Olympic Day

  • Attempt to walk at least 30 minutes to the day and never I use the elevator. My neighbors joke saying to me that if still gives fear to raise me in the single elevator. You can be walking to the work, or bajarte a pair of shutdowns before the bus or the meter. He avoids to take the car for everything. 7. Night of fruit the endocrine one recommended mother to him who one night to the week only had dinner fruit, to the being the possible pineapple in its juice. Probably that night you will not sleep of the pull because pineapple is super diurtica and will have to go several times bathroom.

    A small price in exchange for levantarte with the flat belly. 8. Concntrate to eat When we eat in front of tele we lose the notion than we ingested. Because we eat of mechanical form. When we are going to eat we must only think about that we are doing.

    It tries to chew several times the food and eats slowly. I try to think whenever like in if the foods that I am going to ingest go to me to help or not to secure my objective. Thus I am more conscious than like throughout the day. This technique uses the elite sportsmen, who concentrate in their main target and all the actions that realise throughout the day focus them to secure their objective. As we do not want to win an Olympic gold medal reason why we can only concentrate in the food and avoiding the sedentarismo. I hope that these you rule help you as much as they have helped me. If you are disciplined and constant you will be able to secure your goals. What have seemed you these advice? You have tried to lose weight and you have not obtained it? In what you think that you have failed? nete to our group in facebook #! /group.php? gid=164985296850578 original Author and source of the article