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  • Bride Price – A Scenario

    The first day of the wedding is traditionally accompanied by the bride. Future husband goes for his beloved, taking with him a couple of trusted friends Kunakov. Learn more at: kellee marlow san francisco. Relatives and guests from the bride to the groom pose the most unimaginable, backed by a healthy sense of humor barrier. That’s just them and going to storm the newfound suitor. The rite suggests that he shared with his kunak rides “buy” the bride, which is in this moment in his own parents’ house.

    At the entrance to his dwelling place to meet friends from the bride. Most often they are on a dense sheet of paper is beautiful all the prescribed elements of redemption in the form of a humorous text. There is indicated by all tests, through which to pass a good fellow. All this turns into a bundle and it becomes like a royal decree. First test – Stairway tender words Good fellow prepares for its first test. He has to walk up the stairs (If the house a lot of stories – that prior to the first floor).

    Each step is waiting for the groom as a gently called his wife. The test can be made more difficult by writing an inscription certain letters of the alphabet at each step, and obliging newfound husband to begin with that letter. If his mind does not come right compliment, right kunak groom pay a bribe. After that, the groom rises to a subsequent step, and so d. option: Cut Several kartonok heart-shaped (so as to close their flight of stairs), and each of them the reason for the wedding: ‘a marriage of convenience’, ‘on the aerial’, etc.

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  • Strengthening Organization

    In preparing the wedding should take into account all the details, from the preferences of the newlyweds, figuring out how they see their holiday, and ending the main age group of guests and their interests. After the wedding should be exciting and fun, but it should not irritate or cause mixed feelings among the older generation. The whole show-the program must be chosen so as to promote fun and relaxed atmosphere at the banquet table. Musical repertoire should be suitable both youth and their parents. The holiday should be a balanced and interesting. Video and photo shoot should be using professional equipment. From the above we can conclude that the organizers of the celebrations and, in particular, weddings should be chosen very carefully Beautiful days, as, for example – anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, everyone come to life.

    Very time-consuming job is organizing events. Must take into account all the details: lay the table, create a holiday atmosphere and fun. It is therefore better to entrust the organization and holding of celebrations professionals. And it does not matter what it is – the wedding of his beloved daughter, or a corporate party, the holiday should be memorable. It has long been the organization of the holiday is not limited to covering the table and turning the tape recorder. At the present day holiday – it is far less simple event, which includes the addition of tableware and organizing refreshments, pyrotechnics, an exciting shows, guest musicians, the organization of transport service for visitors and much more.

    The number of companies that offer their services in arranging holidays our country is increasing every year. And they themselves the services provided by these organizations become more diverse and high quality. It is hardly possible for someone to surprise professional corporate mini-concert involving pop stars and outdoors events in nature. Hard to believe – until recently it seemed impossible. If you want to make a good impression on the guests and contribute to the strengthening of friendly relations, good organization of the holiday – for you. This is especially important for corporate parties, because everyone feels a member of one team, the team becomes more cohesive. Weddings – one of the most important trends in the industry of organizing events. Organization of weddings, being a very delicate matter that requires special training, because for the bride and the groom is one of the happiest days in my life, and maybe – and most happy, which they will remember until old age. In preparation for the wedding must take into account all the details, from the preferences of the bride and groom know what holiday they want, and ending with the main age group guests and their interests. After all, a holiday should be interesting for everyone – young and their grandparents. All shows should be chosen so that the atmosphere was relaxed at the table. Music has to please everybody. Photos and Videos survey will be conducted by professionals on professional equipment. From the foregoing it may be concluded – the organizers of the celebrations and, in particular, weddings must be chosen with great care

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