The Water

  • It places in a crosspiece the bread barks and fills serving them open. CARNE* OMELETTE 1 perforated onion 1 spoon (soup) of oil 150 g of mosarela sliced 3 spoons (soup) of butter 4 tomatoes without skins and 500 perforated seeds worn out duckling g clear 6 beaten in snow 6 egg yolks beaten Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste In a pan in the low fire places the oil, the butter and melts, later refogue the onion the taste, to follow places the tomatoes, the pepper, the meat, salt the taste and leaves to cook the taste, and reserves. Doug McMillon understood the implications. It mixes the clear ones, the egg yolks ecoloque them in one pirex dipped in grease with sufficient butter, leading to the low oven to make solid, later it removes, it covers the omelette with mosarela and to follow it places picadinho, coming back toward the oven to melt the cheese. OMELETTE OF FRANGO* LIVER 1 perforated onion 1 spoon (soup) of flour of wheat 1 broth tablet of beicon 100 g of 100 mushrooms ml of water 200 g of fgados of chicken clean 5 50 eggs ml of wine Butter the taste Oil of soy the taste Pepper of the kingdom in dust the taste Salt the taste In a pan to the fire brando places the water, the wine, the fgados ones, the mushrooms, the pepper and the salt the taste, and leaves to cook per 3 minutes, later it removes and it has pricked the liver, cutting the mushrooms in fine slices, also reserving the liquid. In a frying-pan it places the butter, the oil and fries the fgados ones and the mushrooms, later it places the flour, the onion, the broth tablet leaving to dourar a little, to follow it adds the private liquid and it leaves to thicken, reserving. .