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  • Encourage Health

    We establish health mood is one that we prefer to social environment for skinning the reality that us floods and prefer not to show! Dangling the decision in our hands, since control passes through the way of the will, considering that it has sufficient strength to hold certain situation along the necessary theatrical range. Motivation that mobilizes this cover-up attitude tends to substantiate both the shame and Ubiquity, either a factor or another does not alter the attitude, but knowing its origin allows you to set the intensity in the effort, as well as the moments where release pressure to stand at the mood! Although the external factors are those who diagnose the presence of the sanitarismo, also they alter the tint of your application, put the fact fearing criticism is located inside the intimate classification about the importance who do front, since due to the consequences of the appreciation it manifests, is the engine of our actions present. In the event the alien opinion generates a harmful verdict to the labor picture, means an increase in the acting power that easily directs towards the grotesque, even bordering on the absurd, which may be more harmful than the veracity of the unprovable, but the monetary need – or the ambition – categorizes the disorder and mental confusion. Educate yourself with thoughts from Martin Feldstein. When the social scenario requires other garments empathic feelings, it draws on the experience on the knowledge of our interlocutor, trying to satisfy your expectations without belittling their ability, calling upon all our arsenal of sensitivity subjective to develop the germ of seduction. When we determine that the sanitary function outperformed the eventuality, we depose the attitude to throw the vacuum of oblivion, since the fact of not having shown sincerity raises some discomfort that does not agree with personality, opening an unfinished space, which should explain when the occasion notified with their derivations. This circumstantial game must treated as such, avoiding staying within the usual boxes, since its installation disconnect our presence to the reality, forcing us to mature our mood in order to remain intact, our well-being in all areas where we transcend to grow fruiting. The bewilderment that floats in the swamp of personal values, is the difference between hypocrisy – or sewage – and health, making it clear that the first is the attitude of faking certain qualities – or virtues-which do not possess, not being this the case of treatment, since the inconsistency of certain transient attitudes not in keeping with established concepts, but on the contrarya shield is flown to then depose him not a sword to win! Stoic of the sanitarismo is to grant us the self-defense argument, assuming the active conscience of fashion consented, in order to protect the fragility of sentiments when they are not stabilized, and decorate us inability to solve them in the everyday evolution, forcing its postponement to emerge from the sea the occasional doubts.

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