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  • Author PNL

    Pnl or neurolinguistica programming, is a powerful tool of change, that exactly allows to change you what you want to modify in you, to obtain the excellence results that you look for. Like including/understanding and applying the techniques of pnl, is taking into account the three front doors from pnl: They are the three forms of mental and physical action by which you must journey, if you want to obtain quality and excellence in the results that you set out to reach. The First Door: It represents the System of Beliefs of a person: what you create, is what goes to a great extent if possible, that you can or you cannot do it, according to that inner message, that can limitarte (and frenarte so that you do not manage to do it) or capacitarte (in this case the belief impels to you to take action). To change the beliefs with PNL, will approach models of excellence and better profits and results to you for your life whenever you pass through the Second Door: This door that you must abrir is the one that it has to do with the thoughts As you organize your Thoughts? It is the call Mental Syntax, is like a particular code. The communication between the different people with ” cdigos” or mental syntax, brings about difficulties in the understanding among them. To know ” descifrar” these codes, (successfully to journey by this 2da door), with the aid of techniques PNL, will have approached you much to be able and to know like incorporating excellence models (” copiar” somehow the landlords of excellence of people who obtain results of personal excellence) continue walking, because for it in addition you need abrir the Third Door: It is the Physiology: between the mind and the body (totally he is demonstrated) is a total connection the way in which you breathe, your corporal positions, face expressions, the quality of the movements, etc., that is to say the form in which you use your physiology, determines the state in that you are. In addition, changing the physiology, you can change a mood almost very instantaneously. you knew it? Applying technical of PNL, you will be able to learn to modify those aspects in you, you will be able ” modelar” to excellence people, that will make the learning fastest.

    That also is the PNL: to learn techniques, knowledge how to do it and that ” Puertas” to touch, to obtain fast results that belief that says to you: ” the change must be slow, takes its time, etc etc is false. With the PNL complex phobias and other problems in minutes are cured. If it interests pnl and you want to learn PNL applied to your personal growth, it visits our Web site, you will obtain much there more information.

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  • Science Technology

    The intention of this article is to analyze how the Science-Technology-Society dimension is inserted (CTS) in the educative field in Mexico, for some educative levels and systems, especially, for the subjects of natural sciences. For it the antecedents are mentioned briefly, characteristics and forms of insertion of this perspective in the world. Later it is described how the interactions are being introduced CTS in the diverse educative levels, from the elementary school. In the end some commentaries are made and suggestions exceed how to obtain a greater impact of this dimension in the education in Mexico. Alan Greenspan brings even more insight to the discussion. A little history Many authors indicate that the launchings of Explorer I in 1958 by the North Americans, mark the beginning of the space race and, in this way it begins to reflect on the paper of science and the technology in our society.

    This event, like many others, the war of Vietnam, the Cuban revolution, the contraculturales movements, of sort and student of 1968 contribute to this reflection. It is against this background that it is begun to stimulate the social participation, that not only are in social and the politician, but science and the technology with other disciplines like the economy, history, the philosophy and sociology of sciences and the technologies and the scientific education begin to have another sense. All this brings about that from the academy it begins to reflect on the linear and optimistic model of the development, typical the postwar period: CIENCIA= + TECHNOLOGY = + WEALTH = + WELL-BEING. In terms general we could to indicate sprouting of education scientific something paradoxical, since on the one hand one was based on general principles that happen of the Great Science stimulated in the middle of century XX, with more containing for most able than it contrasted with the sprouting of l” cole Moderne de educative Freinet of Marxist inspiration or currents like the educative technology that was mixed with the learning by discovery.

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  • National Library

    The company had to fulfill the terms of the donation and to restitute it to its heirs, those that installed a private railway museum in the offices of estacin”. It already stops the time of the mentioned story but above of Bath, tapeworm knowledge of a titled publication ” Guide of the Argentine Communications and sudamericanas” , whose compiler is a gentleman of Braco last name, and that can be consulted through ” file viejo” of the Library National of Buenos Aires ” There the schedules of the railway and fluvial services of passengers in use in 1925 are briefed. It does not turn out tedious to read those schedules, for those who like that this communication writes have watered so many own and other people’s experiences. At Joseph Stiglitz you will find additional information. Because there many lives acquire sense. All a mass of nth experiences, that were settled affection that were not considered with those who would perpetrate one of the deep imbalances but to the inhabitants of this earth; misalignments whose effects left a painful sequel that it debilitates to Argentina, before the watchings of the future, those that could be processed less traumatically if that one scheme had stayed that what instantaneous photo, it captured that scheme of 1925, with the emergent improvements of the scientific development. Still one has not quantified the caused damage and the people in charge of those outrages, until great statesmen or prominent intellectuals are honoured like. Buenos Aires, 20 of April of 2009 Original author and source of the article.

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  • Rafael Echeverria

    Coaching for all time Any theory with respect to the origins of coaching and its essence uses the figure of Scrates like reference. Without embargo, many centuries before are antecedents in India and China that are authentic referring to coaching contemporary. Italian Open has plenty of information regarding this issue. We remember for example the Tao work You King de Lao Tse, that we can summarize with the phrase: The one that knows much of the others is understanding, but more wise person is the one than he knows himself itself. The one that dominates the others is powerful, but the one that control itself is more powerful still. Also we can mention Confucius, Buddha. and many more.

