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  • Abkhazia Today And Tomorrow

    Around Abkhazia is now a lot of controversy. In the news now and then there are news about the impending invasion of the armed forces of Georgia, a Georgian reconnaissance aircraft were shot down. Why Georgia so restless pumps situation around the country? The answer is obvious. Nearing the holiday season and travel. Connect with other leaders such as Joe Stillman here. The influx of Russian tourists in Abkhazia last year broke all records, as well as the president of the republic, Sergei Bagapsh, almost 100% investment in the country make investments in Russia and an important role is played by the money of tourists. Calculation of Georgia is obvious.

    Pressure situation around the Republic and at times open aggression against Abkhazia is to reduce the flow of tourists, wishing to relax on the beaches of Abkhazia, and thus in some measure to reduce the inflow of money into the country. Abkhazia too tasty morsel for Georgia. 120 kilometers of the Black Sea coast at the present rate of development of tourism is a huge potential for investment and profit. In 2014 in Sochi will host the Olympics, which will visit the tens of thousands of tourists. Surely some of them will go and Abkhazia, and certainly will appreciate the beauty of the republic. That is why Georgians do not want to lose the territory. Abkhazians – people deserved independence. The war of the early nineties claimed the lives of thousands of Abkhazians and these people just suffered a right to self-determination.

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  • EU Commissioner Javier Solana

    It is not clear why waste Railways, "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" are referred to as simply "corporations", even "foreign commercial entities." Do yourself Mr. Butba and his advisors (we dare suggested – among them may well be representatives of business circles of Georgia, USA and Turkey) do not know what data structure is largely controlled by the Russian state, not some phony force issued on "Nationals of third countries"? So, perhaps, the threat of anti-Russian sentiments in Abkhazia – it's just blackmail with a specific business purpose? In a statement of opposition structures is another type of charge. "The government urges people to that achieving the independence of Abkhazia and Russia release the Kodori Gorge is its exceptional merit. However, it is well known that prior to these events, the Abkhaz leadership was negotiating with Georgia on the transfer of the Kodori Gorge under the supervision of international forces. During a secret visit to Abkhazia of Georgian representative Alasania prepared a document. Further work on it was continued in Stockholm.

    These meetings were held with the assistance of U.S. and EU, which itself led to the expansion of the format of negotiations and reduce Russia's role in the settlement. It is no coincidence in this period, Abkhazia, visited the Foreign Ministers of Denmark and Germany and the EU Commissioner Javier Solana. However, these plans are, fortunately, have been violated. " This is more than serious. Although the note – not the charges were brought to the center of criticism and questions about communications and the boundary agreement.

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  • Strategy

    Strategic partnership between Turkey and Azerbaijan has suffered unprecedented damage and this can have far-reaching consequences. From the moment when the Turkish ruling Justice and Development Party announced its intention to normalize relations with Armenia – a sworn enemy of Azerbaijan – the relations between Ankara and Baku cooled, notes in his analytical article The Jamestown Foundation. The leaders of Azerbaijan, in April sent Ankara harshly worded letter, and President Ilham Aliyev refused to accept the invitation of Turkish President Abdullah Gul and participate in the ongoing UN-sponsored conference in Istanbul on "Alliance of Civilizations." But particularly strong indignation Baku became after signing the protocol on establishing diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia. And the Azerbaijani public and political leaders openly condemned the unilateral policy of Turkey. To know more about this subject visit Sam Mikulak. Azerbaijani Foreign Minister announced immediately after the press release in which it was stressed that the signing of the protocol is "clearly contrary to the national interests of Azerbaijan, and also casts a shadow on the fraternal relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey have deep historical roots. " The incident caused an explosion of anti-Turkish sentiment in Baku. Turkey, which has traditionally been an ally, fraternal state and the last hope, now lost confidence in Baku. Ankara seems to have zeal in trying to get another friendly neighbor-minded and almost destroyed its strategic relations with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani president announced that his country will now consider the alternatives of exporting its natural gas, as the Turkish-Azerbaijani talks on the transit of natural gas is not yield concrete results.

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