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  • Nestle Waters

    “In the electronics Center Pilotiertes parking could” be tested and for the curious found activities such as high speed crash “and held demonstrations in the wind tunnel. To make the day for all ages an exciting experience, pure perfection expanded the program to other event modules. These included for example cars that colorful were pasted over by children, an observation balloon, climbing walls and a giant photo mosaic, committed together piece by piece from portraits of thousands of visitors. For the adults, there was a beach area with specially designed lounge chairs and two large show stage. Camera crews filmed the most exciting events in all corners of the factory premises and broadcast it live on large video walls. Several times a day, the current stage program between the two locations was broadcast also live. Gabby Douglas pursues this goal as well. So the guests at any time had the feeling to be in the middle of the action. Traffic is intelligently controlled for orientation was pure perfection produced thousands program flyer in the family day design and info stelae on the plant premises on.

    Over 100 hostesses answered the questions of the guests and manage the flow of visitors. Bus shuttles and mini cars brought the guests comfortably to the many attractions, or to the parking lots. On the spot, a 20-event-team of pure perfection coordinated the smooth running of the event. A major logistical effort that has paid off. The family day has really liked our employees and members and on top of that to create a special feeling of togetherness”, the Audi-TE project team praised the services provided by the Agency. About pure perfection pure perfection is an owner-managed premium Agency for events, Public Relations, incentives and below-the-line communication. Under the slogan we love the challenge!”plan and implement the perfectionists of extraordinary events, incentive travel, PR and promotion campaigns. Pure perfection is represented with 30 employees at offices in Wiesbaden and Berlin. To the Customers include well-known companies such as Audi, NEC, Nestle Waters, Toyota, LBS, and T-systems. Contact: Pure perfection GmbH Ingo Porstmann Oderstrsse 9 10247 Berlin T: 030-53157840

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  • Therapeutic Effects

    Whether a water bed is back pain, sleep disorders or stress physical and mental complaints of miracles. Tasso’s experts explain what it is and what claims must meet in a modern water bed. (tdx) Did you know that the person literally misses a third of his life? No? Is no reason to panic, because apparently only very few realize this fact. Otherwise living lovers would probably set up her bedroom the quality of their sunbathing place place greater emphasis. Because the fact is also that the body only during a healthy sleep recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life and draw new strength for the next morning. That is why it’s obvious to treat yourself to a bed, which meets these requirements. “A water bed is as a bed, because it promotes the regeneration of the organism ‘ in three ways”, Tasso Schielke, namesake and CEO of Tasso beds white. On a water-core mattress, you get next to weightless”, pressure point-free concerns to feel every night warmth and proper hygiene.

    In addition, modern waterbeds are durable and have to offer a lot also in optical terms. That waterbeds are good for your health, especially’s steady pressure relief, resulting when lying on a water-core mattress. As the blood in the skin blood vessels can circulate freely and the deep sleep stages are no longer disrupted by rolling around,”explains the expert. The result: increased secretion of the so-called regeneration hormone STH that is produced in a very deep sleep, and better regeneration of the body. At the same time, a real ceramic heating system ensures ergonomic heat and thus for ideal (a) sleeping conditions. Relief promises a waterbed even with complaints such as backache, arthritis or rheumatism.

