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  • Markische General

    With this discovery, it was possible to develop new therapies and prevention forms. Bruchsal October 24, 2009 – the scientist Alexandra Chadt and the lecturer Hadi Al-Hasani of the German Institute of nutrition (Dife) were honored with the Galenus von Pergamon Prize by doctors newspaper. This award is regarded as the Nobel Prize for innovative medicines and honors top research in pharmacology, the science of art, building, the application and the effect of medicines every two years. Both researchers have discovered a gene defect keeps mice slim, no matter how much they eat. They found this gene in finding risk genes for massive obesity and diabetes and gained a deeper insight into the workings of the gene in other investigations. With this discovery, it was possible to develop new therapies and prevention forms. This tells the Dife in Bergholz-Rehbrucke. In humans, the gene with obesity and diabetes in combination could be brought, Al-Hasani says.

    Would it be able to block the responsible protein molecule in the metabolism of people with a drug, would show the mouse effect in humans. Such research would need but a few years, the Institute is communicated. -The Prix Galien”was founded in 1970 in France in life. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kelly Asbury. Its German offshoot, the Galenus von Pergamon Prize awarded since 1984, when joined Germany in the international donor community (HH)-source: Markische General contribution: 11634600 slimmer discovered press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield D-76698 Bruchsal. fy these questions.

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  • Study Tour

    Study trip in Morocco – a variety of art and cultural treasures discover trips get bored, no longer have to offer than ruins without end? Is Morocco loud, dusty and highly uncultured? The study, from the offer of B & T tourism convinced of the contrary, Morocco. They kidnapped the travellers in the South of the country. Here seen in fascinating landscapes in addition to legendary King cities with its stunning glory and its opulent art treasures. One encounters the ancient culture of the Berbers and the diverse influences of their equally Arabic as black African and Jewish descendants. Marrakech, the gateway to a world like from “thousand and one nights”, is located only a few hours by air from Frankfurt, the starting point of the eight-day tour. The second day of the trip of Morocco offers unique images of the landscape of the Atlas mountains – the journey takes 2 260 meters over the Tichka pass to Ouarzazate.

    At the finish, two typical kasbahs expected the guest with Tifoultoute and Taourirt. Inside the historical Coira Castle resided once the city rulers and Kings, the Medina (the old city) was one of their subjects. Below the Kasbah, the Jewish population lived in its typical quarters, the landscape around the Kasbah is characterised by the multi-storey Basilica of clay of the local Berber tribes. The third day of the trip of Morocco abducted into the world of oases of Draa Valley to Zagora. A green belt of date palm groves accompanied the traveller from Agdz to hideaways M ‘ hamid, nearing the Algerian border. The next day, offers a glimpse into the modern Morocco.

    The town of Zagora, once the base of the legendary French Foreign Legion, presents itself as a manufacturing and trading center for agricultural products, and as an administrative center. If you like, you may decide this day with a highly romantic sunset in the Merzouga. It goes between the impressive, over 300 metres high cliffs of the Todrha Canyon about Tinerhir to the oasis of Boumalne and back to Ouarzazate. The journey leads back the next day – to Marrakech. This unforgettable city, surrounded by a world heritage, the clay wall of the 12th century, is dedicated to the last day of the study tour of Morocco: the palace complex, the Medina and the seventeen-nave Koutoubia mosque with its 70-metre minaret. Contact: B & T tourism Mr Thomas Oepen Graurheindorfer Strasse 73 53111 Berlin Tel.: 0228 / 3904382 fax: 0228 / 3904383 E-Mail: Internet: through the travel: the tour operator B & T tourism trips and study tours in beautiful holiday destinations worldwide offers. According to the motto: “Common travel.” Experience. more”travel from individual service components are created. In the Group B & T tourism attaches great importance to the individual preferences of the individual traveller. The group is accompanied by a competent Guide. For more information see:

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  • 500 Thousand Anglicans Enter The Catholic Church

    As it is well-known, the Anglicans arise as a result of which Merciful Pope VII refused in 1534 to annul the marriage of Enrique VIII with Catherine de Aragon. The English king is excomulgado, separates of the Catholic Church and, in retaliation, head of the church of England self-proclaims itself. He ordered that all the bishops and priests reject the jurisdiction of the Pope and those that refused they were martyred, like San Juan bishop Fisher and Santo Toms Moor. Later, the great dilemma went to appoint the archbishop of Canterbury so that it becomes the first religious authority, because the bishops were only appointed by the Pope. Isabel I chose to Matthew Parker so that he was consecrated by a bishop deserter of the catholicism and thus it began the hierarchy and the succession in this church.

