Led Device

  • If you are lucky, crucifying may be specified in the label sticker under the keyboard or the battery compartment. Go to gymnast for more information. In this case will be clearly indicated Rx and Tx. However, it is very rare and in most of Chinese phones such information can not be found. The second option – the purchase of a special device, for example, Univeral Mobile phone Tester, which not only testing the processor, transmitter and other elements of the phone, but also defines the parameters Rx, Tx, Grd, Vcc. However, in the first place, is not always such a device can be easily found, and secondly, they cost money. Therefore, let us consider more accessible ways. The Internet is quite simple and accessible method of finding the right signals.

    It is as follows: First, you need to buy LED, and it is better if it is LED is not produced in Russia (the glow is poor), and Chinese with the lens. On the minus Led should solder a short wire with alligator clips that cling to the ‘mass’ (method of determining the ‘masses’ phone analyzed below), and the other terminal use to determine the Rx and Tx, as well as the plus power connector on the phone. To limit the current, it is advisable to use a resistor of 10-20 ohms and turn it into a chain. Next, go, directly to the definition of Rx and Tx. Short presses the red power button the phone display to see a noticeable Rx LED glow. This is due to the fact that there is an output voltage approximately equal to half the voltage battery (which is on the derivation of TH! and remember that if at one end of the transfer, on the other, respectively, welcome. And therefore the body of TX, in boxing it’s RX). On the second output luminescence is not very bright and can not see, but nevertheless it should be (I mean Phone conclusion RX).

    There are also descriptions of a variety of devices that help define the Rx and Tx. We will not sharpen its focus on such devices, because, firstly, they are needed in the If you often define these parameters, and secondly, these descriptions can be easily found online. Now back to the definition of GND or ‘mass’ (“land”) apparatus. It should be noted that it accounts for much of the discovery of copper on the board the phone. And her body is soldered connectors, contact one of the SIM-Connector, covering the chip screens, it is ‘-‘ batteries and much more. How do you determine the mass? To do this we Chinese appliance need for continuity (tester, “tseshka ‘, etc.), it should be set to continuity mode (when the device beeps when connecting with each other to probe), take out the battery (the battery) from your phone, then put a feeler to ‘-‘ battery connector (where the ‘-‘ at the device, you can see by looking at the very battery, usually on her contacts ‘+’ and ‘-‘ sign) and the second probe to the opening of the copper sites on the board. If the unit beeps, then this site has direct contact with the ‘-‘ battery connector, and therefore it is our weight.