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  • Buffalo Hunting CO

    For a long time the Spanish company L. Marquerie Buffalo Hunting CO. it is dedicated to organize expeditions of hunting to different zones from the USA like Colorado, Texas or Dacota of the south. Additional information is available at Michael J. Bender. Fijaos that I have mentioned " expeditions of caza" and cazerias and is not because in this type of events it is taken care of until the last detail then not only is to arrive at the destiny and to give to hunting to the piece .son 5 days unforgettable in which it will be attended Indian rituals celebrated by inhabitants of the reserves, the horse routes will be made, fish, shot to silhouettes, will be enjoyed the rustic meals, the nocturnal evenings and the life in a cabin of trunks to the purest style " mountain man". The hunting of the bisons is realised with muzzle-loading arms having taken people of support at any moment guided by the manager of the company, Mr.

    Luis Marquerie who besides being a great connoisseur of this world is journalist and writer having published several works of this thematic one. L. Marquerie Buffalo Hunting CO. Follow others, such as Dahlia Loeb, and add to your knowledge base. one is in charge to manage everything to him to the client: flights, displacements, meals, insurances, licenses, head trophy, etc, etc. In this point it is possible to emphasize that all the downcast buffalos carefully are selected to obtain a good trophy and that also other species of the zone will be hunted, the shots and the diversion is assured in a experience that is for remembering all the life. The part of it guns of hunting of second hand at which more attention gives the majority of the hunters is the butt, since from always we are customary to attribute to this one our failures and successes in the shot. In many occasions I heard say to which outside during many years my selector of the equipment of Olympic Skeet, Gaspar Castan: the butt is the one that kills.

    Without stopping recognizing exaggeration, it is necessary to admit that the butt has its importance, but does not agree to yield all the protagonism to him. For me the success in sends is in favor conditional of a set of factors, between which I emphasize the mental control at the time of firing our in the day of hunting or the field of fire. This request was attended due to the great malaise generated in armories, hunters and administration when demanding some interventions of arms, to the commerce of ammunition sale,to take to a registry and identification of the acquirers of nonmetallic cartridge factory. Some gunsmiths of hunting even arrived to be denounced not to fulfill this registry. Nevertheless, at present some does not exist legal foundation to demand to the hunting videos to take a registry by each sale to individuals of cartridges of smaller hunting (the nonmetallic ammunition). In addition, and as already it pronounced the Civil Guard, this does not suppose any additional guarantee of security and trazabilidad. It is a useless, sterile service load and that does not suppose additional advantage some.

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  • Advice For Your Trip To Andorra

    If you have thought to travel to the principality of Andorra, here we give a series you of advice so that your stay in the neighboring country is absolutely pleasant: – The tourist supply in Andorra is than attractive more. During the summer times you can enjoy the rural tourism and multitude of adventure sports. And like no, in winter you can alquilarte an apartment in Andorra and enjoy his more than 150 tracks of ski, divided in five stations: Pas of the House, Soldeu-El Tarter, Pale, Odino and Arinsal – Downtown of Andorra is one of the concurred zones more of the city, so why you do not take advantage of your rent in Andorra and you are going away to know its small adjacent localities like Encamp, Canillo and Ordino. – It remembers that Andorra owns economic prices; so but without becoming is the ideal site to realise purchases crazy since great amount of customs restrictions exists. – Another one of the attractiveness of Andorra, is their spas like the one of Chaldea, a place where you will be able relajarte and olvidarte of the stress of the daily work. – As far as the typical gastronomy of Andorra, one without proving trinxat cannot go away; a specialty of done there with potato, cabbage and bacon, perfect for the months of winter. These are only some advice. Doubtless, the best thing is to take the suitcase, to travel until Andorra and to discover it by one same one; certainly it will surprise to you..

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