    Today the Anglicans have 73 million distributed members anywhere in the world, being more numerous in Great Britain and the countries of the ex- British Federation of Nations (the Commonwealth). They are organized in ecclesiastical provinces, and although there is a respect by the archbishop of Canterbury (at present doctor Rowan Williams), these are independent. Today, more than 500 thousand Anglicans, especially of Africa, Australia and Great Britain, and in smaller degree of the United States, members of the Traditional Anglican Communion, and Forward in Faith (To advance in the Faith), they have solicitd to return to the communion with the Catholic Church. They motivate this desire his rejection to the arrangement of women priests and the appointment of one obispa, the union between people of the same sex, prepared by the Anglican Church of Canada.

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  • Deluxe Yachts

    Careful design, elegance in shapes, magnetism and rotundity abroad with exclusive interior decor. We could thus define the beauty and qualities of the Ferretti 800, one of the most exclusive luxury yachts that ply our seas. This model of Ferretti Yachts House have a proposal of exceptional luxury yachts maintains the elegance, behavior in excellent sea and the profitability of Ferretti. Hear from experts in the field like Arthur Melvin Okun for a more varied view. It is a great yacht that combines innovation and a contemporary classic design. At Best! Blog we loved its lines outside, really impressive and they are very enriched by the use of colour and the large glazed surfaces. These crystals provide plenty of light to the interior and highlight the generous interior spaces. Account with four spacious and stylish guest cabins: include a double master cabin, a cabin with two single beds and two double VIP cabins. Ferretti 800 becomes part of Best! in Spain, our exclusive online catalog, enriching the proposal of houses of luxury, hotels with charm, golf resorts, spa resorts, and now luxury yachts.

    GHD spring watching Admiral Yang weaning poisonous spider during the FHI Straighteners Smaller iron Ghd sale new united nations missile of three type of missile boats boats only the acquisition of the attractions inside Stylers ghdde four armed with supersonic missiles Sovremenny missile launchers anti-ship, powerful FHI Straighteners Smaller hair GHD sale SS – 22 anti-ship missile can only hit your united nations destroyer your loss of distance of tons of combat, you hit your two destroyers will be completely finished. Straightening Smaller iron Ghd sale Chumming happy ships of missiles during the cover, Yang Commander, finally virtually not sony ericsson kept the trenches, dreamed of a new fleet of boats, my favorite is the poison of FHI iron Smaller Straighteners Ghd sale spider 3 boat rental missile type 500 tons of ghd iron Pelodesplazamiento, large stable gym, gym during the trip by scar with the fastest sports car that when virtually no. Hair GHD sale are equipped with s less united nations KH31 hundred missiles. Yang weaning your looked at his very happy old men see ghd sale delete United Kingdom takes the hope of victory and to enjoy 100% of this unique vessel, nothing like having a villa of luxury with private jetties, a place in which to leave our yacht. We have more than interesting suggestions to do so: do you enjoy vacation in one of the luxury villas in costa del sol we present at Best! Bank of Marlin is perfect: apartments in the Sotogrande Marina, maximum exclusivity and performance.

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  • Zurich Group Germany

    New conditions of operation and product liability for IT – and telecommunications of Zurich Group Germany must offer the ultimate in security professional liability insurance for IT and telecommunications specialists, for freelancers and self-employed workers are exposed in this area of a wide range of risks. The international networking of the IT world is a major risk factor. This globalization causes that in Germany commissioned, developed and from German locations on the other side of the world massive damage can lead to products used. Well, if the self-employed in this case has an operational and product liability, solve international disputes and covers legitimate claims. The online insurance Portal of the gmbh, an insurance broker specializing in the IT and telecommunications industry, headquartered in Frankfurt, offers independent of the IT and telecommunications industry from now another target group-specific insurance product: the ITSafeCare 2.0 of leading insurance group Zurich.

    As a further development of the liability policy established successfully at the market ITSafeCare the version 2.0 important benefits for their target audience. This special insurance is conceptually and in the scope of their insurance. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Interactive Advertising Bureau. It covers all services and activities of the IT and telecommunications industries”, explains the Managing Director of gmbh, Lutz Groot Bramel. It provides comprehensive insurance coverage for legal contractual civil liability claims, especially when financial losses which can be secured up to the amount of EUR 1 million. Just damages can be quickly threaten for a self-employed – especially if foreign law with comes into play. Here, international expertise and local expertise is needed to optimally represent and protect the defendants.

