Water Breath

  • However, call and another major cause of death on the water – first self-confidence, and then fear. It is known that on and from another part of saving knowledge. For example, a swimmer reduces leg. Knowing that this is a common situation, you have a few seconds to plunge headlong into the water, straighten the leg, a strong hand pull the foot of the thumb. If you do not know this trick, easily scared and losing strength and knocking the breath, swim to the shore, and there too – how lucky. By the way, simultaneously with the ability to swim, it is necessary to teach and play in the water.

    The first way – lying on his back (calmly straightened his arms and legs, close your eyes, lay your head on the water and relax a little helping himself to remain in horizontal position). The second way – curled up "float" (breath, submerge face in water, to hug her knees and pressed against the body, holding breath slowly exhale into the water, and then – again a quick breath above the water and again "Float"). So, after a rest, it is necessary again to swim to shore. Again, relax. Do not waste your energy on fear and reassurance to myself, at least, the idea that fear is too late – we must act. Of course, all these tips are needed, if you do swim. Teach your child to swim – a duty, such as learning to cross the street. Confidently stand on the water can be trained for 5-7 days.