The Values

  • The values obtained at low speeds are greater than those obtained at high speeds which is also interpreted as normal (20). The results of our study differed based on the variable that should be considered since the most significant differences for the torque peak found in the maximum forces peaks have been reached in the bending phase planting and slow speed, which can be interpreted that to greater muscle mass, greater efficiency exerted by the muscle and greater percentage of difference between the use or notsock technified. The average power has been increased from same way as the peak for the muscular drawing stronger at slower speed, i.e. For more information see gary cohn. nowledge. for Flex planting 30 degrees per second while that on the contrary has appreciated a significant difference to the speed of 300 degrees per second in the dorsiflexion. Similarly happens with the results obtained for the total work, where if there are significant differences to 30 degrees of flexion speed planting being able to clearly observe an increase of the extremity of the leg muscle efficiency in the presence of modernized sock; on the contrary, there are no differences in the dorsiflexion. For the speed of 300 degrees per second if found statistically significant differences in the dorsiflexion, what determines that in a group small muscle that exerts force at high speed increases performance in the presence of sock. And for the variable: time it takes to reach the maximum moment of force (SEC to peak), no significant differences for any movement at any of the speeds found analyzed.

    Conclusions the backplane muscle of the leg is more susceptible than the front of leg appreciate degressive compression of a modernized sock. Plantar flexors performance in players handball senior increases if used sock pro-sport, sport Medilast. The use of sock pro-sport, sport Medilast does not influence the time spent by the athlete to reach its maximum peak force during a replay for the ankle flexion.