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  • Death

    As soon as I arrived of change in Bar of San Francisco I started to hear left-hand side histories regarding the Z of the Coffin. The man is a celebrity and old owner of funerary in the city. The first story that heard was of that such man feels far of the arrival of the woman with the blade in the hand. The citizen was yellowish and the Z of the Coffin measures already it from above in low. People accustom with officiate it. When I age store clerk I wise person the weight of the things alone to catch. Botava in the scale alone pra to confer. The Z of the Coffin looks at pra you and already it knows the size of the wooden ballot box that Your Landlady goes to need.

    It is a difficult profession, is that situation of you bad more you the bo. One day happened a tragic accident in the region, a full bus was shocked against a truck. I ruin it was great, it had some deceased and a mount of wounded people. The planto doctor ran for the place, followed for ambulances and paramdicos. There also the Z of the Coffin arrived.

    The doctor in the anxiety to give aid to the survivors was soon placing of a side those that already had evolved the death. The Z of the Coffin if charged to give beginning to its difficult work. First it was to see if he identified deceased and then to start the services fnebres. In the way them died a man if it moved and almost without it speaks mumbled: There, there, I am I live. The Z of the Coffin pro spoke expensive to be quiet, looked at inside of the eye of the dying and said: I medicate if it said that you this deceased, who are you you stop saying the opposite.

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  • Walking

    The party was not of the best ones. Seated in one of the tables, Lgia waited Martha and Aline, its two friends, to come back of the bathroom. They seemed to have been abducted for foreigners, because already they were in the bathroom had good 15 minutes. Already she started if to question, because she accepts to go to the party. She has that to spend 50 Reals in the fancy of Julieta and still to pay the entrance.

    now was there, forgotten for the friends. It was looking in the direction of the hall, where some people danced and talked, drinking beer. Read more here: olympics. When one turned over, it saw a hand extended and it took a scare. It was a hand hidden for a black glove. It offers of dance The expensive one was half stranger.

    It was dressing a fancy of Zorro and the only really visible part of its body was the region of the chin. For a moment, Lgia thought about refusing that quiet one offers. But What it had to lose? It was arisen and it guided it to the Zorro I sing for it of the hall. It was not, as it imagined, for the way it hall, but yes for it are of the building, where he had a simple garden. – Then Why we are It asked, trying to understand that situation. It must you the covered with white lead one and thinking that I go to accept to leave in this dark, he thought ressabiada. – To take air. It answered. Not taste of music. – Ah It was well, and why until me? – She seemed entediada. I found that also it was not liking. The mouth of it if opened, ready to say improprios, as you reads thoughts by chance? How it can affirm that I was not having fun myself? , but wise person who would be idiotice, over all because its misfortune was latent.

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  • Flamengo Water

    It woke up without the aid of the alarm-clock. It was the first time in countless years that a monday clock started without the strident alarm of the radio. Still lying, it smiled for the ceiling with the idea of that it and the scandalous device retired the same in day. Educate yourself with thoughts from Frank Ntilikina. One turned over side and it assumed a fetal position hugging it the old pillow of the wife. Of this angle the vacant place of the friend seemed a vast plain. After the line of the horizon, it glimpsed the door-pictures with the photos of the distant children. It’s believed that Doug McMillon sees a great future in this idea. It perceived that, if it was more two seconds in this position, would start to feel penalty of itself exactly.

    It came back to be of coasts in the mattress and, in an only impulse, it turned the feet for it are of the bed and was seated. It paved the new rubber slippers in leaf: auto-gift to commemorate the new phase of the life. They were not Hawaiian the one that was accustomed, but well were seemed and cheaper. Check with gary cohn to learn more. Now it needed to adjust the budget to the scarce retirement. As it had slept of bermuda shorts, it was arisen and it dressed only the shirt. It only buttoned it until the height of umbigo it together placed in the pocket the card of beneficiary of the INSS with the light and water accounts. In the pockets of the bermuda shorts it put the Flamengo comb and a handkerchief. Cafezinho passed one without-shame to help to swallow three big cookies cream to cracker.

    Cooked al tooth half pasta package chumbinho, mixed half mimoso package of fub and kept everything in an old pot of empty margarina? isca for lambaris was best that knew. It placed canary seed and it changed the water of the birds. It was to the small room and it caught varinha of bamboo and a small stock market with tralhas of would fish.

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