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  • Aya Hiroshi

    "He said with a wave of insecurity, I preferred to ignore his nature. And I thought that at the end of course, would leave her alone and manage to see Aya Hiroshi. Then I worry that side. And she behaved well enough with me, taught me everything and explained it perfectly. Her beautiful dress glowed naturally.

    It was quite a lady, beautiful and tender, but with something hidden, a mystery that was hardly decipherable to anyone. Then the go all over the place, I was exhausted, wanting to go to eat, my stomach was screaming from inside. Yet when asked if I wanted to eat something, I said no. The truth is that Aya Hiroshi wanted to see as soon as possible to find out how the accident happened and what reasons contributed to happen. She told me she had to leave, then he should do some things, though I explained what. I, for one, take a deep breath and I wanted to ask some young people who have stood by the speaker did know my roommate. I did as soon as Mika Hidaka left.

    Hardly anyone could answer me. Hiroshi did not know at this, and many were new. I started walking, I knew there would be the end of the world, just because they find Hiroshi. I did not understand the instructions to get somewhere, because everything was Japanese. I was completely lost. Just saw the boys and girls speaking, many Japanese, some English. I was confused, or idea where he was.

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  • Recycling Art

    What is rubbish for a few is one treasure for others is the motto of the Drap Art, international recycling Art Festival of Catalonia, which offers exhibitions and a flea market at the CCCB with objects made from scrap material. Participants in the festival are approaching the creative recycling from diverse disciplines with a common denominator: convert abundant waste produced by our opulent society in expressions of contemporary creativity. Materials, always urban waste found on the street, can be chairs, metal, cans or cartons, caps and bottles, plastic waste, exhaust pipes, glass, newsprint, shoe lasts, dust thread bulb, vinyl records, corks, flip-flops anything goes as raw material to be subjected to a process of transformation and creation. A luminous table made with a washer drum, chairs built with wheels of bicycles and safety belts, dolls made of patchwork and electrical wire, rings with keys of computer, made with paper bags gum in some cases recycling is difficult to discover at a first glance, as in a bodice woven with old music tapes or a few small robots manufactured with disposable razor. Continue to learn more with: Doug McMillon. Recycling means not only reuse and recover, but also revalue, which contributes to encourage a more thoughtful and responsible, consumption says Tanja Grass, creator and Director of Drap Art, a non-profit association founded in 1995 which promotes creative through festivals, exhibitions and workshops recycling. Drap-Art has its own space in the Carbonari, the Espai Drap-Art, where you can find a permanent exhibition of works of art, design and craft objects made with recyclable materials, as well as programming of thematic and solo exhibitions since 2000. The annual festival, Drap-Art began in 1996 with the marathon of creation and recycling of Barcelona and has not stopped growing in number of participants and public assistance.

    The origin of the recycling in art is in the avant-garde movements of the early 20th century, but today this artistic movement emerges as a response to social and environmental needs. Drap-Art 09 will take place at the CCCB, square Joan Coromines, Pati de les Dones and plaza dels Angels Thursday, December 17, 2009 to Sunday, January 10, 2010. He is expected that around 20,000 visitors pass through Drap-Art 09, which will host more than 150 artists musicians, workshop leaders, designers, lecturers, filmmakers.

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