• Individual Courses

    Individual English course with a professional instructor, preferably a native English speaker from usa, Canada or the uk, with certificate of international standard tefl, celta or delta, with a solid experience, positive nature, using the best textbooks in English, with additional elements of the communicative approach, such as songs with lyrics in English, in the movies original, karaoke in English This is my ideal of the right of individual learning English. Having sufficient experience and the choice of the various proposals, I can say that a very small amount teachers, the companies providing customized language courses fit the requirements of individual learning English. As I understand it, the fact that education – a commodity that is classified as "confidential", the quality of the product becomes known only after the student has already passed the language training was, so to speak, a graduate. Since learning of foreign languages is the case as well. It is clear that understand how much you received from a particular language course, it will be possible only after a full course of individual learning English, or even in the middle of the process. How do you determine the best offer in conditions of asymmetric information? Must pay attention to indirect signs: education teachers, their status, work experience, recommendations of former students, the selection mechanism of the teacher on various parameters, opportunity to see a summary of the teacher, the possibility of replacing the teacher, the school offers a certificate upon graduation, to which category a value of just individual learning in this language school

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  • Vladimir Kuzmin

    My task is to show the injustice PROzRT in relation to the proposed principle of distribution here. PROzRT is valid only when everything else being ignored and taken into account only the work itself or only its result. And indeed, if we take only the result, it is fair to pay more to the highest did. And the pay is so much more, how much more he made another. To sustain the principle directly proportional to the rewards of labor. But if we take into account the ability of the employee, as required, and Soviet and communist principles of distribution, the validity of PROzRT begins to cause very serious doubts.

    To illustrate this let us take a simple example. Suppose that two employees at the same time, and in some the same conditions performed the same work and got the same results. From the standpoint of Soviet justice, these people deserve the same moral judgments, and equal remuneration for their work. And this is, alas, top social justice! As can be clearly seen from the views of Vladimir Kuzmin. But if we now take into account the ability of these workers, justice ceases to be such PROzRT flawless. In fact, if the first The employee is, for example, is very gifted in the art work man, and the second has only the minimum necessary set of skills, it turns out that to obtain the same result, they spend different labor efforts, make a different work. More capable employee gets the same result playing, working, totally or in quarter-strength, and less able to work with full effort.

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  • Transformations

    It is as soon as understands ' ' the alfabetizao as formation of cidadania' ' as ' ' formadora of cidadania' '. It speaks of its method that was created based in the experience that the pupil backwards for the school, where if he initiates for words of the daily one, on words its reality. This method makes with that educating if recognizes in its proper one half and thus, either capable to change its reality. In this way, according to author, the task to educate does not only consist of transmitting knowledge, but to be the bridge between the pupil and knowing, using the education as instrument of freedom and autonomy. In this direction, the idea politics already comes of this interaction professor-pupil. The educator who rejects the politics model authoritarian must be democratic in classroom, so that this if constitutes in a space of experience of the ideas which it believes. To respect the experience it are of the school of the pupil and to understand that it is through it that the transformations of the world are initiated. This, the author flame of world reading, why it understands that before frequenting the banks pertaining to school the pupil possesss a reality and this can be used to advantage and be changed of way that the transformation occurs for better.

    In this direction, the education and pedagogia for Freire, had always been loaded of a politicidade, that is, practical educative and the reflection on this practical was considered acts politicians: of choice, decision, fight between contrary, conquest of denied citizenship. thus, the author shows the inseparabilidade of the politician with educative and the concern with the definition of the respective especificidades. In this way, Freire demonstrates to its concern in the formation necessity politics of the popular educator as educator-educating. Thus, as discovery process, formation politics, ethical manifestation, it looks for of the boniteza, scientific qualification and technique, the education is practical indispensable to the human beings and of them specific in history as movement, as fight.

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  • Transformation

    The greater and better transformation that a person can make in its life are the attitude change, therefore it does not matter what they had made with you, what matters is what you made with what they had made with you. How would say the Gasparetto Luiz, only if he deludes who is iludvel, alone if he offends who is ofendvel, in the transit, the school, the work or other sectors of the life if somebody annoy you you you are furious? The choice will be always its. Tip – In adverse situations it makes the following one: 1 Pare, of one is enough in this eddy of thoughts. 2 Eleve its thought to the Highest one, God, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Superior Power its preference. 3 calm Respire and deeply (complete, diafragmtica breath) at least three times and imagines that the divine flash fills its being of peace, love and harmony. 4 Agradea and returns to its activities.

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  • Education Team APORT !

    To accustom the dog to hold the objects in two ways: 1-way. Dog on a leash sitting in the left leg trainer. Trainer, holding in his left hand a leash, and the right aportirovochnyi subject turns to the left, call the name of the dog and begins to play the object before the eyes of the dog. Moving object excites the dog, and it tends to grab it. Then the trainer gives the command "Aport!" And allows the dog to grab aportirovochny subject. Once the dog him in the teeth, the team Aport! "Repeat and pronounce the exclamation" Good! ".