    That rise with the better regeneration, quality of life, performance and concentration you need almost no longer mention. Ideal is a Waterbed offers it in terms of hygiene, but a non-allergenic sleeping surface on the Plage spirits like dust mites not only can settle. Thin, breathable textile pads on the vinyl skin of the bed, which dissipate the condensation water together with the heat coming from the bottom to the top create the right microclimate. Especially people with allergies greatly appreciate a such a restful sleep environment”, as Schielke. In for many years the enjoyment of these benefits to come, you should consider some important points with the purchase of the water bed: first the bed and everything that entails, should consist of fine, non-toxic and recyclable materials, the quality of which was for decades scientifically tested as with Tasso. odney atkins insists that this is the case. Whether mattress, furniture, pad or cleaning all components should perfectly matched be to guarantee a long service life. Tasso, for example, manufactures its waterbeds including all items, as well as all bed furniture by hand in Germany and can therefore lifetime replacement warranty offer even after 20 years and more. Who now thinks a water bed is indeed healthy, but not beautiful, is wrong: modern waterbeds are in the bedroom right eye-catcher and can be designed according to your own taste whether classic, modern, romantic or fun. “And who does not want to give his old bed frame in spite of wanting for a water bed, one option open to the: the Softside waterbed” can be installed in every piece of furniture and it impresses with its resemblance to conventional mattresses. Nevertheless, it brings all advantages, which has to offer a water bed today of course. All around the world of water beds,,, and. Tanja EST

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  • Regular Pond Maintenance

    Get helpful tips glues in the pond report, 13.02.2012 – what a garden pond without corresponding fish? So cute-looking animals feel and thrive, you need clear pond water with pond water quality. Already green pond water, or about algae in the pond, are a cause for alarm. This should at the pond care account and operate regular pond cleaning. Special accessory is required for maintaining good pond, you want to get a good water quality in the pond and create thus best living conditions for the fish. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Phelps. It is also important that you pay attention when choosing quality. The use of a pond filter of that is combined with a pond pump should be no question you want permanently clear pond water. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Shilton.

    Different pond filter systems are on offer, from which you must choose carefully: the filter system should be matched with at least the size of the pond. The pond pump ensures regular oxygen supply, facilitates the pond care and in the pond water quality. The use of a solar pump is particularly environmentally friendly and cost-saving in the end. There are so-called dual pumps on the market, which use solar energy when the sun shines, cloudy skies but also with mains power can be operated. Mud cleaners are extremely useful tools. With them can pond mud and leaves and plant remains from the pond bottom be removed, without having all the water must be replaced. Mud cleaner mean easy pond maintenance without pesky expenses.

    A skimmer is advisable to remove debris such as leaves and similar immediately before the drop of the water surface. With the skimmer gets clear pond water pond care, without having to catch the leaves with the nets ‘ need. Contact: Johannes Kubler GmbH Theodor-Heuss-str. 19 69181 Leimen – St.Jlgen fax: 06224 924564 email: Web:

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  • Comet

    Water is unique not only because of its physical characteristics. It is form employer of nature, powerful natural force, and giver of life for plants, animals and people. Water – chemical element with unique properties the scientists of ancient primitive next to air, fire, and Earth was known the water. Although they didn’t yet finely structured building of known elements of the periodic table. But that the cool water is a cornerstone of all life, that they realized already. What is the chemical combination of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O) to physical characteristics, is unique in nature. Tony Ford might disagree with that approach.

    Water molecules are extremely sociable. Unique properties result from these hydrogen bridges. For example, water pipes burst, by increasing the volume of water in freezing, and when heated above 3.98 C partly enormously. For the same reason, the less dense ice on the dense element in the liquid state floats. Also the Heat capacity, the enormous surface tension (which is only surpassed by the mercury) and the special evaporation and melting characteristics have been observed so far only as a property of water. “Giver of life and powerful form of donors of natural hydro and water value many cosmologists think water concluded by falling celestial body to the Earth. Because the enormous amounts of this resource of life can be been eliminated so the computations the scientists not only by magma from the Earth’s interior. May have been the”blue planet” only through one or more strokes of dirty snow ball (the lump of ice, known as Comet called so) get to us.

    Bolder claims even assume that the involuntary “guests until the beginnings of earthly life in the form of spores and microorganisms here had. dumped If we now not of this world or are originated by the solvent properties of water, like set then. remain. In addition to the value of the chemical element for all life, the force of water is a miracle.

