The Spin

  • In addition to being the fact that it not cost train lie about the platform, since precisely one of its characteristics is the intensity that carries train with it and therefore not more than 10 minutes to be able to use it for training. Intensity for which not everyone is prepared and second, its huge list of contraindications. Do you know them? Well, the problem is more than huge, thing common that are. Sports apparel has many thoughts on the issue. To name a few: postoperative, muscle and bone injuries, low back pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches head (headache or migraine), prostatitis, ocular pathologies and retina vascular diseases in advanced stage, tumors and metastasis processes, pregnancy, hernia of any kind, osteoarthritis, epilepsy, pacemakers, bone plates, bone nails, IUD, diseases of the reproductive tract or psychological to vibratory stimulus intolerance. Even once I witnessed of as jumped a filling a person while training on the platform. It is difficult to find someone who does not suffer any of these contraindications.

    Or you are a very lucky person-level health to be able to use it, or be someone who cares more physical than its health performance, as it could be a professional athlete. So, before using, make sure that you can do it without any risk. And if you finally decide by train with her, do not buy it. Leverages the spin cycle of your washing machine to do squats up Nooo, was a joke. Go to a physical trainer or a physiotherapist and let yourself be guided by him. Do you want results? Change the chip.

    Get exercise, salt House, get up from the Chair. Don’t believe in miracles or the machines. You have the perfect machine, your own body.