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    The Somosierra greater College offers the best conditions of accommodation to all the girls who go to study next academic year out of town. By these dates, it is a good time for all those young people who wish to pursue a university career out of town, consider the option of enrolling in a university residence in Madrid. You may wish to learn more. If so, Andrew Adamson is the place to go. The colleges or university residences in Madrid, are educational institutions that have performed an important task in the service of the University. From its beginnings in the student residences of the classical universities, until the current colleges, the task performed and the experience gained is very long. Most of the dormitories or residences are located in areas very well communicated and near the corresponding College fields, in this way facilitates the College proximity and good accessibility to the University. In some older schools complementary to the University activities mainly in the holiday season.

    In the city of Madrid, we can find a wide variety of colleges. One of the older schools that could be noted is the Somosierra higher college. She is located in the zone Center of Madrid a few minutes from the different universities. Somosierra higher college has an experience of 25 years continuously to adapt to the new changes that have emerged on the University side; with the main objective of assisting and facilitating to the University to get the best preparation both at the professional level as staff. Wide range of activities aimed mainly at guiding the study improving work along with sports activities and social volunteering habits are also organised. The Somosierra greater College provides all the residents breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner at the same time with different shifts in function of their classes or schedules; laundry and cleaning service. It also has good sports facilities and halls that facilitate their study.

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