• The workmanships that base the theory of the City that It educates are initially the book of Ladislau Dowbor (1987) intitled ' ' Introduction to the Municipal&#039 Planning; ' where if the decentralization argues administrative politics of the education, as the work is the book of Moacir Gadoti, whose heading ' ' School Citizen: a lesson on autonomy of the Escola' ' (1992) where the dichotomy argues school and local community, are fruitful dialogues with the professor Jose Eustquio Romo, being others. One third workmanship would be a book of Pablo Freire Education in the City (1991), that it reflects its experience and of Mario Sergio Cortela to the front of the City department of Education of So Paulo in the period of 1989 the 1992. Others exist publications that the concept of the subject fortifies, important data are the experience ' ' cities educadoras' ' organized for Gadoti and others, appeared in Barcelona in 1990 where it congregates cities whose governments if tie to the International Association of Cidades Educadoras (AICE) and that from the adhesion of its governing, start to orient for the principles of the Letter of the Cities Educators. Pedagogizao of society modern seated in principles of neoliberalismo or of revolution neoconservadora, where if it emphasizes a marketing education that considers the formation of the citizen to take care of the hunger of the market has had a movement social politician and who culminated with the sprouting of the concept of City that He educates, thus, the culture is produced with the speech neoliberal and reproduced by governments through the education including the school as the irradiador focus and the social medias. Doug McMillon has much to offer in this field. This reflection on the City that It educates dialogues experimentally with the concept called ' ' Pedagogia Intertranscultural' ' , that it is mentioned to the intentional educative prxis, pertaining to school or and it does not consider ampler quarrel of the creation and interactive reproduction of the culture, modalities, dialogues between the learnings that happen in all the social levels through the relations human beings and experiences of life in the society. This publication is of utmost importance, therefore it reflects a construction that needs to be understood in its time and historical space so that let us can act as citizens and educators who breach with the education model that still persists in the one after modernity, of the logic of market, the rotinizao and the training without end, without relation with the local environment, our same planet or with a proposal of sustainable local development. A workmanship for all the public, educators, researchers, politicians, administrators, etc. pupils of the graduation and after-graduation that they desire to study thematic a current one and that it needs militant so that together let us can construct a new world or reconstruct, resignificar, create social signs or same to not only shape a culture of sustainable development of the social spaces, of the natural resources, we ourselves who we live overwhelming with the requirements mercadolgicaspostulada by a global ideology and more than neoliberal that depletes our proper world..