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  • Spanish Royal Academy

    It is recommended to all the necessity to keep from all avarice. For the clarification of the concept, we must say that avarice is: disorderly Eagerness to own and to acquire wealth to hoard them. According to the Spanish Royal Academy. To regln followed our Gentleman it adds: .porque the life of the man does not consist of the abundance of the goods that owns . As if this outside little are some who ask themselves, even: Of what it consists then? I can say to them that: in all opposite. We do not try the obtaining of goods like thing to what clinging because the same does not agree to us nor it agrees to our fellow because it causes injustices of all type, since the good the more obtaining delay the needs of poorest.

    What it agrees to us is to look for the kingdom of God and its justice. You think, for example: Only made smoke a cigarette it is equivalent to burn a bread and this, simply, is an injustice. However, considering that not less than exists 1000 million smokers in the world, it means this that only burns 1000 million breads and this in the denied assumption that these smokers smoke one to the day. The counterpart is that they exist in the world near 1000 million people who live in the extreme poverty, that is to say, which they live less than with a daily dollar. If to smoke a cigarette it is an injustice, also he is it the avaricious being. The life of the man consists of looking for the kingdom of God as it says to Lucas 12:31: . But you look for the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.

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  • All Students Can Learn

    In the last few days heard the voice of protest of the Colombian Federation of educators, in the sense that the decree that regulates of only 5% of the students may be failing the school year, since according to this Association has a bearing on the poor performance of students in Colombia must be revoked by the Ministry of national education. Follow others, such as Knicks, and add to your knowledge base. Independent parameters that each school has to determine that a student approved or not approved, my proposal focuses on whether the student learn or not learn and how does it. The Ministry of education exaggerated figure, because the truth is that students should not reject the year. This thesis the basis on the following considerations, all with a theoretical and scientific support. Teachers have been using a single strategy to teach the topics (there are exceptions) and is proven that all students can learn, but do so with different styles.

    Possess a different style to learn requires diversification strategies. This style of learning is consequence of the different ways of thinking. It can be diagnosed. When you have established the way of thinking of the student, the teacher should act accordingly with the strategies that this style requires to find the student is to tone with your brain preferences (see studies techniques using theory of total brain of Ned Herrmann). Under this perspective have been sharing in different spaces didactic model A + + (A more more learners strategies) supported in investigations of science remarkable (Rodolfo Llinas, Waldemar Gregori, MacLean, Daniel Goleman, Ned Herrmann, Sperry, Carlos a. Jimenez Velez etc..) This teaching model applicable in all areas (I have worked with him in mathematics), ensures that all students participate in the learning process, any student who attends classes must stop learning if with him he has worked with teaching strategies that your brain preference demand, moreover, the attendance of the student may be irregular (there may be several reasons) and if we teach you strategies that he by himself and for himself, rebuild knowledges and self-directed learning process, will be successful.

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