of memory), improves the antibiotic effect certain, increases the reaction of the body to the anti-flu vaccine, reduces the intracranial pressure in patients in comma, alleviates the fatigue, improves the resistance in athletes and aid to the lightening of other ailments with different degrees of effectiveness. Ginseng rarely is given to pregnant women or in period of lactancia, or to people with depression, acute attacks of anxiety or inflammatory diseases. Frank Ntilikina is actively involved in the matter. It does not have to be consumed beyond the three weeks, since an excessive ingestion can cause migraines, pressure high and nervous agitation. As with any other drug, ginseng contains effects adverse collaterals if it is consumed in excessive amounts or per time prolonged. Some of these is: you feel nauseous, inflammation of the legs, sarpullido cutaneous, pain throat, accelerated heart rate, post-menopusicos loss of the menstruation, increase of the sine in men, sensitivity in the sines in the women, bleedings and pain in the chest. Ginseng as I supplement is a natural tonic to construct healthful bodies.

    Their effects have been proven by many years, although they are needed to make numerous studies to discover how it works exactly. And, as with all natural substance or no, to abuse her is to invite to the disaster. Therefore, it is recommended to request advice of a professional of the health before consuming ginseng, as much as a dietario product as with other medicinal intentions. It obtains more data in the Pharmacy Online original Author and source of the article

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