Day 11:41 pm

  • The Values

    The values obtained at low speeds are greater than those obtained at high speeds which is also interpreted as normal (20). The results of our study differed based on the variable that should be considered since the most significant differences for the torque peak found in the maximum forces peaks have been reached in the bending phase planting and slow speed, which can be interpreted that to greater muscle mass, greater efficiency exerted by the muscle and greater percentage of difference between the use or notsock technified. The average power has been increased from same way as the peak for the muscular drawing stronger at slower speed, i.e. For more information see gary cohn. nowledge. for Flex planting 30 degrees per second while that on the contrary has appreciated a significant difference to the speed of 300 degrees per second in the dorsiflexion. Similarly happens with the results obtained for the total work, where if there are significant differences to 30 degrees of flexion speed planting being able to clearly observe an increase of the extremity of the leg muscle efficiency in the presence of modernized sock; on the contrary, there are no differences in the dorsiflexion. For the speed of 300 degrees per second if found statistically significant differences in the dorsiflexion, what determines that in a group small muscle that exerts force at high speed increases performance in the presence of sock. And for the variable: time it takes to reach the maximum moment of force (SEC to peak), no significant differences for any movement at any of the speeds found analyzed.

    Conclusions the backplane muscle of the leg is more susceptible than the front of leg appreciate degressive compression of a modernized sock. Plantar flexors performance in players handball senior increases if used sock pro-sport, sport Medilast. The use of sock pro-sport, sport Medilast does not influence the time spent by the athlete to reach its maximum peak force during a replay for the ankle flexion.

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  • Central Reason

    That is why we are committed to the task of deepening every day in the scientific study of the sports activity with the objective of perfecting our athletes knowing that its formation must conceive it in a long-term process. Olympics may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Category 9-10 years of our province has obtained satisfactory results in the past five school Championships that are divided into geographical areas (Western, Central and Eastern), despite this reason detected problems in the area of the pitchers that by just citing it could be said that the number of bases by ball than in the provincial series 2007 was 981increased in 2008 to 1239 series. According to experts the lack of control on shipments mainly due to errors in mechanics of launch and this poor coordination with the speed. For this reason we have decided to make a research from the methodological point of view technical in the category. From the foregoing we propose the following objective: diagnose work technical methodological of the pitching in the category 9-10 years in zones 3 and 4 of the province of Havana. FOUNDATIONS THEORISTS in school children of 9-10 years in terms of growth and physical development can point out that these ages shows an increase in size and weight are strongly reinforced the muscles and ligaments, increases its volume and increase overall muscle strength, large muscles develop before small. For this reason children performed with greater ease relatively strong and loose movements than those small motions but with a greater degree of complexity and precision. According to Msc Adalberto Collazo in his book of physical capabilities poses that work of capabilities in these ages is a careful home for aerobic resistance, the speed of reaction, and mobility that should work for 1 to 2 times per week, with coordinativas capabilities should be more emphasis that classifies it in the Group of training more intense that they must work 3 times a week; Why to raise the willingness of the small athlete must begin with negligible difficulty and go gradually increasing the complexity of these difficulties. .

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  • Organization

    Jonath, 1986, defines the special resistance such as; The capacity of adaptation to the structures in charge of a sport, modality of resistance in competitive situation, being determined by the peculiarities of the sport and the level of performance. Whereas the criteria outlined above we create a methodological system with some of the methods shown in diagram 1, according to the contribution they may have in the assimilation of skills and effects of adaptation to resistance in correspondence to the needs specific of Taekwondo. Here we provide a brief review and explain the contents, dosage, organization, as well as the psychological and biological objectives of each method selected in the proposed system. Continuous Invariable review Los methods continuous invariant method are characterized by being exercises continued long duration moderate intensity, uniform pace, they can run both by cyclical exercises as acyclic, and the energy system that responds is aerobic. Content: Make all the technical elements which the athlete domine and want to improve. These executions can be isolated or combined according to their level of assimilation, we recommend first running the putt to air and subsequently to the auxiliary means like the palchaguis. Dosage: The exercise is performed continuously, by changing the technical elements from 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the level of assimilation of the group. The total time must be greater than 10 minutes and less than 30 minutes, interlacing the technical elements assigned by the classic saltillo or one to another displacement, the intensity should be between 65 80% of the reserve of heart rate (RFC) and 70% of the mean frequency heart (XRFC) Organization: Individual, scattered throughout the area, in the event that you use auxiliary means the Organization will be scattered in couples. Continuous method of Fartlek leader review the Fartlek, which means game speeds, has as a premise that the Professor must dispense the amount of changes of pace and total exercise time, but individuals are it when they want it, some call it running or kicking for joy.

