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  • Caucasian Mineral Waters

    Geographical location and unique landscapes of the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters cause a variety of climatic conditions of the resorts. The area is located on an inclined plane – the south-western part is raised in the Big Bermamyta at the absolute height of the mark – 2,643 meters, while the northern and north-east (the train station mineral water) drops to 400 meters. Already the difference in high-altitude location determines the differences climatic conditions. Climate resort area can be divided into southern and northern zones. South Zone, with the characteristics of continental climate and the low-and Medium according to the climate and weather conditions is most favorable for therapeutic purposes. In this zone to be Kyslovods'ka Valley, reliable protection and Bogustanskim surrounding ridges. They shield the Kislovodsk from adverse winds, low clouds and fogs, which penetrate into the area from the Caspian steppes. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak: the source for more info. Climate Kislovodsk flat, sunny and windless, and moderately humid.

    Long-term observations confirm this feature, which determines Kislovodsk as a terrain characterized by some decrease in atmospheric pressure, reduced partial pressure of oxygen and water vapor. The air here is clean and transparent. The intensity of the sun and particularly uv radiation is increased, especially in the summer season. During the year the number of sunshine hours reaches 2093, only 37 days a year is no sun. Winter in Kislovodsk, sunny and dry. Snow cover lasts 40-45 days. All these factors suggest Kislovodsk one of the best low-climatic stations. The northern zone of the Caucasian Mineral Waters by climatic conditions somewhat different from the south.

    It is located at 650-400 meters on the plane, open to the north and east winds of the Caspian steppes. The climate of this zone has a pronounced features of the continental steppe, with a lot of heat. Midland rainfall is low and is about 600 mm. Compared with the southern zone is above the average air temperature and humidity. Number of days with fog and no sun 82-92, the number of days with precipitation of 120-160. Cloudy days with fog and frost are predominantly autumn-winter period, which creates a noticeable contrast to the southern zone. The northern resorts are Zoe , Pyatigorsk, and . As shown by long-term observations in the warm half of the year and in the northern zone are favorable bioclimatic conditions and climate-passes.

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  • Romantics

    The memory of paradise called Corfu will long remain in your heart. Forget the gentle emerald sea and the Greek beauty is simply impossible. The island is filled with the fragrance of orange trees and the aroma of exotic flowers all year round decorating the hillsides. Sultry white beaches give way to shady olive groves. Genuine charm permeates the whole of Corfu hotels, where – not just temporary haven for tourists, but also cozy, enveloping a pleasant languor, the house, which is always a warm welcome and fun. Despite the increasing popularity of this place among fans of Greek culture and nature, here you can always retire and get away from daily hassles. Numerous coves and bays like a set up for relaxation and body and soul. Every traveler who has got to the island is experiencing great pleasure from observing the majestic beauty and a sense of warmth and hospitality.

    To enjoy the contemplation of the famous monuments, you should go to Corfu, the main town of Corfu. Diversity of cultures in the performance of the monuments of the city astounding even the most experienced historian. Venetian houses and Byzantine churches, ancient forts and palaces swiftly transport you from one era to another. Kerkyra – an ideal place for Romantics. Its medieval streets will immerse you in the days of Romeo and Juliet. On the island exude love and affection. Solemn high mountains, lush aroma of flowering plants, soothing sounds of surf and blazing sunset create rapturous passion, romantic mood. And save the emotional mood and excite your senses will help hotels Corfu, which seemed designed for a honeymoon. Cozy furnishings tastefully decorated rooms will make you relax and forget about everything, and a stunning view from your bedroom will bring pleasant dreams and unforgettable morning awakening. Travel to the island will dip you into a fairy tale in which you will want to come back!

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  • Wineries

    Define yourself as you will tour the winery with visit the tasting room. Walmart CEO addresses the importance of the matter here. And then, in company stores, you can buy a favorite beverage. On sale is and collectible wines. Each bottle collectible wine packaged in a box, whose cost is included in the the cost of wine. At the very old and rare wines (over 1950) issued a passport, a certificate whose value is also included in the price of wine. Well, what are we all about wine? No matter how wonderful this drink, you will not become the same all persmission alcohol. May not understand.

    Another extremely Crimean product – essential oils. Producer of essential oils – the local, and mostly what you see on the shelves, made from local raw materials. On boxes with creams and gift sets usually written "Crimean roses" or "the kingdom of flavors." First of all – the famous rose oil. On the market in June and July you can see the grandmothers who sell bags of fresh, fragrant tea rose petals. You can buy any number of petals and just scatter them around the room, wallow in them, sleep on them, hide them. Or cook rose jam. Can entertain such a familiar pastry treats. Also, the markets often sell Crimean bunches of fragrant flowers, herbs and medicinal collections, teas But we digress. Go to the smallest tray with essential oils – and you get loose in the eye: the oil of cypress, arborvitae, cedar, lavender, jasmine, mint, basil, bergamot, lemon, tarragon here are sold not only oil, but aromatic and fragrant pillows with sawdust juniper aroma lamps, candles, inhalers and even aromatic pendants.

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