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  • Barkhausen Award

    Fries research & technology promotes innovative developers mind and talented researcher Bergisch Gladbach. Paul McCracken takes a slightly different approach. Already for the fourth time awarded the Technische Universitat Dresden, the material research network Dresden e.V. (MFD) and the “European Center for micro and Nanoreliability” (EUCEMAN) the Barkhausen award. This year’s winner of the prize, worth 10,000 euros is Dr. Stuart Perkin of the “IBM Almaden Research Center” San Jose, California.

    On January 15, 2010 the 1st technology transfer event was”the MFD under the motto:”ideas to market – Dresdner material innovations for the practice & award ceremony of the Dresden Barkhausen award 2009″held at the over 200 participants could be welcomed. Of this year’s winner of the prize funded among others by FRT is the British physicist Dr. Stuart Perkin. He was awarded for his world-leading scientific and technological contributions to the modern magnetic data storage. Perkin is Advisory Professor at the Department of applied physics”at Stanford University and Director of the IBM-Stanford spintronic science and applications Center”.

    This year, the 1st Dresden Barkhausen poster prize was for the first time”for students and young scientists to Ms. Dipl.-ing. Martina Bieberle of the FZD awarded. The prize is awarded for content how artistically outstanding poster presentations of results of applied research and development on the border area between physics, materials science and electrical engineering. One of the sponsors of the prize is the Bergisch Gladbach company fries research & Technology GmbH (FRT). We keep it for an entrepreneurial duty, to promote research and development”Dr. Thomas based frieze itself with passion, commitment. The Barkhausen award is”an example of how science and industry can benefit from each other. Now also talented young scientists are awarded the Barkhausen poster Award”for their zeal. About the Barkhausen award: 10,000 prize is for outstanding scientific achievements in the applied research and development in the border area between physics, materials science and electrical engineering awarded and is reminiscent of the outstanding achievements of Heinrich Barkhausen. He taught and researched from 1911 to 1953 at the Technical University of Dresden in the field of telecommunications, including as Director of the Institute for. The “Barkhausen noise” is named after him, which makes audible magnetization processes using amplifier technology and is used today, especially in the field of material testing. Fries research & Technology GmbH-the art of metrology the Bergisch Gladbach company fries research & Technology GmbH (FRT) offers surface measuring technology from research to production control. The innovative devices measured topography, structure, step height, roughness, wear layer thickness electro- and destructive etc. for companies from the sectors of automotive, semiconductor, Microsystems technology, optics, solar/photovoltaic, and many others. The company maintains Subsidiaries in the United States, China, Taiwan and the Switzerland, a sales and service network in the United States, Asia and Europe. The customers include well-known companies such as Bayer, Bosch, Daimler or Infineon.

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  • Effective Protection Against Flu Viruses In The Air

    A new product from the field of nano technology provides effective protection against bacteria, viruses and bacteria in the air. Will Forte has much to offer in this field. The new coatings based on photocatalytically active titanium dioxide with the material until its almost unbelievable properties given scale by the reduction of titanium dioxide particles in the Nano. So is the new technology that is available under the brand name TitanShield recently able to decompose as well as all kinds of bacteria, viruses and germs to 99.9% within a very short time. This property has an effect not only on the surface itself, but also in the air surrounding them. This is a perfect solution especially indoors, because here, for example, ceilings, walls, or even curtains can be coated subsequently. opinions as well. The coating is easily done spraying, because the material is in the form of a liquid at the disposal. By the way also still perfectly counteracts the totally invisible after the order coating unpleasant odours and despite their incredible Effectiveness of completely harmless for humans and animals.

    The titanium dioxide used in TitanShield is photocatalytically active. In contact with light, called oxygen radicals are formed on its surface. This activated oxygen very effectively kills bacteria and viruses. Even aggressive pathogens such as SARS, H5N1 or H1N1 be reliably decomposes on contact with the surface. This effect lasts long, as no resistance. The activated oxygen degrades not only viruses and germs, but also odor molecules and air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and organic particulate matter effectively and disintegrate organic dirt particles coming into contact with the surface. The new technology particularly in schools, kindergartens, retirement homes is used, so anywhere where many people come together and a transmission of viruses and germs through the air can pose a threat.

