• Agree, a small monetary investment in their own security, given that the shoes you have enough for several seasons. Gain insight and clarity with Michael J. Bender. Shoes are better to buy the size bigger to climb a warm sock. Thus, in winter you will have a lightweight, sturdy, warm shoes and thick socks in the summer will be "Work" as a thermos bottle, protecting your feet from overheating. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kellee Marlow San Francisco is the place to go. Outerwear. Relatively outerwear number of opinions, probably close to the number of working people. It is important to remember that the work on the hitch sedentary, and very mobile, and its execution is often under adverse weather conditions.

    Working in the pants and jacket can be easily overlooked nezapravlennoy underwear and get hypothermia in the lumbar spine, which leads to follow-up of temporary disability. Therefore, we chose the suit. When choosing overalls give preference to models with no overhead details. Such excesses, as practice shows, increase the chances of breaking your work clothes, 'caught' a hook or nail somewhere in the dimly lit attic. With temperatures below average and the high probability of rain, it makes sense to wear thermal underwear and clothing from windproof and waterproof fabrics. To work in the winter buy insulated winter coveralls. The cost of summer suit in a clothing store from 800 rubles.

    Headgear. For professionals working at times in conditions of strong wind and / or direct sunlight, the best headgear is a bandana (scarf, shawl). Winter – knitted multi cap. Under extreme weather conditions, it makes sense to use Balaclava (Headgear covering the head completely, leaving a small slit for the person, or only for the eyes). Gloves. When buying gloves Refer primarily to the fact that the gloves have come to the exact type of work, are you going to do. Ie gloves sandblasting should reliably protect hands from strong mechanical impact, and gloves for installation (repair of the facade) must provide protection from slipping. Helmet. One may say that helmets are useless and inconvenient, but statistics show the vast quantity of lives saved. If you for some whatever reason uncomfortable usual construction helmet, get a specialized sporting goods store a helmet for climbing or speleology. Such helmets have an adequate margin of safety, international certification and be able to reliably protect your head.