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  • The Colon

    2 Sweet potatoes are another super food, since they contain 30 mg of beta-carotene per Cup, with a healthy 3 grams of fiber per serving. Beta-carotene, among other things, protects against cancer and diseases of the heart. Check out olympics for additional information. 3 Broccoli is one of the best vegetables for anyone, but especially to children more and more due to its content of calcium and other nutrients. If flavor seems a little boring for kids, a little melted cheese will help, or can make a game of broccoli by convince them that you are devouring trees in miniature. 4 Dried fruits are great for children, since they are high in good fat they need, and also rich in protein. Dried fruits are easy to store and transport, and one of the products of perfect appetizer. 5.

    The yogurt is a step above the milk, since it is easier to digest and very beneficial to the health of the colon. The better and healthier for children option is buy yogurt and sweetened with fruit fresh. These are just some ideas to choose the best foods for children in growth. The last element, but certainly no less important, is the water. A child should consume at least six glasses a day, more if he or she is athletic and active. This list is not obviously different from anyone of any age, the differences come in the quantities consumed. But after several years in being lax in what we serve our children, it is time to turn this trend. My goal is to inform all those people that are trying to lose weight in comprehensive and realistic programmes.

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  • Athlete

    So, if you sweat heavily, often wash with cool water and wipe dry. Against Athlete's Foot will also help correct hygiene, the use of powders, frequent changes of socks. Learn more at this site: NBA. In order not to avoid unnecessary contact with them, 2. not to get new growth on the genitals, it is advisable to use a condom – especially if you have a new partner, the state of health is not aware of 3. not so large that you probably choose the one that will fit your needs 2. as stated, warts often appear in people with weakened immune systems. So try to normalize the power is more fresh fruits, vegetables, and spend more time outdoors, take a trip to relax on the sea or the forest. A number of cases it is advisable to take multivitamin preparations, of course, after consultation with the doctor.

    For strengthen the immune system will also be useful in moderate exercise, sun and air baths, hardening, and 3. Warts can appear after a person has severe mental disturbances. It is therefore advisable to learn cope with stress, how strong it may be 4. if you touch the warts, their or someone else, wash your hands thoroughly with hot soapy water, then wipe dry skin with a towel. Removal of warts There are many people means getting rid of warts. But at best they are ineffective, at worst – self-removal of tumors may lead to their degeneration. Therefore, if the skin you find yourself kind of neoplasm, contact dermatologist. It was a doctor, not a beauty salon, as only a dermatologist can determine if this is really a wart, and advise how best to remove it. Cryolysis This method is known for a long time, and it is based on the use of low temperatures. Namely – to use nitrogen, which is cooled to a temperature of -196 C and thus converted from gas to liquid.

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  • Japanese Chickens

    In a modern animal the longest tail: the tiger, lizard or a peacock? Not at all, was the most long-tailed animals on earth is … a normal chicken. Unusual to see chickens can only obscure Japanese village Cate, which is located about twenty kilometers from the city of Kochi on the island of Shikoku. 270 years ago this breed brought villager Ridzae MOS Takeiti. In those days, local feudal lords sought to surround himself with lush retinue and squires. By the same author: olympics. Flagpoles copies squires during solemn processions were decorated with long feathers. Cultivation of long-tailed chickens was in this small village tradition, which persisted from one generation to generation.

    The biggest long tail differs chicken light purple rock, which belongs to the “record” – 7 meters 30 centimeters. But in any case, the village is full of chickens Kate, tail length of which exceeds 3 meters. If you think about the opposite, then rub the Chihuahua – the real world of the Lilliputians in dogs. Most of them weigh less than one kilogram. Chihuahua have delicate fur of coffee, and sometimes white. They are very affectionate and playful, but despite its small size, dauntlessly pounce on any enemy. However, they are attractive not only for its size. In Mexico, a city of the same name Chihuahua.

    Why this similarity of names? Archaeologists have discovered which is the oldest Mexican pyramids, among other figures are often found pictures of dogs, very similar to the Chihuahua. One might think that the ancient people of Mexico – the Aztecs – believed these dogs were sacred. In the XVII century, they were taken by the Spanish in Europe.

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  • Honey Source

    The earliest evidence of the consumption of honey appear in cave paintings of the Mesolithic age, about 6,000 years BC It is precisely in Spain, in the cave of the Spider (Bicorp, Valencia), where is located the scene, unique in the world, honey collection, the most ancient known so far. Unique honey with denomination of origin in the Spanish State is that of La Alcarria, welcome to the uniqueness of this area (climate, type of soil), when it meets the established requirements: physicochemical characteristics (moisture, acidity, conductivity, Colorimetry,) melissus-palynological (percentage of pollen of Rosemary, lavender, or thyme in multifloral honey) and organoleptic qualities (aroma, taste). A quality honey requires that bees from their hives liben as far as possible all culture to rule out that bees collect nectar to do in land affected by any pesticide or herbicide. Are known the healing powers of the antiseptic mielcomo fortifier, soothing, laxative, diuretic and antibacterial, among other therapeutic applications. Ecommerce is actively involved in the matter. Its consumption is highly recommended for athletes, because its nutrients are quickly exploited by the Agency.