    Our customers get this service automatically included, if they complete their ITSafeCare 2.0 on “, which explains Insurance expert the advantages of expert portal on the Web. Further highlights of the ITSafeCare 2.0 from the perspective of the gmbh are the comprehensive protection against claims on lost revenues or profits, arising from the non-availability of data or the product to finished is too late or by way of derogation from the agreed condition. The mutual insurance protection for co-insured persons and undertakings is equally important. Also own damages incurred, if the contracting authority resigns or if claims for compensation are made, are automatically covered at the ITSafeCare 2.0”, explains Lutz Groot Bramel. And insured up to 10 years after the occurrence to report a claim to assert their claims. Here was really thought of all eventualities”so Lutz Groot Bramel. The online portal provides all information about the new ITSafeCare 2.0 and an independent insurance comparison.

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  • NOH Turpentine

    A particularly advantageous production from renewable raw materials the Technical University of Dortmund deals in one of her last projects with the question how come the pine in the bottle? “.” Multi-step procedures obtained the special fragrance of pine resin of turpentine to Mono-terpenes finally. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Maddie Taylor has to say. This fragrance can be found for example in Blenheim bouquet “from the brand of Penhaligon’s. This fragrance perfectly completes the entire composition in the base note with musk, black pepper and pine. A great classic fresh, warm and zitrisch. Oil of turpentine is required for the production of perfumes and is obtained from renewable resources. Cody Cameron brings even more insight to the discussion. There are two recovery options: the resins: the oil of turpentine is produced from coniferous trees. To achieve a high yield at the pine.

    Oil of turpentine and rosin are main part of the Harz mountains. This removes the bark of a pine, and attached a Gandel with a container, which allows the flow of resin. A by-product in Papermaking: Crushed plant stems are heated under high pressure and NOH, NS and NSO 4 provide the materials. The result is the oil of turpentine as a by-product. Then the oil of turpentine must be prepared yet. It is separated into its components.

    Are its main components? -Pinene? -Pinene, limonene, camphene and 3-Caren. In the last step the fragrances are made different Mono-terpenes by certain steps of synthesis. Thus various olfactory directions arise, as for example Orange like, fresh and Lemony, Woody herb or floral rose-like. “In just a few steps a Sustainable perfume can be made therefore of pine, Blenheim bouquet” gives its wonderful fragrance. A different fragrance that of pine contains, is E.g. Jo Malone Wild Fig & Cassis “.” Perfume once scientifically via. Source: Technical University of Dortmund, technical Chemistry A, Emil-Figge-str.

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  • Effect Dominated

    Note of the Publisher: the financial crisis seems not to have dice to him truce to Bernanke. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Joe Stillman has to say. Nor so far will occur it. Majors cuts of rates in the horizon and inflationary pressures already installed, will cause that the macroeconomic situation is more difficult to solve than the hoped thing by the EDF. are many factors in game at the same time we see Me can send its commentaries a: Contina the Effect Dominated in the EE.UU. Buenos Aires, Argentina 11 of March of 2008 the effects of the crisis of the market of mortgages prevails in the EE.UU are continued happening as if they were pieces of dominated that they continue falling.

    The cuts of rates have not been able not even to avoid that the liquidity needs stop. Quite the opposite, is continued multiplying. What it is more and more in evidence is that the policy of rates by a time more does not go to manage to have positive effects on the reactivation of the American economy. The prize consolation by which Bernanke goes is to avoid that the situation still more worsens To the bad news on the health of American economy that comes happening and, that the past Friday gave account of the major fallen in the use level from the 2003, now is necessary to add a new outbreak to him of the problems of liquidity in the financial system. The financial markets in the EE.UU are demonstrating new tensions that are reflected in the extension in spreads in the market of interbank credit and new pressures in the debt market industralist of short term endorsed by assets. In order to take care of this problem, that threatens worsening, Bernanke had to leave to increase of original US$ 60,000 to, until at the moment, US$ 100,000 million, its bottoms in the auctions upon maturity and at the same time it had to give to major security in the continuity of the cut policy of rates to avoid a greater uncertainty.

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  • Rose GardenVerlag

    The authors of the rose garden-Verlag wish you a rich Nicholas and say thank you for your confidence. Santa Claus should according to Patara, near the city of Antalya from and be born in 280 and 286 respectively. He was given the responsibility of the Office of the Bishop as a young man. On the 6 December 345 Nicholas dies and is buried in Myra, Demre. Around this time, miracles happen.