    To get your dog a more solid grip and prevent ejection aportirovochnogo object, its hold up one end and gently pull to yourself. This encourages the dog to clamp tighter aportirovochnyi subject of teeth. 2-y way. Trainer, with a sitting dog on a leash by his left foot, makes a half turn to the left and right half-step leg. Then his left hand he takes the dog's collar from the withers, and the right brings to her face aportirovochny subject, and gave the command "Aport!, Slightly raises the dog's collar.

    Under pressure from the collar the dog reveals soft palate and the trainer, quick motion puts into her subject, at the same time repeating the command "Aport!". As soon as the stick turns out to be a shepherd dog collar released, allowing the dog close my jaw, but the same time move the right arm under the dog's lower jaw in order to prevent her, if she tries to throw out of the mouth aportirovochny subject. If the dog keeps him in the mouth, it encourages an exclamation "Good!" And stroking. After a short exposure gives the command, "Give!", Take away the subject and encourage the dog a treat, petting, shouting, "Good!". In the following lessons lifting the dog's collar is replaced easy to jerk the leash up. Further development of skills is the same as in the first method. Skill is worked out if the dog is on the first team or gesture trainer quickly and reliably finds a different objects thrown at distances up to 25 m long, brings them, and sitting in front of the trainer, paid on the first team. In formulating this skill, the following major error handler: 1. Display goodies or its preparation to ensure to give the dog during its approach to the subject of a trainer 2. Application of aportirovke the same subjects; 3. Rough, with the infliction of pain, insertion into the mouth of the dog aportirovochnogo item 4. With an initial working out grasp the object handler is late to pull it in order to strengthen the grip 5. Needless to distant throwing sticks at the beginning of mining administration.

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  • Ellen White

    This is the word Mr., ' ' The boy in the way instructs where you must walk and until when aging he will not deviate from it ' ' (Prov. 22:6); what educational institution of the child makes in them to strengthen the importance of the family as 1. Ellen White (1947, P. 134) affirms in them in its book: Advice to the professors, parents and students who: The children who in the home form habits of obedience and proper domain will have little difficulty in the pertaining to school life, and will escape of many temptations that assediam the young With such she disciplines the children when ordered to the school, they will not be cause of disturbance or anxiety. They will be a support to the professors and example of animation to the condiscpulos. The author (1947, p.133) concludes emphasizing what she is today the great one I appeal the school – presence of the family. ' ' When the parents, however, understand the responsibilities that fit to them, much less work will remain to professor' '.

    He is clearly that to remember to the parents its paper and its responsibilities he does not exempt the professor nor the school of its responsibilities as agents educators and formadores of imbudos citizens of human values. But, certainly, if both to work in communion will strengthen and have success in what as much longs for: to offer an education of quality capable to transform lives and to contribute for integral formation of all with humanizao and equality. ' ' Thus the great workmanship of the parents and masters is the formation of the character. The formation of the character is formation of all existence and is for eternidade' ' (ELLEN WHITE, 2010, P. 55). Still how much to the integral formation of the person, it wants either for the parents or the school, scientific studies of last the 50 years, prove that the first years of life are really of vital importance, not being able thus to be disrespected.

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  • History of Education

    First BAHIA chronology of the History of the Education of Valena-Ba, searched and organized for the Janete Teacher Pear tree of Sousa Vomeri. Gone of 1500 – and aboriginal education in lands of Una – typically informal one and marked for the rites of ticket made by the youngest the older adult indians to ace children. It does not have register of separations between adults and children, inexisting ‘ ‘ feeling of infncia’ ‘ , in the direction of that they must be given well-taken care of special. They insert in practical the collective ones as passive spectators, receiving from the oldest cult to the ancestral ones, deuses, beyond the rites, language and too much elements of the culture of assistemtica form. Such registers are of relative references to these cultures throughout the aboriginal peoples of the coast of the Bahia, made for historians as Sebastio of the Rock, Pero de Magalhes Gandavo? The History of the education of the town of Una, current Valena it starts with the jesutica presence for return of the government of Luis of the SUPREME (provincial of Brazil) in the 1560 (Oliveira, 1985.

    p 8)? Strengthening such affirmative quotation still Oliveiras, 1985. P. 08) (in the lands that today we know as Tapero, the Jesuits had initiated the organization of aldeamentos, aiming at catequese (Oliveira, 1985. P. 08) the pertaining lands the city of Tapero up to 30 of September of 1819 were of the Village of New Valena of the Santissimo Heart of Jesus, desmembrando and being part of the Village of Boipeba in this date. (Oliveira, 2006, P. 62)) In lands of Valena the chapel of S. GENS (in the place where if it finds the church of the Support) for Sebastio of bridge is raised, first colonizador between 1573 -1577.