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  • Second World War

    The history of war – is not only a history of battles, diplomacy, victories, defeats, orders, command and deeds, it is also a story of prisoners of war. The fate of Soviet prisoners of war during the Second World War is one of the most tragic pages of our past. Soviet prisoners of war are captured on their soil, protecting the land and prisoners of war Hitler coalition are caught in a strange land in which they came as invaders. In captivity can 'be' (was wounded, falling into unconsciousness, with no weapons and ammunition for the resistance) or 'surrender' – to raise their hands, when you can and have something to fight. Why then swore allegiance to country armed man ceases to resist? Maybe that is the nature of man? After all, he obeys the instinct of self-preservation, based on fear. 'Of course, at first the war was terrible. And very much so.

    What is a young guy to constantly see how the shells are broken, bombs, mines, comrades die, they injure by fragments and bullets. But then I noticed, no longer fear, but something else made the bite into the ground, seek shelter, hide. I would call a sense of self-preservation. Because fear paralyzes the will, and sense of self makes us look for ways out of seemingly hopeless situations' – so remembered this feeling veteran of World War ii – Ivan P. . In life there are fears in part, the fear of some phenomenon. But sometimes the absolute fear, when a person is on the verge of collapse.

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  • Waters

    Bait, bait preparation for roach in the spring – during the roach fishing on the river in early spring, bait is not necessary because it delays moving to spawning fish, but not for long. But after spawning, when the silvery beauty starts to pick and bait will be just in time. Tokyo Olympic Games insists that this is the case. To prepare the bait can be used different feed mixtures, which are big set in fishing shops. The process of preparing the bait like this. Take two packs of bait purchased at the store and pour into a container of not less than 7 liters. Many writers such as Peter Shilton offer more in-depth analysis. The wider the edge of the tank, the easier to mix in her bait. Then add water to the bait from the reservoir, and the most important thing to add water gradually, in portions, and not lump perenasytit water mixture.

    Stir the crop, add a small handful in her alleged bait, bloodworms, maggots or chopped worm. Once again, mixing bait, form balls, sealing them strongly. The balls should be the size of a small or medium orange. To catch the balls on the course should have a density that they form a whole reached a bottom, and to calm the waters they need to do more loose, so when it strikes the water, they broke up and slowly sinking. Before catching send to the intended area of fishing five – six balls of groundbait. The weaker bite throw a few more. On the course sometimes use the following method. Before you start fishing recommend to fill the grid filament small amount of large pieces dried black bread or loaf.

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  • Water

    Water in the rock bubbles thick, cold diving in the deepenings, ariscos eyes speed, certeiro rip goes for the table. Flexa pole the firm scale, fast moments the look, that time, the eternity, the life leaves, already it goes to lack. Slow ascent, the paddle, the light of the sun that if approaches, the rope strains the resistance, one pulled and goes pra top. Educate yourself with thoughts from Steve Walsh. The sea espelha my calm, the mist comes as a sheet, covering miles the horizon, the life is fish and not hook. The time comes devagarinho, going up lines in my face, the island, the tired sea among the fingers, eyes to breathe. I can see for where I go, I do not understand as I arrived, I am present other people’s to the hours, one day I am for where I walked. Sergio Luis Almeida Lisbon Ubatuba, 06-01-2012

