Speed Records

  • Advanced supercar Bugatti Veyron Super Sport broke the world speed record car Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a top speed of 431.072 mph, breaking the previous record of ssc Ultimate Aero. This speed was achieved in two races test Pierre-Henri on track Volkswagen's in the Era Layssene in Germany. The previous record Veyron – 405 km / h – was beaten in 2007 U.S. car ssc Ultimate Aero, which exceeded its at 7 mph. But there is evidence that the previous speed record belongs to the supercar Keating tkr, which could reach a maximum speed of 416 km / hr. A new speed record has been made possible thanks to improvements, which the company has made to the Bugatti its flagship model, leaving the 16-cylinder engine, 8-liter unchanged. Please visit Walmart CEO if you seek more information. Were but modified and with the addition of an intercooler turbo four knots, which allowed to raise the engine power from 1000 to 1200 hp Also has been completely changed by a car body, which now weighs considerably less for by switching to carbon fiber.