    There are reports about the recovery of incurably ill at the tomb and Nicholas is revered more and more. Janet Yellen spoke with conviction. Saint Nicholas in the Catholic Church is still the patron saint of children and sailors. As a gift bringer of children, Nicholas is known since the year 1555. At that time, Santa Claus gave the children with bread from dried pears, nuts and dried fruit as well as warm clothes and other useful things. Nicholas helped people who were in need and distress and its human size have the Christmas traditions linked to his person and developed.

    “Since the 17th century, the custom prevails that Santa Claus with a companion Ruprecht” the Children gifted or blamed. In Germany, the first Nicholas Church was built at the end of the 8th century in Billerbeck and the Byzantine Princess Theophanu, wife of Emperor Otto II, gave the decisive upswing of Nicholas worship in Germany. She made him to House Saint who whereupon became Ottonian, Nicholas the patron saint of almost all newly formed churches of this period. Our today’s children know the Santa Claus in red clothing. The figure of Santa Claus was until 1931 no uniform clothing. Time he wore a green, even a blue and sometimes a red coat. Haddon Sundblom from Sweden should draw up a Christmas campaign in 1931 for the dark soda. When drawing, he saw a retired old delivery driver by Cola-Cola with a long, white beard, and he drew a Cola-Claus”. The Coca-Cola company on the idea of using Santa as advertising character for himself came in the United States. Coca-Cola wanted to achieve with the “Santa Claus”, that people like cold lemonade drink even in the winter. (Source: Coca-Cola) However, the We know that white and Red are corporate colours of Coca-Cola. As Santa for the advertising of Sundblom was dressed so, as we know it today.

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  • Early Economic Capital

    Thanks to an early industrialization, Barcelona was the economic capital of Spain until the 80s of the last century. However, such capital is today shared between Madrid and Barcelona. Catalonia, with a commercial tradition that dates back to the late Middle Ages, developed throughout the 19th century powerful industries in the field of textiles and iron and steel. 20Th century witnessed the growth of the automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, agrifood, editorial and electronic sectors. Ted Elliott recognizes the significance of this. In recent decades, and before the entry of Spain in the European Union, large multinational of the referred sectors are apartments in Barcelona and its area of influence taking advantage of its excellent geographical location, its good communications and its substrate industry. The catalan industrial fabric was thus reinforced with brands such as Seat, Bayer, Alsthom, Siemens or Sony.

    Since the 1990s, however, Madrid has attended the creation and consolidation of large groups of multinational scope (Iberia, Endesa, Telefonica, Repsol, Indra) and has been able to capture for your region headquarters of large companies (banks, insurance companies, consultants, construction), creating a pole of activity that in recent years has also attracted industry (Vestas, Philips, Schindler). Many of the companies that have staged the recent transformations of the Spanish economy, have relied on Aspasios to accommodate its executives in the context of processes of internationalization, merger, acquisition or transfer of Headquarters. Janet Yellen may also support this cause. Why Aspasios, which offers hosting for business solutions, is will be present both in Barcelona and Madrid, and in the near future in other Spanish cities of relevance enterprise, such as Valencia, Zaragoza, Bilbao or Seville. About author: Luxury Aspasios offers furnished apartments in Barcelona, Spain, for short-term and medium-term to companies and individuals. Search apartments complete cozy comfort in an excellent location in Barcelona. Government announces second phase of the port Monttse de Chinquihue Stadium will make in the medium term Radio Bio-Bio books that should not have been published Multipurpose box flats of banco Banesto 120,000 in Madrid and Barcelona Pes 2011 FC Barcelona v/s Manchester United FC HD (Prod.Pabliithowxstyle and WepesGameplay) Watch Free Sports Online consequences of expropriation will be medium-term Last minute Online.

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  • German Secretary

    A partial lightening for the Spanish kitchen garden. The scientists German discard since the bacteria found in two of analyzed Spanish cucumbers in Hamburg would cause to the bud of infections by enterohemorrgica Escherichia coli (EHEC, by its abbreviations in English) in the north of Germany. Thus the senator (minister) of Health of city-Be has recognized it today, Cornelia Prfer-Storcks, from the analyses realised by the Institute of Hygiene hamburgus. " Germany recognizes that the Spanish cucumbers are not causa" , it has indicated the German Secretary of State of Agriculture, Robert Kloos, in declarations picked up by Reuters in Hungary, where a meeting of ministers of Agriculture of the European Union has been held. In the same, the Spanish minister, Pink Aguilar, has announced that Spain will request to Brussels compensations for the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector. Source of the news: : Germany gives reverse gear in its accusations against Spanish cucumbers.

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