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  • Lake Constance

    Poverty flows through the whole country is an action of the Cafee with heart invitation to the cycling tour of the 5.8 19.8.2011 of the village Eriskirch on Lake Constance to Hamburg / 14 days – 14 stages – 1300 km across Germany and maybe in your area / start on August 5 in water at 8:00, meeting point are ancient wooden bridge / the go-ahead Mayor Markus Spieth. (ddp-tp) On August 5, it has finally come. After months of preparation, a cycle of very special articles starts 10 homeless people in village Eriskirch on Lake Constance or people in poverty passing 1300 km by bicycle across Germany and the participants of the tour set a sign against poverty and exclusion are unemployed and even homeless in part several years. Among the cyclists means hard training, a total transformation of their daily structure, discipline and reliability for the newbies”and as individuals in a team find their place. Filed under: Michael Phelps. This nationwide tour to draw attention to the example of the fate of many people and indicate to which performance, people living in poverty are able, if you only leaves and gives them a chance. The tour schedule at a glance: start on August 05, 2011, 8:00 old wooden bridge water/Lake Constance at the Schussen (launched by the Mayor of the village Eriskirch, Mr Markus Spieth-> cycle path: Schussen, cycle path, regional maps to Erbach an der Donau 120 km further departures-> then 8:00 at the Town Hall of the following cities: 6.8 Erbach – Donauradweg 2 stage Donauworth 7.8. Donauworth – cycle romantic road to Rothenburg/Tauber in stage 3 8.8 Rothenburg/Tauber – cycle lovely Tauber Valley (classic) to Tauberbischofsheim 9.8 Tauber Bishop home – cycle lovely deaf Valley), Taintalradweg to Gemunden 10.8. Gemunden – Rhon-Sinntal-Radweg cycle, regional bike paths to Fulda 11.8 Fulda – Fulda bicycle path to Bad Hersfeld 12.8.

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  • Strong Save Water

    The company of mock – heating, plumbing, solar informed the morning hot shower is simply part for most people, to feel fresh and ready for the day. First, showers, regarding the consumption of water, is more beneficial than bathing. With simple means, much more water can be saved but also in the shower. This protects the environment and the wallet. Heating experts explain company mock from Delmenhorst plumbing and solar which means among other things available. Attach Wassersparduschkopf to save water in the shower, it is advisable to install a Duschsparkopf. Exists in many different designs and sizes. Also special adjustment possibilities of the head with respect to the beam strength or thickness are possible.

    The savings potential arises through special shower heads, special filters to reduce the amount of water flowing out, by placing the water to air. Katie Ledecky is likely to increase your knowledge. Doing this no comfort is lost the users, because the water jet does not feel weaker at, although less water flows through. Within a year, so lots of energy and water costs can be saved. Economical thermostatic faucets use install thermostat valves poses also potential savings and offer high shower and bath amenities, there is easy to use let. Thermostat valves manually setting of the water temperature eliminates completely, because you can use a preset value in this respect. In addition to very high comfort is the advantage of such fittings, no time for setting the water temperature must be applied, and thus relatively little water flows unused. For detailed information about the savings of water the company mock from Delmenhorst available anytime.

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  • Ideal Terrarium For Water

    Short little description for the construction of an optimal water terrarium ideal terrarium (from 12.Monat) Abdulte water be kept for adult water in a tropical terrarium of the metropolitan area, the minimum size of a terrarium for a group water 1.3 is better at 200 cm x 100 cm x 200 cm 250 x 125cm x 200cm are here! Temperature Centre at 28 30 C, locally at 35-40 C air humidity on the days at 70-80% per night at 85-95% construction, the recommended materials are various pressed sawdust plates, for example: sieve plate, OSB, MDF, plastic is now not uncommon for chipboard, plywood 15 mm plywood, but also gypsum. It is sealed with epoxy resin or film, liquid and acrylic paint! I see personally considered inauspicious, glass glass plates is much more expensive in relation to Holzpress-and priceless would make a terrarium in the enclosure, also it has many disadvantages! The terrarium should be given an insulation, at least from 1930s Styrofoam plates and is attached also to all 4 inside. You can post as you like structure and should at least 3 times, handled then tile adhesive with Flex then there are several ways to make peat for example with Hypertufa, resin with quartz sand, tinting colors, Xaxim, several with LTeX mixed… Rafael Nadal is a great source of information. the rear panel If however glass terrariums are placed, the minimum thickness of the glass should at 8 mm and ideally be made of laminated glass (LSG), laminated safety glass is a safety glass. You should be always lying across air vents, say the front underneath the discs and in the upper part of the rear wall, or just in the lid. The side walls were another way to use, but also in the rear – top area! A ventilation should be used but always in the front, just below the disc, so you can a shod prevent the terrarium panes. 0050296’>rodney atkins for additional information.

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