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  • Like Starting The Engine Of The Education By Competitions

    The development of competitions for the daily life in the pupils demands the collaboration of educative Institutions, educational parents and. The basic postulate of the ecological model that proposes Bronfenbrenner affirms that the human development, supposes the progressive mutual accomodation between an active human being, that is in development process, on the one hand, and on the other the changing properties of the immediate surroundings in which that developing person lives. In the society of the knowledge, the changes follow one another of continuous form and at a high speed reason why the old model of learning based on the obtaining of a degree that it qualified to the individual for the performance of a profession is obsolete, taking step to a system of permanent learning that endows the pupils with skills that at any time allow to their active participation in the society and the access to a use of their lives. What is understood by competitions In the educative scope, is understood by competition " cognitive, psychological, sensorial set of social, affective behaviors and abilities and motorboats that allow to carry out one suitably profesin". The main target of the learning by competitions is to obtain that the student learns of integral way so that: 1. It recognizes the value of the learnings that constructs. 2. It recognizes the processes through which such construction has been realised (metacognicin).

    3. One is clear like the person who has constructed each one of the learnings. Of this form the development of significant and lasting learnings in the pupils who can at any time be used by this one of their life of student, labor or social is obtained. The attitude of the educational ones before the basic competitions According to Stenhouse, " For a professor, the adoption of a new curriculum is as difficult as to make a diet rigurosa".

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  • Orienting Itumbiara

    It has several governmental politics structuralizing such subject, since a country ____________________ Pupils of the course of Psychology, 4 period, of the Institute Superior Luterano de Ensino of Orienting Itumbiara of the scientific article. deficit of pertaining to school education it will be predestinold to failure in the future. It can be said it disciplines that it is the control of the individual in the time, then, the indiscipline is to evidence not the fulfilment of established rules. Some professors consider certain behaviors as indiscipline, already others only consider as vitality excess. Of this form, the indiscipline would not be in the pupil and yes in the relation between pupil and social environment. The adolescent for considered questions as ' ' fase' ' or ' ' hormnios' ' being on to the puberty, he passes for a series of processes, questioning itself it proper existence.

    By means of such stage of the life, the behaviors presented for it if differ from ' ' normalmente' ' carried through before and after the adolescence. Such behaviors can be seen as indisciplinadas, rebellious and be rebelled pointing ' ' conflicts interiores' ' the discoveries of itself exactly and the world as one of the determined answers for behaviors. Innumerable problems related to such subject exist, however, the present article foca in the subject: Pertaining to school indiscipline in the Adolescence, whose ultimate issue is: Which are the reasons that take the adolescents to be indisciplinados? General objective: the verification in municipal and particular schools of the related complaints the indisciplinados adolescents. I possessed, still, as objective specific: To interview 02 (two) professors of the net of municipal education and 02 (two) educators of particular a pertaining to school institution; To know the vision of the subject indiscipline next to the professors; To observe a classroom in which it has indiscipline complaint; To compare if what it was observed by the researchers condiz with speaks of the professors; To detach interventions of the applied educational psychologist to the indiscipline subject; Of beforehand, the motivation of the pupils can be taken as a hypothesis to brighten up the situation of indiscipline in the school, a time that professors and pupils would leave benefited this relation and would justify, thus, to inside elucidate the value exerted for a psychologist of the educational area of an education institution.

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  • Security in Schools

    Constantly new resources for security are launched and the majority is imperfection. In the truth, all the products are defective, what it really characterizes the functionality of the product is as its imperfection can be found or be manipulated by badly intentioned people. A particular school in the interior of So Paulo has little time told to the one security company that one of its pupils lacks the diverse lessons however, the ratchets and the system of the school affirmed that it was in the classroom, its presence, according to system, was undisputed. Defective system. Later, they had given the notice that the problem was not in cancels (exactly that ratchet) but yes in the used computer to store all the data of the school, error committed for the responsible one for the computer science that left the such computer in the net of excessively. The errors, after the problem having happened, had been arranged. Now, she thinks if this fell in missed hands, and if a person is of the school had access to these data that, beyond containing the data of presences of the pupils, could contain personal information of the same, names of relatives, CPF of parents and mothers, RGs, between many other information that would give to edge the outlaws to make extortions with parents of pupils of the school. Moreover, by chance or not, all the financial data of the computer of the treasure-house also were in this net fail, problem that was so far not corrected by indifference of the responsible one for computer science of this school.