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  • Like Starting The Engine Of The Education By Competitions

    The development of competitions for the daily life in the pupils demands the collaboration of educative Institutions, educational parents and. The basic postulate of the ecological model that proposes Bronfenbrenner affirms that the human development, supposes the progressive mutual accomodation between an active human being, that is in development process, on the one hand, and on the other the changing properties of the immediate surroundings in which that developing person lives. In the society of the knowledge, the changes follow one another of continuous form and at a high speed reason why the old model of learning based on the obtaining of a degree that it qualified to the individual for the performance of a profession is obsolete, taking step to a system of permanent learning that endows the pupils with skills that at any time allow to their active participation in the society and the access to a use of their lives. What is understood by competitions In the educative scope, is understood by competition " cognitive, psychological, sensorial set of social, affective behaviors and abilities and motorboats that allow to carry out one suitably profesin". The main target of the learning by competitions is to obtain that the student learns of integral way so that: 1. It recognizes the value of the learnings that constructs. 2. It recognizes the processes through which such construction has been realised (metacognicin).

    3. One is clear like the person who has constructed each one of the learnings. Of this form the development of significant and lasting learnings in the pupils who can at any time be used by this one of their life of student, labor or social is obtained. The attitude of the educational ones before the basic competitions According to Stenhouse, " For a professor, the adoption of a new curriculum is as difficult as to make a diet rigurosa".

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  • Orienting Itumbiara

    It has several governmental politics structuralizing such subject, since a country ____________________ Pupils of the course of Psychology, 4 period, of the Institute Superior Luterano de Ensino of Orienting Itumbiara of the scientific article. deficit of pertaining to school education it will be predestinold to failure in the future. It can be said it disciplines that it is the control of the individual in the time, then, the indiscipline is to evidence not the fulfilment of established rules. Some professors consider certain behaviors as indiscipline, already others only consider as vitality excess. Of this form, the indiscipline would not be in the pupil and yes in the relation between pupil and social environment. The adolescent for considered questions as ' ' fase' ' or ' ' hormnios' ' being on to the puberty, he passes for a series of processes, questioning itself it proper existence.

    By means of such stage of the life, the behaviors presented for it if differ from ' ' normalmente' ' carried through before and after the adolescence. Such behaviors can be seen as indisciplinadas, rebellious and be rebelled pointing ' ' conflicts interiores' ' the discoveries of itself exactly and the world as one of the determined answers for behaviors. Innumerable problems related to such subject exist, however, the present article foca in the subject: Pertaining to school indiscipline in the Adolescence, whose ultimate issue is: Which are the reasons that take the adolescents to be indisciplinados? General objective: the verification in municipal and particular schools of the related complaints the indisciplinados adolescents. I possessed, still, as objective specific: To interview 02 (two) professors of the net of municipal education and 02 (two) educators of particular a pertaining to school institution; To know the vision of the subject indiscipline next to the professors; To observe a classroom in which it has indiscipline complaint; To compare if what it was observed by the researchers condiz with speaks of the professors; To detach interventions of the applied educational psychologist to the indiscipline subject; Of beforehand, the motivation of the pupils can be taken as a hypothesis to brighten up the situation of indiscipline in the school, a time that professors and pupils would leave benefited this relation and would justify, thus, to inside elucidate the value exerted for a psychologist of the educational area of an education institution.

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  • Security in Schools

    Constantly new resources for security are launched and the majority is imperfection. In the truth, all the products are defective, what it really characterizes the functionality of the product is as its imperfection can be found or be manipulated by badly intentioned people. A particular school in the interior of So Paulo has little time told to the one security company that one of its pupils lacks the diverse lessons however, the ratchets and the system of the school affirmed that it was in the classroom, its presence, according to system, was undisputed. Defective system. Later, they had given the notice that the problem was not in cancels (exactly that ratchet) but yes in the used computer to store all the data of the school, error committed for the responsible one for the computer science that left the such computer in the net of excessively. The errors, after the problem having happened, had been arranged. Now, she thinks if this fell in missed hands, and if a person is of the school had access to these data that, beyond containing the data of presences of the pupils, could contain personal information of the same, names of relatives, CPF of parents and mothers, RGs, between many other information that would give to edge the outlaws to make extortions with parents of pupils of the school. Moreover, by chance or not, all the financial data of the computer of the treasure-house also were in this net fail, problem that was so far not corrected by indifference of the responsible one for computer science of this school.

    A simple permission in a folder of the net can cause great problems, ratchets would have to also exist in the net of the school, and not only in the entrances of the classrooms. This was a real case, that could have been worse, but that for luck it was not only and only. I wait that vocs that they are to the search of options of security for its schools, residences and apartments take the serious a physical and virtual security of the same ones. It guarantees that he will not be white of people or until badly intentioned groups who will be able to place the life of many in risk, beyond causing a great upheaval to you perhaps to its mark. If you need more efficient solutions in security, enter in contact with some companies, who will make of its environment a digital and physical wall.

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