Justo Marin

  • There is that strive day by day, we must select a target and not deviate an inch from the path way and must insist and cope with the difficulties that appear in our journey towards success, because these difficulties may seem insurmountable, I can assure you from my own experience, that you can conquer and overcome.To better understand the concept of perseverance, expose a reflection on the following lines: imagine that a bucket of water hung by a rope and bucket underneath there is a rock. Randall Rothenberg recognizes the significance of this. We then pour the bucket on the rock. What happens? Nothing. Water cube only thing he did was wetting the rock without any consequence. If on the contrary, at the base of the bucket we practice a small hole, so that there is a continuous drip on the rock, what happens then? Because with the passage of time the rock has a hole as a result of this drip.

    I.e. a single drop pierced the rock thing you could do all the water that flipped at a time on it.Conclusion: Small things, by very small that is, over time always produce great changes. To do great things and grow to the highest, should always start from the lowest.In daily life to reach the objectives that a person intends, large doses of perseverance and persistence are needed. For example, elite athletes must carry out a hard training to aspire to the gold medal or to be able to win games. They must take a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, having a daily routine of sports activities, trainings, concentrations, etc.

    This is also applicable to the business world. The successful entrepreneur is, as a general rule, the most persevering. No company has one overnight success, everything is obtained thanks to the daily work, constancy, patience and perseverance.