    A simple permission in a folder of the net can cause great problems, ratchets would have to also exist in the net of the school, and not only in the entrances of the classrooms. This was a real case, that could have been worse, but that for luck it was not only and only. I wait that vocs that they are to the search of options of security for its schools, residences and apartments take the serious a physical and virtual security of the same ones. It guarantees that he will not be white of people or until badly intentioned groups who will be able to place the life of many in risk, beyond causing a great upheaval to you perhaps to its mark. If you need more efficient solutions in security, enter in contact with some companies, who will make of its environment a digital and physical wall.

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  • Speech Presentation

    Preparing for a presentation / speech to an audience always takes longer than you think. So the golden rule – LET'S GET TO PREPARE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! 1. A clear definition of the problem to describe myself paper, a clear definition of the problem and its importance to you, a particular social group, audience, etc. That is, before you go further in preparing a presentation or a speech to an audience you as a speaker need for a clearly defined problem and the issues at stake. If you fail to do so in the beginning, it is unlikely you will achieve good results during training. And even more unlikely that you will be able to to do with speech. In any case, an incomplete understanding of the topic and question the speaker is always felt. 2.

    Study subjects Conduct research topics. Collect material that relates to the problem for the versatile consideration. Facts, history, and even cases that are relevant to a particular topic. The opinions of people, celebrities, etc. Sometimes it is good to start with a presentation of someone else's quote, which provides food for thought for listeners and to you for opening theme.

    3. The logical sequence of Tell a story in a logical sequence. Best of all information absorbed by people, if it is presented logically and consistently. Not recommended sudden transitions from one issue to another. If the presentation reviews several issues, discuss them sequentially. And on to the next topic should proceed only after a withdrawal of the previous question. 4. Keep the key concepts of key concepts. And do not pay particular attention to detail and unnecessary detail. You probably do not notice just how often the speakers gone into the deep jungle of students details. Such presentations usually no one is listening. They seem to be many boring and uninteresting. You really want to see the indifference and boredom on the faces of the audience? 5. On the most important to least important if you are considering a lot of key points, organize them with the most important to least important. If you do not have enough time, you can skip the less important. It is very convenient. Thus, you can also select the most important thing that is likely to remembered by the audience more. 6. Short Sentences Keep your sentences short. 10-12 words in a sentence is ideal for this purpose. Just in this mode, people usually talk. And on your slides (if they are) best describe the main points, key phrases, not complete sentences. Information is better received in the case of short and vivid observations rather than typing. 7. Re-read the meaning of your suggestions several times. See to it that every important idea has been properly transferred to the words. Ask yourself whether this is the most appropriate word in this case? Disclose whether it has meaning correctly? Whether you're new to Most words, definitions, terms or jargon? That's all there is to know about preparing for a presentation. I hope these recommendations will serve you well.

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  • Choosing Courses

    In our rapidly while not going anywhere without the knowledge of at least one foreign language. Every schoolboy knows that the knowledge of foreign languages, and better, and more, it is necessary. Perhaps, there is such a profession in which knowledge of foreign languages would not have served a huge plus, impetus for the development or, to put it simply – a good pay rise. Among all the languages inostarnnyh most popular English language. Decide on the language, have only to answer two questions – where to study, and for what procedure. There are many different schools and training courses, how do you choose the most appropriate and effective? In order to choose the right English language courses, you must: 1) to determine their level of knowledge, 2) to define their purpose in learning the language, and 3) to calculate how much you have free time to study, and 4) determine the budget. By answering these few questions You can go look for school. Although there are schools where the answers to these questions will help you find the experienced teachers, one of them – Speak Up.

