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  • Game Stage

    You can not try to 'land a' teenager trying to get him to think purely pragmatic. If any errors on the part of others can harm intelligence and creative abilities. And at the end of this stage and moving to a new stage, stage rune Laguz, just and it is time to 'entry' into life in the world (in all its manifestations). The period of adolescence. Scary, sometimes dangerous, risky. Sometimes developed intellect 'lost' in this stormy sea, and sometimes even prevent, because there are not, and often very much defies logic.

    It was only subconscious, intuition might suggest the right solutions. On the one hand. C On the other hand, need to adapt their skills to real and concrete world, to real and specific needs. And most importantly – to dare to overcome their fears, doubts, uncertainty, indecision. If this stage will not be effective for the younger man, then as an adult he will have lots of problems. But one can not 'overlook' the child's passion for the game, you can not miss the moment when the child is too carried away by these processes and will turn into a player, let alone encourage it.

    Time and stage of runes Ingwaz. Accelerated growth, the final sexual maturation. The midst of adolescence. Mortgaging the level of vitality and life energy sexual attraction, sexuality. And it is very important to keep harmony in all matters. Any bias then it will be difficult to fix. And then there is a problem of fathers and children. The problem itself is not new.

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  • Why Failure Is Not There

    Have you asked yourself the question, what is success? Maybe even looked in the dictionary? I have not looked in the dictionary and the definitions will not give. I'm just a little shock you. Because I say that NO FAILURE. Do not you agree? And who said it would be easy? But do not despair. is vital information. Right now explain what I mean.

    We are now just using a couple of spells go beyond success and failure. We will be on them. You at least agree that each has its own subjective criteria for success? Everyone understands it differently. Someone thinks that the new job with a salary increase of 15% the same – it's an achievement. And someone a million bucks – an intermediate step to a higher purpose. Someone writes a book and am glad that it distance, and someone is aiming to bestsellers.

    Someone on the exam three suffice for the eyes and the other is a re-take the four. You, too, for sure, my idea of success, your success criteria. And you created them yourself (although it is probably not without someone's 'authoritative' opinion). Now divide each of the results of their actions into two categories – a successful or unsuccessful. If the result is stored in the category of "unsuccessful," most people upset, angry at themselves, criticize and disparage a set of more sophisticated methods, which you hopefully do not tell. Thus, nevrotiziruya themselves if something goes according to plan. But they defined these criteria! Ie themselves painted themselves into a trap:) I will not mention here, that someone has these same criteria din parents, school, television or some other extraneous artifact of our lives.

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  • Speech Presentation

    Preparing for a presentation / speech to an audience always takes longer than you think. So the golden rule – LET'S GET TO PREPARE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 1. A clear definition of the problem to describe myself paper, a clear definition of the problem and its importance to you, a particular social group, audience, etc. That is, before you go further in preparing a presentation or a speech to an audience you as a speaker need for a clearly defined problem and the issues at stake. If you fail to do so in the beginning, it is unlikely you will achieve good results during training. And even more unlikely that you will be able to to do with speech. In any case, an incomplete understanding of the topic and question the speaker is always felt. 2.

    Study subjects Conduct research topics. Collect material that relates to the problem for the versatile consideration. Facts, history, and even cases that are relevant to a particular topic. The opinions of people, celebrities, etc. Sometimes it is good to start with a presentation of someone else's quote, which provides food for thought for listeners and to you for opening theme.

    3. The logical sequence of Tell a story in a logical sequence. Best of all information absorbed by people, if it is presented logically and consistently. Not recommended sudden transitions from one issue to another. If the presentation reviews several issues, discuss them sequentially. And on to the next topic should proceed only after a withdrawal of the previous question. 4. Keep the key concepts of key concepts. And do not pay particular attention to detail and unnecessary detail. You probably do not notice just how often the speakers gone into the deep jungle of students details. Such presentations usually no one is listening. They seem to be many boring and uninteresting. You really want to see the indifference and boredom on the faces of the audience? 5. On the most important to least important if you are considering a lot of key points, organize them with the most important to least important. If you do not have enough time, you can skip the less important. It is very convenient. Thus, you can also select the most important thing that is likely to remembered by the audience more. 6. Short Sentences Keep your sentences short. 10-12 words in a sentence is ideal for this purpose. Just in this mode, people usually talk. And on your slides (if they are) best describe the main points, key phrases, not complete sentences. Information is better received in the case of short and vivid observations rather than typing. 7. Re-read the meaning of your suggestions several times. See to it that every important idea has been properly transferred to the words. Ask yourself whether this is the most appropriate word in this case? Disclose whether it has meaning correctly? Whether you're new to Most words, definitions, terms or jargon? That's all there is to know about preparing for a presentation. I hope these recommendations will serve you well.

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