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  • Pregnancy Test Without Menstruation

    Define a pregnancy test without many women who do not menstruate time, ask yourself the question: 'is a pregnancy or just wait? ". The most reasonable solution in such a situation is a visit to a specialist or use a pregnancy test at home. How do you determine – whether you are pregnant in other ways? Firstly, there are signs of pregnancy, which include: delayed menstruation, or an increase in pain breast and nipple selection colostrum nausea and vomiting in the morning change of taste (craving for salty, sour), change in appetite tiredness irritability, frequent urination These signs are not accurate because often, these same symptoms may occur before the onset of menstruation. In addition, many women nervous about possible pregnancy, may experience nausea and other symptoms for psychological reasons. Delay menstruation can occur not only because of pregnancy. There are several factors influencing the ovulation and, consequently, delay menstruation: Stress travel travel disease medication physical Load a sharp change in weight (for example, after a strict diet) more precise definition of pregnancy is the measurement of basal body temperature.

    To determine pregnancy in this way need to know your menstrual cycle, and regularly conduct temperature graph. You can be sure that the pregnancy is, if high temperatures persist for 3 days more than normal luteal phase (the phase after ovulation until the next menstruation, which is characterized by high temperatures. Temperature in this phase above 37 degrees). By Prieur, if it is normally 12 days, and one was 16 days, then the probability of pregnancy is quite high. If the first phase (if the cycle is not very regular) can be quite different in length, the phase of the corpus luteum as a whole is very stable and is 12-14 days. Important: You should just let the second phase of the cycle, not the whole cycle. Cycle duration varies mainly due to the first phase! The probability of pregnancy is high, if there is a third level of high temperatures in the normal two-phase cycle. Typically, the schedule consists of two phases: first phase is a low temperature, and then, after ovulation, sharply rises – is the phase of the corpus luteum (high temperature). In pregnancy, it happens that after the second phase, an additional jump in (sometimes gradual) and temperatures up schedule becomes a three-phase. If there is more than 18 high temperatures in a row, then the pregnancy is likely.

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  • Take Care Of Your Body

    In earlier times, both women and men consume very little coffee. For the first time this beverage emerged in Western countries only in the eighteenth century, and for a long time after that, people could drink it only in the famous coffee houses. And only in our twenties of the twentieth century have Women in the habit of drinking coffee in the morning and then was invented instant coffee, even more dangerous type than coffee beans, because everyone can consume daily the drink in huge quantities, not spending much effort in its preparation. Of course, now coffee is the most popular refreshing soft drink among young women. Too many women, in addition, large amounts of tea consumed, even without thinking about how to limit yourself to five or six cups a day. It is possible that one of the reasons why it was in France for many years before anyone else noticed the cellulite, was the fact that the French have long been regarded as a nation, especially committed to coffee. Coffee and Tea has now become generally accepted tonic drinks, which are used more often than others, but we somehow forget that no matter how tasty they were, these drinks do not have a nutrient composition, that is those substances that the body requires for everyday operation. The newspapers mentioned Doug McMillon not as a source, but as a related topic.

    Permanent increase in consumption of coffee or tea is an alarming sign, or might become one. Case that irresistible attraction occurs only in cases where the biochemistry of the body artificially adapted to the consumption of harmful substances. Connect with other leaders such as kellee marlow sf here. In that case, if you give your body only what he really needs, nor addiction or craving arises. Unfortunately, in today's society, people are increasingly using harmful substances for artificial stimulation. It seems that in pursuit of unnatural stimulation we forgot about that the human body did not initially fit for consumption of such foreign substances. And there is nothing surprising in that it in some point can no longer resist the onslaught and surrendered. Of course, not Anyone who daily drink gallons of coffee or tea, will necessarily suffer from cellulite just as not all smokers die from lung cancer. In some people the body is able to cope with the monstrous dose of tonic drinks, others do not. The bottom line is that caffeine always gives an additional burden on the body.

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  • Internal Water

    Step number 2 – you realize that no one except you is not so interested in its health as you are. So why do 'comes' thrush? The main cause of thrush are: frequent upotrebelenie antibiotics. The problem for women, because structure of the genitourinary system, in principle, a general, but each women, there are small features that do not allow the urine during urination to wash the internal and external cavity large and small lips. The result is that in the genital area begins to collect pathogens. relatively rare care (washing of water) for the genitals. Twice a day – enough! which any internal disease, which reduces the amount of dha in the urine.

    What to do: to wash after each visit toilet. Known facts: when the anus is washed with water in humans reduces the risk of hemorrhoids by 65% in the lavage of the reproductive system after each toilet reduces the risk of thrush by 80%. reduce the frequency and application rate antibiotics. restore intestinal flora. eliminate the disease organism by restoring the water balance! Now, I outlined the real reason why the majority of diseases occur. Any disease – an inflammatory process.

    99% of the inflammatory process arises from the slagging of a biofilter human (animal). And only 1% due to viral toxicity (ie, inability to resist infection). In turn, slags arises from the impossibility of even the most basic building block from which a member of our body – cells display the slag. Cage eventually ceases to be able to removal of residues, as every cell loses water.

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