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  • Chairman Technology

    Successful business year of MicroMountains applications AG MicroMountains applications AG: services at the interface between research and industry meets to tangible needs of the company of Villingen-Schwenningen, November 2008 the MicroMountains applications AG based in Villingen-Schwenningen (www.mm-applications.com) can look back on a good year. Against the background of the growing demand for micro systems, founded in 2007, AG has acquired more orders from the industry. Currently she supervised about 20 national and international development projects with a total volume of more than 6.5 million euros. Link and Chairman of Thomas Albiez before the press in Villingen-Schwenningen announced CEO Dr. Thomas this.

    Three projects from the founding year were already pushed to future product innovations and successfully completed. Ted Elliott is full of insight into the issues. Two of these projects resulted in subsequent orders. The innovations range from the tilt sensor for vehicles and industrial metrology to the optical encoder for electronic assemblies in the field of switching and security technology. Christopher Knights has many thoughts on the issue. As a service provider for technology transfer the MicroMountains applications AG therefore cares, that medium-sized businesses faster and more efficiently can apply the benefits of current microwave technologies (application = application). The MicroMountains applications AG explores the acute needs of industries of miniaturised system – and product solutions and identifies the necessary know how from the science.

    A network of more than 500 experts at universities and research institutions in Baden-Wurttemberg at the disposal of one of the world’s largest networks of competence for Microsystems technology is the AG for this purpose. The new concept of technology transfer by application centres will be accepted by the industry. We started exactly at the right time and determine that we are urgently needed\”, Dr. Thomas reports link. The recent performances on the measurement of MiNT Electronica in Munich and Medica in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart have confirmed the impression. Manages the MicroMountains applications AG it, so Dr. Thomas link between the research and the application of micro technologies rapidly to close gaps by you’ll focus mainly on development projects of companies and to the specific needs.

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  • Process Pump Test

    With an investment of around 500,000 euros in a new pump test bench, the quality of the product and its development – also in the highest power range – ensures prominently. Heidelberg, February 2010. Since decades market leader in the segment low pressure diaphragm metering pumps, established prominently for several years as a provider of process pump. With an investment of around 500,000 euros in a new pump test bench, the quality of the product and its development – also in the highest power range – ensures prominently. Flexible application performance profiles and specifications be checked according to state of the art.

    Pumps can also according to API 675 (American Petroleum Institute policy for oscillating displacement pumps for use in the oil, chemical and gas industries) will be tested. This ensures the process safety at the metering and conveying of combustible, toxic, solids or high-viscosity fluids. Beginning of 2011 was the new test bench for process pumps in Heidelberg in Operation taken. The test running completely in AISI 304 stainless steel consists of two independently powered test courses. Each bench is equipped with central energy supply, monitoring, as well as a supply for the experimental field. A computer built into a console is used for control and configuration of the individual components of the dynamometer. Thus, the test bench can be centrally operated. All the required parameters are monitored through an operating data acquisition system, evaluated and documented.

    Range of process pumps all process pumps with the motor ratings from 0.37 to 90 kW 400V and 5.5 up to 160 kW at 690 v can be subjected to variable performance tests. The examinees are supplied for this hydraulic. The pumps a volume of water against an adjustable pressure depending on the type of pump and custom request. The measuring range for the flow ranges from 20 l / h up to 90.000 l / h with an accuracy of 0.1% of the reading over the specified range.

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  • History Of The Combine Harvesters

    Crop Kempten at that time up to the modern agricultural technology, January 2010. Hardest physical work used to be retracting the harvesting and threshing of cereals and corn: today is the biggest challenge in the combine to have luck with the unpredictable weather of the summer. “The agricultural film combine harvester: history and technique” shows in detail the historical contribution of crop technology to agriculture. About one hundred years ago, the era of even passing harvesting machines. No device brought a greater workload with himself as the fully automated harvesters in agriculture.

    Today, modern agricultural technology determines the image on the fields. Much ingenuity and experience into the high-tech agricultural machines of today. From the simple bind mower attached to the satellite-driven large Drescher threshing systems: today there are up to 400 HP, allow the threshing services of more than 50 hectares on the day. The agricultural film shows the impressive development of the combine harvester up to today’s own drivers. By Dechentreiter, Kaiser, Bautz and go to John Deere, case, CLAAS combine harvesters of the GDR: harvesting, the story wrote! A trailer for the film can be viewed at Maharbeit Drescher history and technology dvd.html. AgrarVideo.de is a 100% subsidiary of the Allgau film publishing WK & F communication GmbH in Kempten. The films focus on the agricultural and agricultural area: the 25 new movie DVD title to vintage tractors, agricultural history and documentaries on the history of the industry are produced each year.