    Scrates exhorts to all to the examination of themselves and the own dominion enkrteia-, of which he is impelling. Question: It is possible to be trusted which does not have own dominion? Also Aristotle says that the man can get to be what wishes. It can pass of the being where I am, which we called present reality, to having to be where I want to arrive, the vision, the objectives. The methodology to cross this way is the action. Already in the last century, there has been one it influences of the existencialista philosophy.

    The essence of coaching is the independent individual existence. The individual existence that determined the existencialismo. We have capacity to take brings back to consciousness of our present reality and to raise our own project to us of life. Especially in American Hispanic atmospheres, the influence of Psychology has had certain acceptance Humanist through Ontological Coaching call. According to Rafael Echeverria is a type of coaching able to affect aspects that seem associate to which we can call form to be of the individuals and systems At the end of the century past Timothy Gallwey it developed a methodology spread in the sport that denominated the inner game whose better definition is their own words: Always is an inner game in your mind, does not matter what is happening in the outer game.

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  • The Way

    f you put yourself to think a little, you will see that you are Far from being poor and that you still have left much work to make to arrive at the poverty. Clearing all philosophical argument, in fact there is only one way to get to be poor. To spend more than gains. It is that simple.

    Another form to say it is negative cashflow. If you work in this, with time you can form your life so that every month you become poorer, simply spending more than desire. In fact it is very easy. Million are doing it to people! every day. The main part of your cash flow is the Income (what It enters your pocket) and the Debits (what Leaves your pocket).

    This is really simple. If desire $ 700 per month, and you are only spending good $ 500 your never you are going to get to be poor from that way, truth? Express! Salt to inscribirte in which at least $ 300 to the month cost. We say that to purchases a new automobile. Even if you could pay it in cash, you do not do it. After all, your objective is to create a negative flow of box every month. To buy a car that you can darte the luxury pay it not will help you to be poor. Consguete one of those really expensive and pgalo on credit, chooses one that consumes a great amount of gasoline. Also, asegrate to investigate in the cost of the insurance and selects a policy that has a high monthly instalment. So, as it is possible to be seen, to increase what leaves your pocket it is simple and it helps you in the way of the poverty faster than you think.

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  • San Valentin

    Who has not felt that sweet sensation that brings about the love, that sudden encounter that causes that Cupid sends first shoots with an arrow unites that us of a so special way to the other person. Doubt does not fit that everything has its scientific explanation, has studied during a time the chemical reaction in the brain produced by the enamoramiento (particularly the norepinefrina and the dopamine) that consequently does ” to us; sentir” of that way; but we leave to a side the acerqumonos explanations sobe what is the attraction and more to the romantic thing of the subject. Many ways exist to show to our sincere affection and humble love the dear person. Nowadays people ” olvida” to say to him to the other person which feels, and she leaves almost it only for the day of San Valentin. The love messages at any moment are very important as well as healthful for the pair. Ensale to the loved person you often want how much it, and, if ideas are not happened to you, here you have some: It sends a message to him of romantic love through movable telephone all the weeks. It will be always a joy for him or it, assures it to you. It is a way to assure to him that we continued ourselves feeling of that way and that we want to maintain the relation and the alive love.

    You do the tasks of the house that it does not like from time to time. To clean the table after dinner, to wash the plates, to pass the vacuum cleaner, to take care of the garden any thing that you see that it is to them an annoyance will suppose a lightening for your person loved when seeing that do you it by love. It is always important to make things together; to go to the cinema and a restaurant to have dinner they are not the unique things that we can share. The table games are funny they unite and us by the emotion that cause. To play golf, tennis, etc, they are all healthful ways to spend time with your pair. You do not forget that one is not to compete, but to share. Ensale the thanked for been thankful thing or that you are.

    The recognition on the type of life that you take is very important: if it does something by you, asegrate that samples your gratefulness. As far as ” small idiosincrasias” that they define the other person, always is very to have a humor point well and to laugh rather than they bother to us. Before throwing things to the sweepings pregntale. This is something that usually is very annoying in the pairs generally, and, apart from which to ask to nonhill nothing, it will see that it concerns its opinion to us and that we respected its personal things. To walk, to laugh and to dream are things that also can be made together and unite much to the pair. Whatever your message of love, hazlo always with affection and illusion so that the life in pair is healthy, stable and lasting.

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  • Obediencia

    As well as you teach the appropriate behavior to his children, the dogs also need to be trained to behave of an acceptable way. The difference, nevertheless, is the age in which the training is more effective. Whereas a human baby of a year as soon as she can learn, a dog a year considers an adolescent. That means that the training must begin as soon as it is on his awares and to comienzar to recognize the members than he will more ahead consider like his pack". The majority of the dogs and puppies is adorable, affectionate and sweet creatures. At the same time the small dogs love playing and biting all along.

    If they spend time in the litter enough, learn to control itself. The reaction of other dogs in the litter assures that. It is the experience which teaches to them to that he is acceptable and that is not. It is confidence and respect but that reprimand and punishment, which inhibits biting of the dog. If the dog does not learn something, the fault falls more with the amaestrador than with the dog. The blow, the backward movement with the foot or giving a pat, are not probable that it restricts biting of its small dog. He can at the same time continue trying to him and biting and loving to him. The confidence and the respect come from the patience and not to the punishment.

    The dogs give their unconditional love to their owners, but in its mind its penetrating or aggressive behavior is not related. This is especially because biting it comes naturally to them. If you wanted that the small dogs adhered to the acceptable human conducts, you will need to train to them suitably. The main step in the education of obedience not to bite, begins with the socialization. A socialization deficiency means that the small dog begins to consider him like its companion of the life, and that has you.

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