    Why do I need to determine the level of knowledge? Why not choose a standard program and follow it? It's very simple, anyone can take their initial level of modesty, and then in a group of entry-level would frankly get bored or confused students who really basic level. Someone vice versa by selecting the average level sets the bar too high, because he needed to fill many gaps in their knowledge. It is very important, choosing the English language to clarify whether there is a trial lesson. This is necessary in order for you to be sure: Do you fit the atmosphere of the school, like whether the teachers, and so on. Speak Up School provides a trial lesson for free, pass a test on the level also can be free. What else should pay attention to choosing a course, it's on the training materials. Does the kit in the room or have to pay them separately? During the signing of the contract be very careful. Courses and schools that value their reputation, give written assurance of training. Moment of self-motivation is very important too, because only you can set as a goal, and the case lecturers to help you achieve it. Learn English with pleasure!

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  • Extremal Problems Linear Programming

    Linear programming techniques have proven highly effective for solving problems in various fields of human activity. Of great importance is the use of such methods and tools for solving problems of optimal design, which should take into account a huge number of constraints, due to the large amount of computation. In this regard, students of technical universities, students in field of "Computer Science", to the knowledge of the possible application of mathematical methods and computers, and an understanding of the problems that arise when using them. The developed program set the following tasks: the generation of the initial basic feasible solution; search for the optimal plan and the extreme non-integer linear programming problem; search an optimal plan and extremum fully integer linear programming problem; search for the optimal plan and the extreme part of the integer linear programming problem; source code in Delphi, as the program itself, you can free download on the page. In a number of practical problems into manageable variables except for the restrictions imposed additional conditions, such as integer requirements (eg number of products with the most efficient use of limited resources in economic optimization problems), or the range of possible values of the task (optimizing the distribution of arrays on the levels of computer memory). And quite often it does not affect all the variables, but only some of them. Integrality condition the solution may be provided by the implementation of the method of Gomori. In this case, the search for solutions to the problem of integer programming begins with determine the simplex method an optimal plan without integer variables.

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  • Studying Physics

    This text aims to make a first approach to the question "Why should I study Physics? that many students do. It is a personal reflection as a narrated long our ancestors were frightened and amazed by the natural phenomena occurring. These mood changes produced by these phenomena led these men to seek explanations for what happened and try to control nature and that the effects produced were sometimes catastrophic. The first explanation of what happened were surrounded by a religious environment, every phenomenon has become uncontrollable and incomprehensible a God to worship only the constant and systematic slaughter of its periodic could soothe fury. This form of control has been improved to be managed by men to deal with other men. The gods were taking more and more human forms, vengeful, punitive and segregative where only a select few understood the strength of their arguments and only through him could, with some luck, avoid the terrible effects of drift with the freedom of thought.

    The senses were controlled by the gods, had given to us they should, therefore everything that was perceived by them was the work of them and there was no wrong choice, the world was what the senses perceive, was the work the creator and there was no room to doubt it. What could not be explained by understanding those with a direct link to the architect of this supreme work. But the man was endowed with thought and this was beyond the senses, imagined, dreamed, analyze, relate, he found new clues to what he saw and what he saw but understood it was there.

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  • Great Fishing in Colorado’s Uncompahgre River

    Little known but well worth the visit, the Uncompahgre River is one of Colorado’s truly hidden treasures. The river flows through some of Colorado’s most rugged yet beautiful terrain, originating in the vicinity of Ouray and continuing northwards until it merges with the Gunnison River near Delta.

    A number of government agencies have acted together to establish this magnificent resource into a reliable and rewarding source of fish for sportsmen, creating a superb fishery below the Ridgway Reservoir. Fishermen can expect to find lots of excellent trout with an abundance of insects as well.

    Are you convinced? Here’s how to get there. Two highways run alongside this fine river, US 550 and 50. Getting access to the river is slightly more complex, but there are some exceptional places to visit in several parks and wildlife reserves. Check out the great fishing at the incomparable Uncompahgre River in Colorado.

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