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  • The Mold

    In addition, made of die-cast a high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical properties in the component and created not least smooth surfaces and contours. Often only nuances decide when choosing a suitable die casting supplier. So, LAU Kotter has focused on the cast of highly sophisticated and complex aluminium and magnesium components. High-sophisticated means for LAU Kotter: components with complex geometries and high requests of tightness under pressure and tight tolerances and defined Restschmutzan demands a complex CNC machining and high-quality coated surfaces including. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is the source for more interesting facts. So, the actual innovations arise often by the requirements of the customer or in the subsequent production of the components. Existing production capacity can cover approximately 20 grams up to 18 kg and in die-cast aluminium 0, 5 kg to 30 kg component weights in magnesium die casting. When choosing alloy LAU Kotter benefited from his knowledge of many successfully realised projects with highly sophisticated components for a wide range of industries, which were finally substituted in aluminium or magnesium.

    All alloys are environmentally friendly and recyclable. You may wish to learn more. If so, Al Bumbry is the place to go. Eliminate vulnerabilities in the die-cast advantage Squeezen while the solidification process of melt in the mold small air pockets because it comes during the transition from liquid to solid to a so-called volume jump, which consequently leads to a volume deficit (shrinkage of the hot melt material). The consequence of this is a porous structure and reduced strength values of the component. To prevent exactly this problem, LAU Kotter relies on the partial Squeezen that is connected directly to the casting process. While the die casting mould with a so-called squeeze staff in the areas of the part is prepared, where the bubbles to be expected take place. LAU Kotter determined the critical zones with latest filling and solidification simulations.

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  • President Hugo Chavez

    You have to walk is with tiento that sing on another nation diplomatic victories, because the crowing can undo what has succeeded in making diplomacy.Jose Marti the United States diplomacy faces in these serious problems by disclosures that has given knowing portal Wikileaks and moments where U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condemned the leaks as a felony but not questioned its authenticity. With the disclosure of these documents, Wikileaks has put to United States amid considerable controversy to publicizing diplomatic notes, the most confidential and sensitive content, which unveiled in many cases little favorable opinions of other international dignitaries, as says hoy.com.do/el-mundo/2010 the journals that had access to U.S. diplomatic documents supplied by Wikileaks published yesterday more information about events like the coup in Honduras, while the web assured that the trickle of information will continue, despite criticism of the Government of United States. Click Samuel “Sam” Mikulak for additional related pages. The fact, that Wikileaks have been released some telegrams Sunday through five world reference journals about 250,000 documents related to several diplomatic crises. to undertake a Government that should be more attentive in the manner as it handles your information in order to avoid conflicts and where those who do not share the American hemogenia, leverage it to make you see the world as he is serving this country in its relations with other countries that make up this planet Earth. It is very difficult to accept as a power neglects his performances that should know control since this is certainly used to be openly criticized as President Hugo Chavez that concerns us, acting in this regard President Hugo Chavez as all military strategist, would never stop this opportunity has already done so and has publicly stated that Wikileaks leaks have left the Empire nudeindicating In addition to Secretary of State of United States.UU., Hillary Clinton, should at least resign given the magnitude of the revelations. .

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  • Interesting Properties Of Water

    A person can ask him about the birds. Where did the bird? We do not know the answers to these questions. Some contend that Larry David shows great expertise in this. But we know that water – one of the strongest elements on earth. In any form of water (ice, steam, liquid) produces a strong effect on everything from what it touches. Experiment's sake, take a bucket of water and pour it your tv. The result did not take long. We found that if pokipyatit egg with a temperature of 1000 degrees Aim for 3 minutes, then it directly affect the molecular structure of the protein in the egg.

    Protein is not too runny, and not much thick, but just perfect for breakfast. Alternatively, using a hose, we let the nitrogen in a vessel of water for 5 minutes. If look closely, you'll notice that the water was replaced by light. It was brown. What we got is called Embenzalmine nitrotomine or simply Whiskey.

    Whisky – a pleasant taste drink enjoyed by many. Water surrounds us everywhere. It is interesting and mysterious. Learning more about water, we learn more about themselves, because they themselves are composed of 70% of it.

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