What To Do When The Tax Bill Is A Nasty Surprise?

  • Gunter Zielinski – accountant from Hamburg informed since many years I am working as a tax consultant in Hamburg and so far barely a year later, in which several of my clients experienced a nasty surprise when they opened the tax bill of the tax office. The refunds were much too low or incredibly high payments were required. I would like to describe how such deviations from the expected result of the tax assessment notice come about and what you can do, at this point. Incorrect tax bills are surprisingly common. Numerous clients with this problem find my tax firm year after year. According to current statistics, about 35 to 40 percent of all tax bills are flawed, produced by the German tax authorities. Nine out of ten cases, the financial management at the expense of the taxpayer is wrong! Incorrect tax bills come due to the following factors: the competent tax office has a different opinion to the legal assessment of the facts of the case. The IRS has an error in the Recording tax return made, due to its important aspects not or incorrectly taken into account were.

    The tax issue is newly judged according to the current jurisdiction of the German, the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of Justice. Reaches the competent tax office to a different legal judgment on important matters, arises the question of why this is so. Missing evidence and deficiencies in the presentation of the facts of the case are possible causes on the part of the taxpayer. It is also possible that it the IRS not only incorrectly, or it is possible to understand the controversial facts. The taxpayer has the option to insert a reasoned, written objection against the tax assessment in such cases. This must be done within a one-month period after the notification of the decision.