The Theme Park Port Aventura Salou

  • You will discover many of the rides and attractions of the Park work yourself and your family great memories of your trip to Spain Port Aventura theme park. s offers on the topic.. Port Aventura is a village with shops, rides, attractions and live shows. In the summer months are the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of a similarly popular cooling as the Caribe “-water park with its thrilling water rides, children’s pool and many other attractions.” The Port Aventura theme park offers year-round fun for all ages. Each captivating ride was designed to give you an adrenaline rush to give shock as you have experienced it. The Bago “-coaster captivates by its rapid acceleration force and turns and flings you out.” The Dragon Khan “-coaster is known for their wild roles and daring loops.” The Hurakan condo”, your heart will make a jump on the death-defying 100 m free fall. The sea Odyssey”takes you on an unforgettable Underwater excursion in the depths of the ocean where lurks an eerie darkness.

    Younger visitors will love the voltage on a canoe ride on open waters. Costa Dorada Port Aventura has a unique, international theme, with many rides, shows, shops and restaurants, which are directed with their dishes from different cultures or religions. The many live shows in Port Aventura, all represent a different culture. Chinatown”allows a look daring, acrobatic performances. Aloha Tahiti”takes you into the mesmerizing movements of traditional Hawaiian dance. Xu XOP Xhou”is regarded as a family attraction and shows Chinese puppets that dance and tell stories about tests and worry. Port Aventura offers a variety of shopping and dining options. You will find everything from emergency less clothing and souvenirs in the shops scattered in the Park are trendy.

    Four delicious restaurants are located in the Port Aventura Salou, each of them has their own unique ambience and international taste. “You can enjoy Mediterranean seafood, typical Mexican meals in connection with Mariachi music, grilled Asian cuisine and all-you-can-eat” buffets that surely even the most demanding palates will be pleased. Now the thrill and excitement of the Port Aventura Salou is the right time during the family vacation to experience. Port Aventura offers 2 tickets for the price of one until the end of the year, to make the family holiday affordable. If you look at the website of Barcelona point, you will surely find the right accommodation Costa Dorada. You can choose from several Port Aventura hotels or apartments in Costa Dorada. Once you’ve found the ideal, it’s easy to book these directly across the Internet in a quick and easy process.