Ireland Golf And Sports

  • More and more people are becoming enthusiastic about the sport of golf. Was the golf formerly reserved only for the nobility (hence the nickname “royal game”) today swings every one from young to old, no matter what gender or what social class he belongs to one of the many beautiful golf courses in the iron. Golf means to stay in nice places and experiencing nature. For golf it means to be able to be together like-minded, athletic movement, no matter what the weather, improve the overall well-being by improving endurance, concentration, coordination, and much more. Who his home golf course already knows like the back and every obstacle can play around with closed eyes, a trip abroad to attract one of the thousands of golf courses, there are now already the world and which constantly growing. As can be played on golf courses in the world under the same rules it without problems in Dubai, Hong Kong or in Kenya or on the Chiemsee Bavaria during his leave beloved hobby to pursue.

    For so many, however, a golf vacation in Ireland at all is the non plus ultra. The “green island” Ireland is already by its name interpretation suited for golf. There to play golf alone is an exhilarating experience. On the west coast of Ireland, Ireland’s most outstanding golf courses are lush with greenery, high dunes and much more. ften expresses his thoughts on the topic. The strong wind that blows here usually, one must always refer to his game with one, which represents a further challenge. The seven most impressive golf courses in Ireland, also known as the “Magnificent Seven”, titled, the Ballybunion Golf Club in County Kerry are his Cashen Course and the Old Course. In County Mayo, we find the Carne Golf Links with an 18-hole golf course with some equipped with rolling hills, some almost mountainous.

    In the Doonbeg Golf Club in County Clare you have almost a real fight with the fury of the wind unsubscribe, which has its very own Reitz. The Enniscrone Golf Club, County Sligo, is owned by a sophisticated 18-hole golf course, which is known precisely because of its par-4 dogleg on hole 13th The golfers are so many obstacles in the way laid. In County Clare, we find the Lahinch Golf Club, he is similar to the St. Andrews course in Scotland, because both courses were designed by the same designer. Also on the Magnificent Seven reckoned the Old Head Golf Links in Kinsale, County Cork. The golf course is situated on the cliffs as flat as a board. As the last of this team is in Northern Ireland, the Royal County Down Golf Club in County Down in Newcastle to name who is to play on with caddy and has a high degree of difficulty. On a trip to Ireland but of course one must not spend all day on the golf courses. There are a wide number of sights to be a holiday in this beautiful country should not be missed. For example, because the legandare Ring of Kerry, the old city of Dublin, the historic round towers were the versteut are everywhere in the country and are considered a symbol of Ireland.