    Therefore, if you are on a diet, you should know that you can incorporate it, provided that you do not exceed. Remember that it is not exempt from calories, which you must add to your daily count. Take lemon with honey, on an empty stomach is a good remedy to combat the cold, stuffy nose, throat ailments. In teething babies can be applied, by rubbing the gums with honey and the minor will notice important relief in reddened areas. Also applies the honey for various skin rashes or even to treat boils.

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  • The Best Of Corsica

    Corsica is the most mountainous and island greener around the Mediterranean, true paradise for lovers of peace and nature, the beach and the mountain, the Sun and rain; for the gastronomy enthusiasts and the very athletes Finally, for everyone, because Corsica is an ideal destination. The island is part of France, and is situated in the North of Sardinia (which belongs to Italy). Unlike the Italian, most urbanized island, Corsica has managed to maintain practically Virgin, focused on offering tourism Beach, and natural landscapes without that there are too many night clubs or typically tourism infrastructure. This is undoubtedly one of its main attractions, and what more the difference of the rest of Mediterranean islands. How to get to Corsica can get to Corsica by boat or plane. The boat is a very popular medium, since there are good connections by sea to reach the island, especially from France. Sports apparel gathered all the information. If you want to transport your car to Corsica, can also do so through the ferries.

    You will get quite expensive, but if you’re going to be by a long island stay you can compensate. If not, you can rent a car in Bastia or Ajaccio port, and perform tourism with the island. In addition, can arrive to the island of Corsica by plane, because there are three airports that serve as input to the tourists: Portovecchio, Bastia and Ajaccio. How to move in Corsica if you have not come to Corsica with car won’t you no choice but to travel by bus or train. The train option is good if you have little time and want to get an overall picture of the attractions of the island. The Corsican train has several itinerios:-the Bastia-Ajaccio line, runs through journeys of the Corsican mountain – line put you-Leccia-Calvi: runs through landscapes Balagne bus service you will also ITB for tourism in Corsica, since it is quite precarious, so, if you want to really know the island and enjoy all its natural attractions, including mountains, forests, cliffs and beaches, the best idea is rent a car; in other words, would you choose without seeing the half. To visit in Corsica how it is said, the natural resources of Corsica: its beaches of white sand and turquoise blue water, its landscape of mountains, green forests and little urban pressure experienced by the island, are its main attractions, added clear is their soft and warm temperatures throughout the year. In any case, should try not to miss: Natural Reserve of Scandola, declared world heritage by Unesco. Bay of Calvi Boniface Tower Genoese and Bay of Campomoro needles of Bavella (high Rocca)

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  • Find Dresses

    Prom dresses will certainly make more beautiful. Bearing in mind that what you’re using perfectly complemented by the body. If you are high, with the proportional shoulders to hip, you would do well in a pillow case inside, a cutting line Empire of clothing, or dance costume. Choose the dress Empire if they are pequenos-rota. It will produce the sensation of a fuller bust. If you want to produce an appearance of hourglass, choose a dress with details in whole the waist.

    It will give a definition of your waist. If you are very clunky and they want to see fuller, party with skirts or dresses of ball wear a line might have the desired effect, especially if you like to hide the very thin legs and small hips. Definitely, you may be the Queen of the party if reaching the total of the correct appearance of dance. Evening dresses with patterns also helps to pause duration. No doubt it will make you stand out. When you are in the creation of a statement through your dress, try models and colors.

    Dresses tube great ves in a long, slim body. They highlight the duration and it will make it look elegant. If shown a bit small on the leg and go with or go with an asymmetrical hem which allow you to seem higher. Skirts and dresses until the floor have a tendency to wrap her body. Delicate feminine dresses go well with your body type. issue. Brandes usually is spot on. If you have an hourglass figure be considered blessed! You have a shapely figure, naturally, which means that you don’t have to hide anything. Almost all the styles that accent of his body. Enjoy it! With a body of Apple in the form of a dress with a waist Empire can help draw attention to your abdomen. In addition, a high waist line means that dress may not be as strong in their problem area. If you have a good athletic legs, you can try to show with a short dress. With a full crossover front cocktail dresses may fall just before covering the top of the BRA. Find a bra for low cut that It shows a low inclination in wire to prevent the main exhibition. Backless dresses can be so difficult. You will find all self-adhesive fasteners made for this function. Stick to her breasts and work as an additional skin, so there will be no closures, no fabric, silicone protection only to get a soft look less than thirty dollars. Dress clothes also require specific fasteners halter. Find a convertible bra that has versatile straps which can be interchanged to cover the neck instead of above the shoulders. You feel beautiful prom dresses. That you provide that will be necessary to further boost of confidence. You have the flower in the buttonhole, prom dress, and her hair is done, also. The ground floor of his date with the limousine’s rent, and is nearing completion with your hair. Everything is simply brilliant, and in a few minutes you will be making its way to the most important night of his adolescent life. So it is time to get out and have a very good time.

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